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Another burst of snow may have hit the east coast, but that’s no excuse to walk around pale and placid. While the sun may be a long way coming (sigh), there’s always faking it! And hair-crazed Jenny (you all remember her, right? If not, you must click here for a refresher) swears she’s found the holy grail of faux tanning products!

Rodial Brazilian Tan Airbrush is the sickest thing ever,” gushes Jenny, also known to close friends (and the twitter community) as #thebrow (because she actually flies from NY to LA once a month to secure the brow services of none other than Anastasia herself). “I’m so tan and it’s not orange or red. It looks completely real.” Now, I’ve heard these words uttered from the mouth of #thebrow before so I chalked them up as yet another faux tanning experience. But when I saw her in person, everything changed.

Her face was glowing in that I just stepped out of the sun sort of way. She wasn’t orange, or red, or any hue of fake. She looked golden, but not too golden, not deep brown like she’d been laying out for days. It was the perfect color tan, like the perfect amount of time spent in the sun, with just the perfect SPF on. Yes, I am a stickler for SPF – wrinkles and skin cancer are never cute!

While I don’t necessarily condone fake tans, there are a time and a place for them. And mid-February is just about the time – and the place – to take action. That pasty white winter skin has left us sickened and washed out. We’re feeling ugly. Winter has gone on way too long.

A little vitamin D never hurt anyone (especially the kind that comes out of a bottle! – and doesn’t smear, streak or turn orange). So, yes, I’m all for the fakeness. It’s time. Spray up (it comes in a spray can – groovy!). And walk with a little extra, golden spring in your step!

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When Pale Is Too Pale

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There’s pale and then there’s see through. Some celebs relish in a winter white complexion year-round while others can’t seem to stay away from the tanning salon (you know who you are) resulting in orange skin. While either color is enviable, as we are in the midst of colder temps and award season, finding a balance is key.

Anne Hathaway (pictured) and Nicole Kidman can rock a porcelain complexion without looking transluscent. But others, like myself, should really consider a tan before posing for pics. Yes, I said it. There is such a thing as too pale, especially when said tone doesn’t work with your actual God-given coloring. I look green when I don’t have SOME color!

Rule of thumb: If your skin contains yellow undertones, you’ll look sickly without some sort of golden glow. Even in winter, fake it up, ladies.

Here are 4 picks for natural faux bronze products that will work wonders in winter and still keep you wrinkle free:

Scott Barnes Body Bling – If diamonds are a girl’s best friend than body bling is the skin’s b.f.f. It’s like a veil of deliciously golden, shimmery sheen part oil, part cream that drenches the skin in the most fabulous bronze hue. Washes off with soap and water. J.Lo is a fan of Mr. Barnes.

St. Tropez Bronzing Rocks, Bronzing Powder and Radiance Mousse – These three products highlight, sculpt and define key areas and can be used to shade, define and contour areas like the shoulder blades, décolletage and cleavage. Jamie Lynn Sigler is a fan of the line.

Cargo Multi-Mix Bronzer – Designed for the face but can be used on the body, this gel bronzer is genius (and a personal favorite) for customizing a natural glow. Made sans parabens, sulfates and synthetic fragrances, the bronzer can be mixed in with your favorite lotion and washed off with soap and water. Evangelline Lily is a fan of the eco-friendly brand.

Jergens Natural Glow Express Body Moisturizer – It’s a lotion with buildable color (use daily until you achieve your desired hue). Comes in light to medium and medium to dark formulas. One of the best out there as it doesn’t streak and the color is extrememly natural.

Prolong That Winter Tan

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A tan makes everything look and feel better. After my week long vaca in the Dominican Republic, I returned to the chilly east coast armed with bronze skin and a naturally lightened mane. I feel fabulous but fear it’ll fade before I have a chance to show it off.

