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Best Natural Ingredients For Every Skin Type

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Are you a fan of natural skincare but you’re not exactly sure what all of those ingredients actually do for your complexion? Well, you’re in luck. We enlisted facialist Adina Diaz, who combines holistic, active, and medical grade products and treatments, to sift through the hundreds of natural ingredients and give us the absolute best ingredient and products for every skin type.

Green Tea extracts are immune enhancing, detoxifying, super antioxidant, anti-cancer, and energizing.
TRY: Lotus Moon Skin Care Green Tea and Lavender Cleansing Milk and MyChelle Pure Harmony Cleanser
Jojoba Oil is a plant extract native to southern Arizona, southern California, and northwestern Mexico and is wondrous oil. Out of all the plant oils Jojoba oil is the most similar to the human lipids. Never clogging or irrating the skin.
TRY: Desert Essence 100% Jojoba oil and Aura Cacia Jojoba Oil

Black soap has a natural source of vitamin A & E and iron. This ingredient supplies the skin with a deep all natural cleansing process without stripping the skin’s natural oils.
TRY: Lotus Moon Skin Care Mineral Earth Cleansing Gel
Witch Hazel is a gentle cleanse for even sensitive skin types but is an astringent. Removing dirt and makeup, helping cool and soothe the skin.
TRY: Weleda One Step Cleanser and Toner, Humphreys Witch Hazel Astringent and Thayers Rose Petal Witch Hazel.

Vitamin E is an antioxidant and is a free radical scavenger in the lipid or the fatty component of the skin. Vitamin E helps repair the tissue and heal wounds faster. Vitamin E can renew dry, chapped skin by bringing softness and suppleness back.
TRY: Lotus Moon Skin Care Hydro Therapy Eye Serum
D20 Deuterium Oxide is a heavier molecular than normal water on the skin. It’s protective and plumping and accelerates regeneration of the skin. This ingredient can deliver moisture deep into the skin. Protects against dryness and dehydration.
TRY: Lotus Moon Skincare D20 Hydra Mist
Aloe Vera contains 20 amino acids! Its hydrating, healing, soothing, and softens the skin.
TRY: Badger’s Damascus Rose Face Sunscreen, John Masters Organic Rose and Aloe Hydrating Mist 4

Willowherb Extract is an amazing alternative to using hydrocortisone which can be stripping to the skin. Willowherb naturally helps soothe, heal, calm and is a natural anti-inflammatory.
TRY: Aubrey Organics Natural Sun SPF 26, Lotus Moon Skin Care Willowherb Serum
Rose extracts are soothing, nurturing and balancing to the skin.
TRY: REN Clean Skin Care Rosa Centifolia Foaming Cleanser, Dr. Hauschka Rose Day Crème


Kaolin Clay is the gentlest of all the clays suitable for all skin types even sensitive. While this is a gentle cleanser Kaolin Clay also brings circulation and blood flow to the skin. Also can be used to prevent breakouts, heal faster and disinfect blemishes.
TRY: REN Clean Skin Care ClearCalm 3 Clarifying Clay Cleanser, Lotus Moon Skin Care Living Sea Powder Masque, Suki Transformative Purifying Masque
Natural Calcium Bentonite (Green) Clay is my favorite clay but it can be a little harsh on sensitive skin types.
TRY: Aztec Indian Healing Clay Mask
Multi Fruit Acid are acids that exfoliate the skin while hydrating and increasing cell turnovers leaving skin feeling smooth and soft afterwards. People who are more prone to breakouts can benefit from doing a light fruit acid scrub/ peel once a week to every two weeks.
TRY: REN Clean Skin Care Resurfacing AHA Concentrate Serum, Pangea Egyptian Facial Scrub, Suki Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser

Makeup Bag: Model Sara Brajovic

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“In terms of makeup and clothes, I’m not into polished looks. I like off beat things in general and appreciate natural beauty and spontaneity. The idea of being perfectly groomed in NYC and in Paris, where I am born, are two very different concepts. I am very impressed with my American friends and their grooming techniques but I simply do not have the time or the nerves for it. For me, groomed does not mean looking perfect and spending hours to achieve this. It just means radiating something.

