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Fall Trend Forecasting With Sonia Kashuk

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BB: What are the Top 5 trends for fall and how can we get these looks at home? 

SK: 1. My favorite trend for Fall 2012 is a strong mouth, made wearable with rich reds and deep bordeauxs. This color is perfect for the season because it looks stunning with grays, purples, bordeauxs, cognacs and mauves – the complete color palette that the upcoming fall season is bringing. The key to this look is playing with depth and softening the edges. For more control, apply a bold plum shade using a lip brush, adding color slowly until you reach an intensity you are comfortable with. Finish by using the tip of your finger to blur the line around the lip for a delicate aesthetic. As a makeup artist, I used to work with tones like this every fall. It’s a personal favorite and I find it’s one of the most stunning colors because it has that dark sexiness to it. Celebrities like Kate Bosworth and Lana Del Ray have embodied the true beauty of this trend with their looks at the Met Gala and the shade is certainly reminiscent of most of the recent runway shows, such as Bottega Veneta, Rochas, and Gucci.

2. Color blocked lids will be huge, specifically peacock-inspired hues. My new Instructional Eye Shadow Palette in Eye on Dazzling Color has 12 stunning shades in the colors of the season complete with step-by-step instructions for 3 show-stopping looks. Sweep the deep emerald across the eye and add depth in the crease with the rich brown for a sultry, smokey eye similar to the look at Jason Wu. Or if you’re feeling really daring, create a colorful pattern with complimentary colors like aquamarine and amethyst straight from the runways at Roberto Cavalli.

3. Full and pretty, yet not too powerful brows are always important for fall, as seen on Alexander Wang and Tibi’s runways. To achieve this look you will need my Spoolie and my Brow Definer or Arch Alert Brow Kit. Start by brushing the hairs upward and laying them down in your desired shape. Next, fill in any sparse areas with subtle color in small, soft strokes that mimic hair to shape the eyebrow, keeping the look angular and bold. Go back over the brows with the spoolie to soften the line of the brow. Since both the pencil and kit are cream formulas, the spoolie will grab and blur the color. Even when working with a strong brow, you never want to look like your brows are drawn on. Finish with my Brow Gel to hold hairs in place. Camilla Belle is the perfect example of how to pull off a strong eyebrow while maintaining a certain feminine beauty.

4. Geometric eyeliner, like the looks at Ana Sui and Lanvin, is the most dramatic of the trends you will see this season but don’t let that intimidate you. Modifying to an exaggerated cat eye using a liquid liner, like my Jet Set Liquid Liner, makes this trend super wearable and easy to achieve. Start by holding the lid taut and laying the applicator tip on the inner corner of the eye, dragging out and slightly up at the temple. Connect the outer point down to the outer edge of the eye in a triangular shape and fill in with a black pencil inside the water line. Finish with a few coats of mascara and even pair with a red lip for a retro look similar to Adele at the Grammys.

5. Another big trend we’ll see this season is a the split-color nail design. As seen on the runways of L.A.M.B, Dans La Vie, and Nomia, this geometric update to last season’s ever-popular half moon is just as fun and twice as flattering. To re-create this stylish look at home, once nails are fully painted in a base shade, use painter’s tape to cover half the nail and paint over top with a second color. Be sure to wait an ample amount of time before peeling off the tape and use a small paint brush with remover to clean up around the nail. My favorite color combination this season? A rich plum and a gorgeous green.

BB: What is the difference from fall 2011 and fall 2012?

SK: The trends for Fall 2012 are a little more bold and dramatic than 2011. Last fall we saw a ton of metallic smokey eyes and bright mouths, where as this season the look has changed to color blocked lids and deep, dark lips. However there are a few trends that we will see carry through from 2011 to 2012 such as bold brows, a fresh, radiant face, and an updated version of the retro cat eye.

BB: What is the one product every woman should own as we get ready to enter fall 2012?

SK: Classic red lipstick is a secret weapon that every woman should have in her makeup bag. The color and tone will brighten the face and completely transform your look. That shock of color will become the focus to make a powerful statement, while still looking super feminine, sophisticated, and strong. Keep the rest of the face fresh and allow lips to take center stage, it is all about the power of one!

What fall trend are you excited to wear come September? Leave your answers in the comment section below.

CND’s Fall 2011 Nail Trend Forecast

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CND worked on the tips of 22 shows this past New York fashion week. What better people to ask about trends then the ones who create them?