Here are my tricks to making a tan last:

1 – Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize – dead skin equals peeling skin which equals bye bye tan
2 – Stay away from products with aloe vera (heels burns) and exfoliators (scrub that tan right off)
3 – try using a buildable color lotion — like — to maintain the glow
4 – When washing your face and body, use a light milky cleanser like Weleda’s Creamy Pomegranate Body Wash for the skin and Dermalogica’s Special Cleansing Gel – It’s gentle and soap-free.
5 – Pat or air dry, don’t rub dry after bath or shower.
6 – Use an oil to lock in moisture directly after bath or shower. Try Oils Of Aloha Organic Kukui Oil , all natural, all hydration.
7 – Try not to shave! Shaving removes the skin which in turn removes the tan.

Let us know! Leave a comment below!


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Most of the year I stay out of the sun and don’t mind my pale complexion one bit. If Anne Hathaway can do it, why can’t I? And if I should feel paler than pale I use self tanner to give myself a bit of color. A few years ago, I was faced with a dilemma when I had a red carpet event to attend in rainy February and while I didn’t want to self tan, my legs needed something. Megan, my genius of a sister, handed me what looked like deodorant and said, “just try it.” Like I said, she’s a genius.

Michael Kors Leg Shine is really a clever concept. It isn’t a bronzer but instead a subtly tinted moisturizing bar that glides over legs, knees and ankles with ease (that deodorant shape makes application a breeze). My legs looked healthier, with a bit of shine that made them look longer and more toned. Thanks, Mae! The Leg Shine comes in three shades: Classic, Shimmer and Bronze, but none are actually bronzers. For that, I’d probably go with tarte’s Glam Gams or LORAC’s Tantalizer, which Sarah raved about here.

I’ve also found that in a pinch, it helps even out color if tanner streaks in a spot if you’re out the door. Personally, I’ve found that giving it a good 20 minutes to dry means no worry about stains on light colored fabrics or the car seat. It has great staying power but it washes off pretty easily. Overall, I am impressed.

The only potential downside is the scent. It is infused with Michael Kors signature fragrance MICHAEL, a heady note of tuberose blended with some spicier and muskier fragrances. Some love tuberose but it isn’t for everyone. Because I only wear it on my legs (some make it an arm and upper body shine, too), I find the scent dissipates pretty quickly. In a perfect world they’d have a fragrance free version. But for now the fact it’s it’s paraben free and not tested on animals makes me happy.

If you’re curious but not ready to commit, try the Sephora exclusive Michael Kors Leg Shine to Go, a small version of the Classic formula for $10. I keep one in my toiletry bag as it’s perfect for travel. xo a.

Beauty Qestions Answered… How to Bronze Fair Skin

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One of our beauty-full readers, Phyrra, wrote in with a great question:

“I’m a girl who can’t tan, ever. I burn. I don’t ever have that golden, sunkissed look. How does someone like me apply bronzer without looking ridiculous? Or is there no way?”

Of course there is a way, Phyrra!

My first suggestion would be to apply a very light buildable color moisturizer for a base. Try . You get to control how dark or light the bronze is – apply a few times for a light sun kissed hue. Apply daily for a more golden color. This is a great product, very well-received, people love it (Allure even gave it their coveted Beauty Award). It’s NOT a self-tanner so it doesn’t streak or turn orange, but there is a bit of color built into the moisturizer.

Next, I would use a powder one shade DARKER than your skin tone. Again, this will create a base from which to build. This should not be a bronzer, just an everyday powder. Make sure to get in the hairline, ears and neck so that you don’t look two-toned!

Finally, find a bronzer made specifically for light skin. Physician’s Formula makes amazing, affordable, natural-looking bronzers. Try the Organic wear 100% Natural Origin Bronzer – it has 2 shades that you can blend together to create the perfect sun-kissed hue. It’s also buildable color, meant for fair skin so you will get a very natural, even bronze. **VERY IMPORTANT: Only use bronzer on areas that would actually catch the sun’s rays. A bronzer should NEVER be used everywhere on the face! A bit on the forehead, chin, cheeks, a couple dusts on the neck and chest, will give you that natural hue.**

It’s really all about trial and error. Go to Sephora and raid their bronzer section – try as many as you can get your hands on… just make sure to apply sparingly! And don’t EVER use a bronzer intended for darker skin tones. This will most definitely make you look “made-up.”

