Tata Harper Natural Skincare

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Tata Harper Natural Skincare

I get crazy excited when I discover a new natural skin or body care company and my latest gem is making me all giddy inside. I can’t take credit for it, however, it’s actually thanks to actress Lake Bell, who I was interviewing for a style.com feature I wrote. She mentioned Tata Harper’s Hydrating Floral Essence Water as one of her beauty bag essentials. “I’m proud that this product is from my Colombian friend Tata’s 100 percent natural skincare line,” says Lake. “She hand-makes every batch of products on her farm in Vermont – no joke! The Floral Essence Spray is essential on long flights or hot days.”

Naturally, east coast weather as it is, interest was piqued.

Tata sent me some goodies to try and I’ve got to say, I love them! The Hyrating Floral Essence Spray is as refreshing as Lake said it would be. And it smells so darn floral. I keep it on my desk and spritz multiple times throughout the day. ($65.00)

Another must-try is the Regenerating Cleanser, a gentle, non-foaming cleanser that cleans the skin without drying it out. It contains pomegranate extract, apricot seed to cleanse, willow bark to exfoliate and grapefruit to refresh and balance. Again, hand-made and smelling like pure citrus bliss. ($50.00)

The entire line is pretty amazing, nothing synthetic about it, just natural and harmonious. Other products include a Resurfacing Mask, Rejuvinating Serum, Revitalizing Body Oil, and so on. To check it out, click here and stock up on some goodies for fall. Healthy skin = happy face!

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