Here, CND’s official Fall Trend Forecast:

“This Fall, manicures are emerging in waves of rich jewel tones, earthy and worn shades, and comfortable colors – as cozy as a boyfriend’s t-shirt,” says CND Co-founder and Style Director, Jan Arnold.

Eccentric, old world charm takes center stage this season with eminent dark jewel toned nails that accessorize bold satin and chiffon, off-kilter tweeds, wild jacquards and sumptuous velvet fabrics. Prince William and Kate Middleton aren’t the only royal marriage in the future – runway manicures unite lavish eggplant purple with decadent gilded gold. For opulent nails, use CND’s limited edition The Look: Fall 2011, comprised of Midnight Sapphire deep cobalt blue crème, Dark Amethyst velvet aubergine crème and Sheer 24K Sparkle gold lamé effect. These brand new polishes were seen on the runway at Sachin & Babi, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Jen Kao and Monique Lhuillier. 

Jen Kao

Manicures delve into the past…faded, traditional and textured in soft sandstone washes of color. A literal return to the roots. Nature takes back the urban landscape with earthen shades of muted brown, green and patina peach. Pair this grounded look with rugged leather, sediment shaded woven wear, tough denim and weathered knits. For the inky spectator nails from 3.1 Phillip Lim, use warm opaque Desert Suede and half circles of Midnight Sapphire. To get Monique Lhuillier’s “Shady Lady” manicure, try Silver Chrome topped with Desert Suede, and iced with Dark Amethyst.

Phillip Lim
  Monique Lhuillier

Worn-in clothes evoke softness and worn-out colors, and provide an element of comfort and timelessness. Manicures are faded with muted iridescence blushing in vintage gold, peach, icy blue and green. Worn best with softened sateen sweaters, heirloom jacquards, Victorian buttons and pearls, and smoky sheers. Custom blended minty sage nails were sported at Costello Tagliapietra, and a hazy purple was mixed for Malandrino. For the blushing taupe nails from Jenni Kayne, use Desert Suede, layered with Copper Shimmer Effect, washed out with a coat of semi-sheer Rose Water and topped with Super Matte Top Coat. Achieve waistline-approved toffee brown nails from Isaac Mizrahi using Chocolate Milk mixed with 5 drops of Asphalt.

 Jenni Kayne
 Isaac Mizrahi

*All Photography Courtesy of CND.

Trend Forecasting: New York Fashion Week S/S 2011

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New York Fashion Week is literally days away and I thought it would be educational to start off the festivities with a forecast of trends to come. With this in mind, I asked Daniel Martin, Lancome makeup artist who will be working his magic at the Chris Benz show next Monday, for his take on the top 5 trends we are bound to see on the runway come Thursday, February 10, 2011.

Here’s what Daniel had to say:

1.      Eye shadows are back—We’ve seen lips for so long, women will experiment with their eyes again, especially with the use color!  Either it be a turquoise or aubergine shadow palettes (like Lancôme’s 5 Pan Palettes in Teal Fury and Mauve Chérie) or a bright colored eyeliner, the focus will be all eyes!

2.      Luminized skin—Skin will be radiant with shimmer creating a lit-from-within effect.

3.      Sheer pop of color on the mouth—Rather than lipstick, sheer textures with clear color will make an impact.

4.      Sculpted eyes and cheeks—You’re going to see “strength” on the face. More emphasis on accenting and accentuating, rather than intense color.

5.      “NO Makeup” makeup—Modern and very 90’s, we’ll see a lot more monochromatic color for fall. Case in point, Emma Stone’s makeup at the Golden Globes (pictured). Fresh with matching cheek, lip and eye colors harmonizing the entire look.

TREND FORECASTING: Are Updo’s The New Red-Carpet Go-To

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The Golden Globes saw an above average share of updo’s. From Natalie to Melissa, all the girls – young and old(er)  – were sporting some sort of upper chignon.

While I’m not a massive fan of the updo for formal affairs – it’s a personal preference, I enjoy a black-tie frock with a more low key hair style – I do see a slight change towards Hollywood’s A-list ladies pulling their hair up. Emma Stone, Natalie Portman, Melissa Leo, Scarlett Johansson, Mila Kunis, Claire Danes and Giuliana Ransic were just a few of the women with updos.

While Natalie sported a french twist (not my fave), Scarlett opted for a bee hive (my least fave) and Claire went with a low chignon (I can deal).

Personally, I happen to feel that updo’s a rather reminiscent of high school prom days – but that’s just me. I’m begining to feel like this is a trend we’ll be seeing — all of award season, so brace yourselves.

Who do you think gave best updo?
check out this link for a how to tutorial on the infamous ballet updo.

