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Skin: Weleda Skin Food – Multipurpose Balm For All Occasions

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Your skin deserves to eat well. Organic line (and a personal favorite) Weleda, has the perfect product for healthy skin: Skin Food. It’s like eating gourmet every night of the week.

Skin Food is an all-natural cream that can be used on face – or body – especially for dry areas like hands, feet, elbows and knees. Since I have a pretty combination/ oily complexion, I only slather Skin Foods on my body – and boy, does my body just eat it up… especially my perpetually cracked hands!

*TIP: Try Weleda Skin Food on your neck to combat aging and wrinkles (most people forget to apply moisturizer to the neck area – this is a HUGE mistake – make up for lost time!).*

Skin Food is richer than your typical lotion – the consistency is closer to that of Aquafor – and lasts for hours on end. It dispenses as a cream and transforms into an emollient, almost gel-like concoction with a natural smell that isn’t obtrusive in the least. Viola, Chamomile and Calendula (one of my all-time favorite ingredients) soothes the skin for utmost hydration and softness. Skin Foods is free of synthetic fragrance and color (a great choice for sensitive skin) and helps to harmonize the skin structure and repair everyday surface damage.

If you’ve never tried Skin Foods, do so immediately. I’m telling you, this is one of those products that every beauty addict must have tucked away in their beauty arsenal.

PRICE TAG: $15.00 for 2.5 oz / buy here

WEEKLY MUST HAVE: Weleda Sea Buckthorn Body Oil

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Weleda is definitely one of my favorite drugstore organic brands. It’s so well priced, there is no excuse not to add organic into your  beauty routine.

Their summer products are amazing, from the new (Rose is one of my must-haves, but Citrus makes a great summer scent), to the Refining Toner, a great pick-me-up for all skin types. But what I’m really obsessing over is the Sea Buckthorn Body Oil, a delicious musky citrus oil that leaves skin soft and smooth and looking 10 LB’s thinner!

Let’s not kid ourselves: summer is a time to show some skin. And while we like to give a little leg, a dry, crispy thigh is less than cute. But slather on the oil and you’ve got yourself a body to envy – not to mention that the oil is actually healthy for your skin, packed with antioxidants and vitamins.

I like to use oil directly after showering, while my body is still wet, prior to a towel dry. I let the oil naturally absorb while I do my hair and makeup and then I’ll get dressed. I still have a faint hint of oil left on my body and people always recognize how lean my limbs are looking — and compliment the delicious scent that the oil exudes, all natural, no perfume necessary!

If you order now from the Weleda website (click here), you will receive a FREE full size Sea Buckthorn Body Wash to go with your new Body Oil! Enter “SEABUCKTHORN” at checkout.

We love FREE almost as much as we love glistening gams!

PRICE TAG: $25.00

Weleda Pomegranate Face Line + GIVEAWAY!

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Who doesn’t love them some natural skincare? In January, Weleda, one of my FAVORITE, affordable skincare brands, launched the Pomegranate Firming Facial Care Line, a four product system (facial serum, day cream, night cream, and eye cream) that prevents and reverses the signs of aging — and smells deliciously like pomegranates!

Pomegranate seed oil

contains a high-level of antioxidants, flavonoids and essential fatty acids that improve your skin’s elasticity and help protect skin against damaging free radicals.

Product Features & Benefits
·       Works in harmony with your aging skin to improve elasticity and firmness
·       Helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles
·       Tightens and moisturizes your skin
·       Activates the skin processes and helps the skin to actively regenerate
·       The ideal companion to the skin’s natural aging process
·       Utilizes organic pomegranate seed oil, organic argan kernel oil and organic jojoba seed oil among other key ingredients
·       Dermatologically tested
·       100% certified natural by NaTrue

