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No Surgery Necessary: 10 Ways To Reduce Wrinkles Today

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Youth is no longer reserved solely for the young. With an influx of treatments and procedures promising to make us look like our teen selves, it’s no surprise that we feel younger than the actual age listed on our driver’s license. In an era where you can have babies well into your 40s, why can’t you keep your 20-something skin… forever?

Here are 10 ways to reduce wrinkles today without going under the knife (or the needle):

1. Retinoid – Using a retinoid will greatly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles that have already formed and aid in keeping new ones from showing. Basically, retinoids increase cell turnover so that the healthy, “baby” skin is front and center and the dead, old skin is sloughed off. Integrate a retinol product into your PM beauty routine, starting every other day and building up to every evening. TRY: ZO Medical By Zen Obagi Brightenex 1.0% Retinol ($115); Peter Thomas Roth Retinol Fusion PM ($65)

2. Silk Pillowcases – Considering that we spend a substantial amount of our lives sleeping, it’s understandable that doing the deed can actually cause wrinkles. Think about it: Crinkled cotton pillowcases press against your face for 6-8 hours a night. Not to mention flattening one side of your face onto a surface for any extended period of time is bound to cause a few permanent marks. Silk pillowcases allow your face to slide around instead of pressing down. You can also consider the JuveRest The Sleep Wrinkle Pillow ($179), designed specifically to prevent sleep wrinkles (those little lines under your eyes and vertically on your cheeks). Psst… silk pillowcases are also better for your hair!

3. Wash Your Makeup Off – Sure, this seems like common knowledge, but it’s worth repeating… if for no other reason then dried up foundation and mascara can actually seep into your fine lines and make them even more prominent. Washing your makeup off doesn’t only protect your complexion from breakouts, it also lessens your chances of crow’s feet. Want a one-step makeup remover and cleanser? TRY: Yes To Cucumbers Hypoallergenic Facial Towelettes ($9); Ole Henriksen Grease Relief Cleansing Cloths: Oil-Free Pore Refining ($15)

4. SPF – Sun causes premature aging, we know this, but then why do so many women still face the day sans sunscreen? Invest in a SPF of at least 30 and make sure that Zinc is one of the main ingredients as it protects from UVA and UVB rays better than all other ingredients. Remember to apply on chest, neck, and tops of hands as these places really show signs of age as well. For a list of our favorite sunscreens, click here.

5. No More Straws – This may sound strange, but straws can actually cause mouth wrinkles (pucker your lips and look at your reflection… those little lines around your mouth are wrinkles in-the-making). Opt for drinking your iced lattes directly from the cup. And Starbuck’s coffee lids create the same pucker-mouth effect so chuck the lid and let your lips take a breather.

6 . Hyaluronic Acid Is Your Face’s Friend – Hyaluronic acid holds 10 times its weight in water, which means a moisturizer heavy on the HA kick will hydrate and plump, making fine lines practically disappear. TRY: Arcona Magic White Ice ($60); Sanitas Skincare Hyaluronic Concentrate ($68); Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream ($19)

7. Smoking Stinks – Again, the fact that smoking causes wrinkles isn’t a secret, but here’s a reminder: Smoking ages everything. Just think, if you quit now, you may actually save yourself from future indentations, especially around your mouth and laugh lines. At the very least, opt for Nicorette ($10) or the patch… you can still have your nicotine fix just do it without the smoke inhalation and pollution.

8. Keep Hydrated – Inner and outer hydration is paramount when we’re trying to erase the very existence of fine lines. In this study, a British woman drank 3 liters (or 101 oz) of water a day for a month and documented it. At the end of the month, she looked 10 years younger (have a peek at the before and after photos if you’re apprehensive). So, yes, a good moisturizer is key, but so is your doctor recommended 8 glasses of water a day.

9. Meditate – Stress ages you, and although we can’t completely remove stress and their triggers from our lives, we can certainly attempt to regulate it. There are hundreds of guided meditations to choose from online, and many will quiet the mind, but medication can also quiet the face or wrinkles. This article goes into great detail about how meditation is the ultimate anti-ager. Meditate every morning with our exclusive 10 Minute Yoga and Meditation Workout.

10. Sleep – It ain’t called beauty sleep for nothing! Many celebrities attribute a full 8 hours of restful slumber as their ultimate anti-aging secret weapon. Cindy Crawford is constantly gushing about how a full night’s sleep has kept her youthful. Just last month, she told the website Violet Grey, “Do all the stuff we know: Don’t smoke, get enough sleep, drink plenty of water, find what makes you happy.” And Dr. Oz has sleep as one of his main factors for the anti-aging plan: “The wrong sleeping habits won’t just lead to fatigue-related grumpiness, they can also lead to premature aches and wrinkles.” If you have trouble falling into a silent slumber, there’s always hot baths, L’Occitane Aromachologie Relaxing Essential Oil Blend ($16), and herbal sleep aids to help coax you into a REM state.

