#TBT: Dial Hand Soap

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#TBT: Dial Hand Soap

Germaphobes have embraced Dial hand soap as the must-own antibacterial wash at kitchen and bathroom counters everywhere. And, chances are, you’ve used this stuff in school, the doctor’s office, maybe even your very own home. When Dial hand soap launched, it was one of the first of its kind, and the marketing attached “Kills more germs,” a “healthier you,” was… shall we say pulling on our fear chords.

It’s impossible not to recognize its signature clean, mildly medicinal scent. While Dial hand soap certainly is powerful, the most recent debate between scholarly minds is whether or not we really need to be removing so many germs from our hands. Is this, in fact, more dangerous than having them there? Science aside, the harsh chemicals in antibacterial Dial can really dry out your hands, causing cracked cuticles and dehydrated fingers. Updated formulas are certainly milder and just as effective. So, why not make the switch to something a bit more current… After all, Dial was our parent’s soap-of-choice, not ours!

REN Citrus Limonum Hand Wash ($28) is filled with organic Sicilian lemon oil, which is known for its antibacterial properties. This soap cleans your skin, but still respects it. We all need a little respect – even our hands.

Diptyque Softening Hand Wash ($38) may be the same color as Dial, but it couldn’t be more different. It’s filled with soothing lavender honey to nourish while also cleansing. We all know that few things make a coffee table look more chic than a Diptyque candle, and luckily that same rule applies to our kitchen and bathroom countertops.

J.R. Watkins Naturals Foaming Hand Soap ($5) is not only all-natural, but it looks AND feels about triple the price than it actually is. So, basically, you get to save ca$h while your guests are envious of your good taste. The calming aloe and green tea scent is an added bonus.

We raved about their body wash here, and we’re happy to report that Molton Brown hand soap is just as rave-worthy. The Pomegranate & Ginger ($28) version not only looks pretty on your counter, but smells absolutely heavenly. Seriously, you’ll likely catch yourself sniffing your hands after using it.

Cooking certainly isn’t our forte, but sometimes we like to dabble in the culinary arts to impress a special someone. There are few things worse than successfully cooking something delicious (a girl can dream) and then having your hands reek of food. If that happens, try method Kitchen Odor-Eliminating Hand Wash ($5). It’s everything you could ask for in a kitchen soap (cute packaging, pleasant scent, awesome lather), and it’s super gentle for your super gentle hands.


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