Pomegranate Firming Facial Serum ($45, 1 oz.) – An antioxidant-rich intensive treatment that helps reduce wrinkles while deeply moisturizing and firming the skin.  Contains a blend of highly effective, concentrated natural ingredients, including organic pomegranate juice and golden millet seed, which greatly improves skin elasticity as it strengthens and supports skin regeneration.  Use before the Pomegranate Firming Day Cream or Pomegranate Firming Night Cream for best results.
Pomegranate Firming Night Cream ($37, 1 oz.) – A rich cream, with borage seed oil and sunflower seed oil that nourishes skin during its nightly regenerative cycle.  It aids in the reduction of wrinkles and results in skin that is firm, renewed and refreshed upon awaking.
Pomegranate Firming Eye Cream ($33, 1 oz.) – A luxurious, fragrance-free cream that boasts skin softening, nurturing and smoothing properties.  Firms the delicate eye area and protects it from damaging environmental elements.  This rich cream utilizes ruscus root extract for anti-inflammatory action. 
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WEEKLY MUST HAVE: Weleda’s Pomegranate Creamy Body Wash

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While I find it less harsh than a soap, Weleda’s Pomegranate Creamy Body Wash still lathers and cleans all the places needing a good wash. Free from synthetic detergents, this creamy body wash will leave you hydrated even in the most brutal winter chill (like right now).

The antioxidant-rich pomegranate seed oil helps to renew your skin, and macadamia seed oil leaves your skin moisturized and smooth. Infused with the pure essential oils of vanilla, blood orange and neroli, to stimulate your senses and bring balance to your body and soul. And yes, the smell is divine – fruity with a dash of sweet (like an all-natural sugar, sweet).

It’s a must-have for a splendid bathing experience and the flip-top cap makes it the perfect body wash for the shower. He’ll even like it.

The line also comes with a body oil and hand cream in the same scent. Weleda products are a favorite of mine — organic can be super cool!

PRICE TAG: $15.00

A few of my favorite things… Travel Edition

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I receive countless emails asking about my travel regimen so I thought I’d share some of my absolute favorite travel products with you today, on the heels of my venture west to warmer weather. Sadly, the sun has yet to make an appearance but here’s to wishful thinking (and warmer temps, thank God).

So, considering that it is travel season, these items should come in handy like, today.

Here are a few of my favorite travel items:

– I use it for my lips, cuticles, eyes AND sinus’. It works wonders to keep the entire lot hydrated. It’s also most effective for all climates. Coming from a blizzard (NYC) to a dessert (LA), climate was bound to give my skin something to get all chapped up about.

Smashbox O-Gloss – Flying leaves me ghostly pale and drained of all color — skin, eyelids and lips. O-Gloss comes in handy when I want a hint of pink — like a stain — with a surge of moisture. I also use it on my cheeks to give them a natural flush.

– Yes, I still care about the state of my hair 30,000 feet above ground. The beach spray is the perfect formula to take travel hair and make it beach-chic. Messy tresses that look — and smell — salon styled.

Klorane Dry Shampoo – The travel size is perfect to spray pre-landing for a quick touch-up-and-go. Gets rid of dirt and grease buildup from the flight and gives hair an added bounce of volume.

Caudalie Hand and Nail Cream – It’s imperative to hydrate hands and nails while in flight. My current cream of choice comes thanks to french skincare line, Caudelie. Full of anti-oxidants and grape seed, the cream smells amazing and moisturizes equally as impressively. I apply at least every 30 minutes.

– You can use this balm anywhere, I like to pat it on my face, especially during a flight. With all of that reprocessed air, my skin is begging for some TLC. Skin Foods offers my face moisture, soothing properties of lavender and calendula and an all-around healthy glow. Can also be used on hands, feet, around the eye area, neck and elbows. Apply sparingly.

Post-Sun Skin Savers

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So you’ve tanned it up beach – or pool – side and your sporting the perfect sun kissed hue (after applying loads of SPF, naturally). Now you want to know, what’s next? How can you prolong the life of your new golden glow and keep your skin nice and soft without turning into a withering raisin?

Here are 5 fabulous post-sun skin savers:

What it does: an ultra-cooling cream gel that provides long-lasting freshness and comfort to the face and body. Ideal for after sun exposure, yogurt hydrates the skin, instantly relieving excessive heat and stinging.
Why I like it: It’s made without parabens, sulfates or petro-chemicals so you can rest assured your body is getting the utmost magnificent treatment. Plus, it really is THAT refreshing.