Of course, a healthy diet will aid in your quest for youth. Revisit our post on 10 anti-aging foods to eat today here.

What’s your nonsurgical anti-aging secret? Let us know in the comments below.

The 10 Minute Yoga And Meditation Workout

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Beauty isn’t merely about face creams and lipsticks. Inner wellness and health will do wonders for keeping you fit, fabulous, and youthful so that you can tackle any obstacle with a clear mind and a glowing complexion. I asked my friend Kyle Miller, celebrity yoga guru and founding teacher at Yoga For Bad People, to devise a 10 minute mind and body morning workout exclusively for Beauty Banter readers.
Here’s her super simple but highly effective 10 minute yoga and meditation practice for even the most inflexible of us:
“Now, I know the mornings are rushed and groggy and insane, and that is exactly why you need 10 minutes to focus your attention, purify your energy, set intention and open up the body.  Dedicating even this tiny sliver of time and space towards yourself can reap major benefits.  Increased focus, release of the stress response, efficiency in the organ systems, just to name a few.  You will feel better, more at ease, more poised and kinda like your head is screwed on straight and your body is functioning optimally.  Sound good?  Ok here’s the game plan:
1.  Find Your Seat: Get out of bed, you can have your coffee or tea, your water with lemon, whatever your little ritual is already… and then return to your bedroom, unroll your mat and sit down.  Start with whatever seat is comfortable, kneeling or cross-legged (elevating your seat on pillow is the most comfortable and helps you lengthen your spine: highly recommended!).  Close your eyes and lengthen your spine.  Spread the collar bones.  Relax the shoulders.  Once you have your seat, plug into the earth and really connect.  From that point of connection start to visualize a central energetic channel running in front of your spine straight up through the crown of your head.  Imagine energy moving up the channel from the earth and down the channel, from above.  When you can see and feel and imagine this central channel, you will be centered… you will already feel the poise, the grace of embodiment, the natural gratitude, starting to blossom.
2.  Mantra Meditation:  After finding your seat, getting centered, quiet and still, begin to move the breath through your body. Feel the lungs fill and expand away from the center on the inhales and feel them fall back to the center on the exhales.  Now attach a mantra to these conscious, expansive and beautiful breaths you are taking.  Silently saying “let” on the inhale and “go” on the exhale is one of the first techniques I learned.  You can literally feel stress and tension melt away.  You could also say “SO” on the inhales and “HAM” on the exhales or “I” and “AM.”  Feel free to think of your own two word mantra and silently repeat it to yourself with the movement of the breath.  Your mind will wander, you will lose focus and THAT’S TOTALLY FINE!  Just return your attention to the breath.  And if you’re not feeling the mantras, let them go, and simply use these first few moments in your seat to watch the breath.
3.  Move: Open the eyes, reach your arms out wide, gather some fresh, new energy, the exact type of energy you want for the day, bring your hands to meet over head and then pull them down to in front of your heart. Do this a few times. Feel that you are gathering what you want and drawing it into your center.  Come forward onto your hands and knees and start to move the spine. As you inhale arch the back and as you exhale round the spine, tucking your chin and tail. After a few rounds, start to stir it up. Make big circles with your hips and shoulders, squiggle through the spine, get your neck and jaw and the muscles of your face involved.  Breathe into the nooks and crannies. It should feel amazing. When you’re ready, tuck your toes and press back to downward facing dog.  Peddle the feet and imagine the backs of the legs flushing open, the ball of muscles at the back of calf releasing.  Roll forward to plank and back to dog a few times. Hold plank for a few breaths. Feel how sound and perfect your structure is.  Feel the muscles hug to the bone, activating you for your day. Depending on the time you have, you can take some lunges, stepping one foot forward at a time, you can add warrior poses if you want to strength and feel capable.  Forwards bends to calm the nervous system. Back bends energize, open and also nourish. Keep it simple and remember to keep the focus on integrating the movement with your breathing. Let it be organic, let the body lead you, move outside the box.
4.  Finish:  Closing your practice is a lovely way to seal the effort you put forth.  Return to your seat, lengthen your spine, and close your eyes.  Observe the subtle shifts these few moments of paying attention to yourself have created. Bring your hands in front of your heart and bow your head slightly. This is a posture of gratitude, humility, reverence and respect. Soak in it. Run through what you are grateful for or simply focus on one thing.  Ground your self in a simple and humble appreciation for the world around you. Namaste. Go get ’em, tiger!”
*Kyle Miller is a teacher at Yoga Collective in Venice and the Springs in Arts District.  Follow her on Instagram at @kylemilleryoga.

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