Hope that helps!


Beauty Banter

A few of my favorite things… Bronzers!

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With Winter finally moving on and Spring blossoming on the horizon, I can’t help but swoon over golden skin, open-toed shoes and mini-dresses!

Here are a list of my top 5 favorite bronzing products moving into Spring:

Tarte’s Hotel Heiress Mineral Powder Bronzer – an oldie, but goody. I’ve replenished this compact more times than I’ve said “I love you.” Truth is, this bronzer is reliable (unlike most men). It always gives me great color and never irritates my skin! $28.00

Dr. Hauschka Translucent Bronze Concentrate – Mix with your favorite moisturizer to add a golden hue and even out skin tone on face, arms, legs – anywhere you want to show some skin. And it’s organic: Score! $39.95

St. Tropez Ultimate Tan Rapide Face – I love all St. Tropez products… they really offer the most natural, non-orange color. This buildable color self-tanner is specifically designed for the face. It’s extra hydrating, doesn’t streek (but still be careful around hairline) and is loaded with antioxidants. Within 3 hours, you’ll look like you just returned from a vacation on the French coast! $38.00

Smashbox Fusion Body Lights Bronzing Powder – A ginormous three-colored bronzing compact for golden shimmer with a dose of perfumey scent. You get to control the amount of bronze – less or more, depending on how much of each color that you use. It’s my go-to for night time illuminizing – a couple of dusts on my collar bone, shoulders, arms, legs… and I’m left glistening like a golden goddess (and smelling gorge too). $54.00 (comes with the nub brush)

Glow Fusion Face & Body Natural Protein Tan – It’s like a spray tan at home! Every Spring, I recover this product from the depths of my beauty cabinet. It’s been a longtime favorite as I’ve never found another spray product that gives such a natural, golden tan. And it’s perfectly safe for the face too (trust me, I have the most sensitive skin and it doesn’t make me break out). Again, you can control the shade – want more bronze, just spray a couple more spritzes. Less, try for one or two sprays. I guarantee you will be obsessed with the results! $58.00

Do YOU have a favorite bronzing product to bring us into Spring? Let us know my leaving a comment below!

Solar Powered Faux Tanning

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As I mentioned in my pre-birthday post, I had the opportunity to try out an incredible eco-friendly tanning salon… the Los Angeles based Sun Lounge Studios is the first green tanning salon that uses sun power to reduce energy demand. 40 % of the energy used in the salon comes from solar panels on the roof of the building… and it doesn’t stop there. Actor turned tanning salon impresario, Nick Spano, opened the salon 6 months ago and plans to open more around the country!

With sleek bamboo walls, eco-friendly, non toxic paint, concrete floors (to help cool off the studio),and an amazing recycling effort (any client who purchases a bottle of tanning lotion or a drink can return the empty bottle for a $1.00 rebate toward a tanning session), Sun Lounge Studios is sustainable beauty at its finest. The concept: how to tan while taking care of your skin AND the environment.

The studio uses state-of-the-art Ergoline tanning beds and even offers an organic, paraben free line of tanning products housed in recycled plastic: Green Line by Devoted Creations (proceeds from the purchases go back to a global green organization to promote earth friendly products).

The salon also offers Versus Spa by Magic Tan Spray Tan. It’s a 3 step process – 1) PH-balanced prep 2) color 3) anit-aging moisturizer. I was so impressed by the results – my tan lasted about a week and I DID NOT break out, nor did I have that nasty orange hue. I actually looked like a bronzed goddess!

The studio also offers an impressive list of spa services using the organic, Hungarian product line, Eminence.

Fans of Sun Lounge include Miley Cyrus, Felicity Huffman, Mina Suvari… and now, Sarah Howard, ultimate beauty whore!

For more info, call 323-876-0200

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