What it does: Caffeine helps neutralize free-radical damage due to sun over-exposure. Macadamia oil and shea butter nourish and replenish essential moisture leaving a healthy, radiant glow.
Why I like it: Vegan and organic, this lotion smells delicious, is calming and gentle to the body and has aromatic properties which keep the skin soft for prolonged periods of time.

What it does: Refreshes and hydrates the skin. Ideal for use after sun-bathing and swimming
Why I like it: Love this line! Aloe is an amazing ingredient to soothe over-sunned skin. This lotion is light and ultra refreshing; totally fuss-free (but harder to find in stores!).

What it does: Enriched with Aloe Vera and pro-vitamin B5 to moisturize and calm the skin. Cools and soothes sun exposed skin and helps ensure a long-lasting, beautiful tan.
Why I like it: Sometimes things just feel more refreshing dispensed from a spray. Not to mention, I love anything that leave a little glistening after-glow on my skin. Apparently, it’s not sold in the U.S. – correct me if I’m wrong here – (another reason to love it even more), but you can order online through the UK site, or buy a similar version from Herbalife if you dare.

Avene After-Sun Care Lotion $20.00

What it does: Light-weight, non-greasy cream-gel formula provides a cooling effect to the skin. Lipidic complex Biocymentine helps restore skin’s barrier and prevents moisture loss. Soothes, calms and cools the skin after sun exposure.
Why I like it: Ever since Paris, I have a particular affinity towards anything French and Avenue is a revered skincare line in France. It also contains Pre-tocopheryl, a vitamin E precursor known for its anti-oxidant properties so it’s great for the tone and texture of skin too.

Have a favorite post-sun soother?
Let us know! Leave a comment below…


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It’s ironic that when we talk about green it refers to both ecology and the economy. And since we’re all more aware of where we spend our money these days, greening your beauty routine might seem an expensive proposition. I can’t even begin (or want) to add up the amount of money I’ve spent on beauty products I didn’t like over the years. Fortunately, a few of my favorite eco-brands offer travel sized kits and value sets that make it easy to try something without any financial burden. Here’s to going green while saving some green.

Dr. Hauschka offers Daily Face Care kits for and skin that are filled with a number of samples to suit your skin including cleansing cream, toners, Normalizing Day Oil (my desert island pick) and their famous Rose and Quince moisturizers. They also offer a Body Care Kit that includes several body washes, lavender bath oil, and both Quince and Rose body creams. The kits are all packaged in reusable tin boxes for about $25.00 (you can pick these up at Whole Foods, too).

The fabulous Greek company Korres has created a boxed set of their best selling products, the Best of Korres, in miniature sizes, including Guava body butter, Basil Lemon and Vanilla Cinnamon shower gels, Evening Primrose eye cream and Wild Rose moisturizer. If eco-makeup is what you’re curious about, Korres Color line has a number of “Value Sets,” like the Color Discovery combo which includes mascara, eye shadow, lip gloss and two eye pencils in a reusable makeup bag (an $82 value for $35). I’ve yet to try their bronzers and think their Bronze and Protect set is the perfect way. You get the SPF 30 tinted moisturizer, bronzing powder and their 99% Natural Primer, $66 of product for just $28. For skincare, try the Regimen Kits for normal or oily complexions. They run about $40 each but include over $75 worth of products.

I have long been addicted to the German brand cream for dry skin. I always keep a tiny metal tube of it in my purse (it looks just like the original in Shrinky Dink size). Travel tubes of Skin Food, Almond Cleansing Lotion and other Weleda staples are available for about $2-3 apiece online and in stores like Whole Foods and Target. The Wild Rose skin care range including cleanser, lotion, night cream and toner, can be found in a wonderful trial sized pack for just $15 online. And full sized Wild Rose products are available at the stores above.

Several years ago I decided to try the Dr. Hauschka skin line by purchasing a Daily Face Care Kit. I’d known of Dr. H. because my sister was a devotee of the famous Rose Day Cream. But I wasn’t sure if I would be as thrilled with their other products (even organic products can disagree with some skin). After a week of using the cute little bottles and jars, I went back and bought the products I fell in love with in their full sizes. And now when I travel, I just throw a kit in my bag and go. xo a.

