Thank You Farmer Miracle Age Repair Range

Thank You Farmer Miracle Age Repair Range

Anti-aging and brightening are synonymous with a healthy complexion, and Thank You Farmer’s new(ish) range, Miracle Age Repair, delivers all that your complexion craves. With four innovative products – a toner, emulsion, serum, and eye cream – Miracle Age is, quite literally, a miracle in a bottle (or jar) — when it comes to keeping fine lines and wrinkles in check. The best part: it’s suitable for all skin types – from dry to oily – so it’s an anti-aging addition to any skincare regimen. Just choose the product — or products — that speak to your needs and start the new year wrinkle-free.

Miracle Age Repair Toner ($40) – This is so not your average toner. In fact, it’s more like a hybrid of a toner, a serum, and an emulsion. It isn’t like any other product I’ve ever tried. The milky formulation is best used post-wash pre-serums. I apply directly with my hands and pat into my skin. It’s both soothing and hydrating. This one product brightens, tones, and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It also gives skin good glow.

Miracle Age Repair Serum ($58) – Antioxidants prevent free radical damage while hydrating ingredients plump and moisturize dull, depleted skin. If you’re super oily, skip this product. If you’re dry, this is an ideal addition to your daily routine. The concentrated serum also happens to brighten skin and create a more even-toned texture. Magical.

Miracle Age Repair Emulsion ($50) – While the toner is like nothing I’ve ever used, the emulsion is the star product for me. Thicker than the toner, the emulsion is a gel-like treatment that brightens and tightens the skin, while plumping, hydrating, and decreasing fine lines and wrinkles. It’s like a tall glass of water — for your face. I use it on my neck and décolletage too, and I’ve noticed such a difference in the overall texture of my complexion. Apply pre-serum and creams. Obsessed.

Miracle Age Repair Eye Cream ($56) – A thick, creamy, highly concentrated eye cream that brightens tired eyes while also intensely moisturizing the delicate eye area. It’s no secret that I prefer an eye gel or serum, but this cream has really impressed me. It doesn’t give me those tiny milia bumps around my eyes, yet it does completely hydrate the tiny fine lines. Thank you, Farmer!

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