#TBT: Body Glitter

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#TBT: Body Glitter

Okay, so it’s a new year (yay!), but last night was likely spent frolicking on a dance floor and, chances are, glitter was present. Perhaps on the 2015 signage, a festive tablescape, or even on you. Which leads us to today’s throwback… body glitter!

Let’s take a stroll down memory lane, to our pre-teen years. Whether it was our first concert, a a school dance, or even a New Year’s Eve party, hours were spent pulling together the perfect outfit and applying makeup and, likely, body glitter was in the mix. Regardless of if we preferred The Body Shop or Limited Too, arms and legs were coated with the goopy substance that added flecks of sparkle to our skin. Pretty gross… but come to think of, so were a lot of things we did as teenagers.

Although body glitter is on the outs, there are several products that give a similar – yet less sticky – luminous sheen to your physique. Go ahead and show off those triceps you’ve spent hours toning at hot yoga or your slim calves perfectly sculpted from Soul Cycle, these products will keep the focal point on your favorite assets.

If you want to add a temporary tan to your body, try Lorac TANtalizer Body Bronzing Luminizer ($32). It’s super sheer without a hint of streakiness so you can look like you spent the last week in Tulum when really you’ve been hiding in your cubicle at work.

You know how amazing BB cream is for your face, so why not give that same gift to your body? Jergens BB Body Cream ($10) visibly improves imperfections while illuminating  skin. It goes on sheer, but will adjust to match your skin tone.

The name alone is convincing enough: Charlotte Tilbury Supermodel Body ($65) is described as “shape wear lingerie for the skin.” It firms while also promoting lymphatic drainage thanks to the nifty metal rollerball. As the name suggests, it has a hefty supermodel following.

Described as “glow-shun,” Prtty Peaushun Skin Tight Body Lotion  ($39) is a light lotion that gives the slightest hint of sheen. The best part is its ability to smooth cellulite and hide stretch marks. Even better, it’s 100% natural.

-Casey Sharbaugh currently resides in New York City and works in the fashion industry. In her spare time, you can find Casey spinning, trying new beauty products, or browsing the city for the best ice cream cone. Find her on Twitter at @caseyhshar


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