2011 Hair Trends By Edward Tricomi

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Half of the hair heavyweight team, Warren Tricomi, Edward Tricomi dishes exclusively to Beauty Banter about the hair that is sure to have Hollywood buzzing this season.

Here, a forecast of 2011 hair trends, in pitcures:

-one length hair, less layering

-cut bobs with bangs

-short hair that is bi-leveled

-baroque wavy hair

-finger waves, pin curls

Want a new look? Get inspired, take these images into your hair stylist!

Send us pics of your 2011 hair cut!!!! 

Fall Styles For All Lengths

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Celebrity hairstylist, Jen Atkin just returned from Paris fashion week where she was tending to the tresses of many of the fabulous runway shows.

I thought it would be helpful to get her views on what’s the next “it” style for every hair length.

Here’s what Jen has to say:

“Freja’s haircut is very popular.  It’s great for growing out short hair by shagging it up.  Saw this all over Paris this season.

Alternative for round faces is just a shag, no bangs.

If your hair is straight and long, best look is a below the collarbone blunt hair cut, no layers, again bangs are optional.”

Looks like bangs are the in-trend this season…

Will you be rocking them?!

Trend Forecasting: Straight Strands

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Straight strands are the new wave. I’m not saying waves are passe, I’m just forecasting that we’re going to see a lot more celebs prancing down the red carpet with pencil straight manes. And I LOVE IT!

I’ve been wearing my hair stick straight for the past few months — I felt it was a nice change from the curly, bed head thing I had been sporting for far too long. Now, it seems that others are taking note.

At the Roberto Cavalli show in Milan, hippy straight hair was all the rave. Redken’s Guido was there to tame the tresses.

“This is Roberto Cavalli’s 40th anniversary in the business, so it’s a big show for him and likewise, for the hair.  The Collection has a 1970s feel to reference Cavalli’s start in Fashion in 1970, so we came up with a retro style for the hair to complement the sexy, head turning designs and innovative hemlines and fringe, but still making her look modern and cool,” says Guido.

Get The Look:

  • Create a messy center part, wet hair and apply align 12.  Blow dry for stick straight strands that have added protection from heat and damage.
  • Run through hair with flat iron.
  • Section off crown section of hair
  • To cut down on volume, scalp braid hair horizontally from the occipital bone down to the nape – add a layer of extensions that skin the lower back to create length, securing them in where the scalp braids began (if hair is already long, extensions wouldn’t be needed)
  • Flat iron all hair together to the very ends

It’s quite simple to achieve and only requires a blowdryer and flat iron. But the look (as seen on Rebecca Hall at the Town premiere in Toronto) is tres tres glam. 

Trend Forecasting: Orange for Fall

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Sure, it’s practically summer but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be thinking ahead. Fall will be here quicker than we think. In the spirit of staying ahead of the trends, here’s a fascinating Q & A with makeup artist Marissa Nemes on fall’s hottest face trend: the orange color palette.

What are key makeup looks for Fall 2010?

The Fall 2010 makeup look is inspired by many different women morphed into one; Romantic meets Glamorous meets Edgy. It’s a clean, confident look using vibrant orange hues, created by balancing a fierce warm color with a softer cool tone on a nude and undone natural face.

Oranges, rusts and peaches were prevalent on runways from the Fall 2010 shows. Will we see a lot more of these colors, and how are they wearable for the average woman?
Yes, we will be seeing pops of bold oranges, soft rusts and healthy peaches continue to grow in our everyday makeup wardrobes. These shades give off a beautiful warm glow which our skin craves. It is wearable for the average women. To pull it off, leave everything clean and focus on a certain area of your face. If the focus is the eyes, here’s how to work the look: rust colored, romantic eyes, matte skin, peachy pink on the cheeks, and a sheer nude lip.

Are finishes and looks leaning towards matte instead of shiny? Why? Any special techniques or considerations when applying a matte look?
A matte glow is what I am leaning towards for fall. No one wants to look shiny. This undone look shows off the skin’s natural glow and looks modern and clean. You can create the effect by blending in a translucent powder all over, and topping it with a tiny bit of illuminator above the cheekbones and at the bridge of your nose. If you prefer more coverage, a sheer veil of a powder foundation will do the trick.

It’s easy to think that natural, no-fuss makeup is effortless, when really it’s not as easy to pull off as it looks. What are some tricks and tips you should consider for a naturally-undone looking face?