Smell Delish With No Preservatives

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Weleda’s Wild Rose Deodorant is AMAZING!!!! I’m literally speechless (not really) about how obsessed I am with this product. And the best part — besides smelling like a rose garden — it’s ALL NATURAL!

It’s a spray and it goes on with a cool and light tingle, almost like a body spritz. While it won’t stop you from sweating, it will make your pits smell more decadent then a freshly cut rose. And with one spritz in either pit, the refreshing spray will leave you smelling sweet and overwhelm the senses… Guaranteed.

A word (or several…) from the company:
Weleda Wild Rose Deodorant inhibits the development of unpleasant body odour without interfering with the skins natural functioning. They are effective deodorants not anti-perspirants. (Anti-perspirants work by inhibiting perspiration, usually by blocking the pores with aluminium salts). It is not possible to have a natural anti-perspirant.”

Weleda is infused with natural ingredients that won’t harm the body or leave you with that retchid white film that your everyday non-organic deodorants do. Seriously, this product is so brilliant, it’s worthy of a few douses elsewhere too (yes, down south, ladies – before that hot date!).

PRICE TAG: $14.99 (available at Target! – click HERE)

**also available in Citrus and Sage Scents…**

Monday Skin Talk

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I just returned from NYC where the weather is still cold and windy, thus leaving my skin dehydrated and dry. Even with oily skin (like me), it’s imperative that you moisturize. One of the biggest faux pas about oily skin is that you should dry it out… NOT TRUE… the more you dry out the skin, the more oil the skin thinks it needs to produce to counterbalance the dryness. Thus, even with oily skin, make sure to keep it hydrated. Of course, if you are prone to oiliness, it’s important to find a moisturizer that is oil-free and balancing.

I have become absolutely obsessed with my dry climate skin cream…. Jurlique’s Balancing Day Care Cream is heaven to the face. It doesn’t over moisturize and it’s great for sensitive skin. You put it on and your face literally glows – like that dewy, healthy skin look.

A word (or several…) from the company:
“A light, absorbing moisturising cream infused with the living energy of daisy, chamomile and rose, and precious plant oils to minimize the visible signs of aging. Leaves the skin with a smooth, healthy-looking glow. Ideal for maintaining balance. “

I am a huge fan of Jurlique products because they use the highest quality natural ingredients… no synthetics that just clog pores and produce “pretend” results… these products continually deliver visible, healthy skin. Over and over again. My favorite aspects of the creams is how they make your skin feel – throughout the day, skin is hydrated (never dull) and smooth (never flakey).

Sometimes I mix my Jurlique Balancing Cream with a tiny dollop of Elder Cream. The Elder Cream is a brightening moisturizer that leaves your complexion luminous. Even if I’m super tired, I put this cream on and look like I’ve just had eight hours of sleep (and I never cease to get a compliment about how great and hydrated my skin looks when I use it!).

Both of these moisturizers sell for $40.00.

If you still want the organic, all-natural products without the high price tag, try Weleda. Their moisturizers are just as soothing and less expensive. A comparable cream to Jurlique’s Balancing Cream is Weleda’s Rose Cream. It’s great for balancing out normal to oily skin tones and like the Jurlique cream, it’s lightweight, never oily, yet super hydrating. It retails for about $25.00.

Life With A Silver Spoon…

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I was a lucky guest at the Silver Spoon winter gift-giveaway… and WOW did I walk away with some incredible beauty products!

The gifting suites were held at Voda Spa (read my post on the fabulous Russian bath house HERE) and such savvy brands like Stila Cosmetics, Ted Gibson, Frilly Lilly, La Fleur, Weleda, and The Face Shop, were in attendance.

I have to play around with the products but I can tell that I’m going to LOVE the Weleda Wild Rose Moisturizing Cream (I’m already such a fan of the Weleda Calendula Cream), Stila Smokey Eye Palette that actually speaks to you, and The Face Shop Volcanic Ash Heating Mask (from Korea… the entire line looks absolutely incredible!).

Lots of goodies… it feels like Christmas all over again! Thanks Silver Spoon!

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