A healthy diet, sleep and a good night time moisturizer is key to the beginning of a naturally-undone looking face. Once you’ve mastered brighter skin from your lifestyle choices (or not), here are some tips for creating an effortless look with makeup. First, apply a tinted moisturizer with SPF. Once that settles in, apply and blend in your concealer under the eyes and in any areas which need attention. Secondly, sweep over a velvety powder foundation with SPF, topped with a little bronzer where the sun hits your face. Next, blend a creamy, flesh-toned blush on the apples of your cheeks. Since cream eyeshadows are my favorite for this look, apply one in a healthy color such as sheer pink or peach, blending it all the way from your lash line to your brow bone. Then curl your lashes and apply your mascara. To finish off this look, dab on NARS Cosmetics new Pure Sheer SPF lip treatment on your lips. Two sprays of La Mer’s “The Mist” on your face, and you’re officially naturally undone.

It seems that if you want to achieve a very natural look, you should use mineral makeup. It’s rare these days to find a cosmetic line that doesn’t have one or many mineral-based products. How do these formulas differ from others and what should you consider when choosing mineral makeup?

When I was introduced to mineral makeup a few years ago, I knew it had great potential. The industry pleasantly surprised me and I am thrilled to see the tremendous growth of organic cosmetics! Mineral makeup is made with organic and all natural ingredients, versus traditional makeup which is made with conventional ingredients. Mineral makeup is talc-free, oil-free and chemical-free and excellent for normal to oily prone skin. As individuals transition into a healthier lifestyle change, they may want to consider changing up their makeup as well and “going green” with products. While considering mineral makeup, look for powders with SPF and know that mineral makeup is easy to blend and build with a powder brush. At times, mineral makeup may appear darker in the case. Before you purchase it, try the product on your hand or on the inside of your arm to make sure the color blends well into your skin. It is not only good for your skin but also good for the environment!

source: beautypress.com

Spring Forward: Makeup Trend Forecasting

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As the weather gets a tad warmer, I can’t help but hope (pray) that Spring is right around the corner. Move over puffy jackets and fur boots, it’s time to reintroduce wedges and dresses to the mix.

On the makeup front, Christopher Drummond, creator of the all-natural, vegan, mineral makeup line Christopher Drummond Beauty (we heart a good organic line!) predicts Spring 2010 makeup is all about beautiful but muted colors, coral lips, and the bottom eyelid.

Here are Christopher’s trend predictions for Spring 2010:

Color: Colors such as a slightly shimmery baby blue, a barely there soft pink, and a softly noticeable tangerine color are going to be the “go to” colors for spring/summer. These colors work on everyone and bring more focus to the skin, cheekbones and lips.

Lips: Coral, whether bright or muted, is the new classic that will be explored starting this spring/summer and throughout 2010. Also, anyone can wear coral because it is fresh and youthful looking and rich yet subtle at the same time.

Eyes: Spring/Summer 2010 will be all about the bottom lid.

  • Adding a light amount of colored liner on the bottom lid, which looks fresh and modern and is a way to add color to the eyes without going overboard. (Tip: this color should not match the top lid).
  • Another eye trend is no makeup at all on the bottom. A nice thick liner with rich mascara and a colored shadow on top paired with a bare bottom lash line will open the eyes up and look youthful and fresh.
Have any favorite coral colors so far?
Let us know below!

A Look Back: Award Season 2010

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The Oscars are less than a week away which will wrap up award season 2010. A few months ago, I asked the ever talented Joanna Schlip, Physicians Formula celebrity makeup artist, for the top 5 red carpet color trends we could expect to see this season, and here’s what she had to say:

1) Faye Dunaway – very finished brow, nude lip, glowy cheek, big lashes

2) Neutral face with very powerful colored lip – anything from red to fuchsia (will go the full gamut)

3) Healthy glowy skin all over the body – skin will be glowing on arms and legs

4) Everyone will be sporting lashes very flirty and sexy lashes

5) Blushes will be more of deeper peaches, corals and pinks – not so vibrant, but toned down and muted with a matte t-zone – only certain areas will be highlighted, such as the cheekbone, brow bone or bridge of nose.

Joanna Schlip has painted the faces of celebrities including Christina Applegate, Eva Longoria, Scarlett Johansson, Ellen Pompeo, Laura Linney, Hilary Duff, Sheryl Crow and Jessica Simpson. She is also author of Glamour Gurlz: The Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide to Great Make-up and Gurl Smarts.

Was Joanna right? Were these the trends we saw this award season? And what do you think we’ll see come Sunday night?

Discuss below!

Jhud and Olivia Wilde both rocking the lashes du jour.

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