I think the world perceives les Parisiennes as nonchalant by which they probably mean that we appear as though we haven’t put too much effort into getting ready. This is probably true in some cases but not always. I think we do get ready, but we prefer to leave it a bit unfinished. The other day I went to pick up my friend from her house in Paris and on our way to an event I realized that I did not have any eyeliner or concealer with me. Surely she would have it, but she didn’t. She actually asked me for a hairband so she could pull her hair off of her face and then she wanted me to run my fingers through her dreadlocks to make her hair look less messy. I needed a hairband too, so neither of us used it! But we both looked fine and had a great evening, I was in a black jumpsuit and she was in a LBD [little black dress]. Our hair was a bit messy and neither of us had on full makeup.

I am quite ashamed of the little makeup that I do own, especially now that I am being featured on this blog. That is all the makeup I have in the picture!

I rarely have my hair blown out and wear no makeup during the day. I like to use David Mallet Hair Serum to achieve a blow dried look. I just twist bits of my hair around with my fingers. Takes 2 minutes and I don’t have to leave my house.

In the evenings for events I will go for a moisturizing mascara from Chantecaille, eyeliner or a red lip from Laura Mercier Scarlet Lip Stain. I like to use lip pencils from Rimmel- Lasting finish in Spice, Giorgio Armani Smooth Silk in Burnt Rose or Coffee, and Chanel Precision Lip Definer in Lilirose. I like lip pencils more than lipsticks as you can fully colour in your lips and achieve a look that won’t smudge and will last for hours, even when drinking or eating. The lips are pigmented and enhanced and you can play around with the shape!

I don’t pluck my eyebrows as I love big eyebrows and will occasionally color them in with a Givenchy Eyebrow Pencil #1. Like the 90’s eyebrow look, there is something quite glamorous about it. Think Cindy, Christy, Linda…

For eyeliner, I use Lancome Liquid Eyeliner in Black or a MAC brush with MAC Black Shadow or a Chanel eyeshadow and Chanel Khol Crayon. I like to define my eyes to achieve a feline look- my eyes are almond shaped and emphasizing them works for a very glam look. Some nights I wear liquid eyeliner, or I create shadows with a brush and eyeshadow. Other nights I use the Kohl Crayon smudged with a little Vaseline. As if I got out of the bed.

If I wear foundation it’s Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer. I only wear it at night and for a short period of time. I will literally rush home to wash it off so that my skin, so I can breathe with Dr Hauschka Almond Cleansing Cream. Do not like to keep any sort of foundation on my face for too long as it blocks the pores.

To nourish my lips, I use Baume de Rose by Terry nourishing lip balm and will once in a while use Philosophy Kiss Me Lip Exfoliator to get baby soft lips.I like to use Argan oil from the French brand Diar Argan and yes, wait for it, fish oil on my face after a night of makeup. My day cream is from Biologique Recherche VIP O2 Cream and I use the Balancing Exfoliator Lotion P50 that makes my skin shine. I also have 2 teaspoons of Flax Oil per day.

I drink lots of Evian water too. That must be a French thing. Water is so important to French women. I moisturize my skin from inside and also spray on lots of Avene Thermal Spring Water in spray format on my face, whether it is winter or summer.

I have a little Virgin Mary icon in my makeup bag for when I’m in the mood to pray and sometimes just holding it renews my energy. And the best advice I can give is to be in love, that is the best make up a woman will ever have.” — @SaraBrajovic


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Where have I been? Clearly, not in Asia where the women have already unlocked the secret to a near-perfect complexion. I’ve been hearing buzz about BB creams stateside for some time now — from blogs to glossies, everyone’s lusting over the first American import, Dr. Jart BB Cream, currently available in Water Fuse (oil-free) SPF 25 and Premium SPF 45.  Shamefully, I only recently tried it (bad me!)… but, now I can say without a doubt that this is the best new face product on the market. There you have it.

BB stands for Blemish Base but somehow, in it’s journey to the USA, the blemish base has been replaced with “Beauty Balm.” It’s like calling a tomato a tomaaaato… to each is own. In the states, they are marketing BB as a moisturizer with an anti-aging treatment serum and primer capabilities. In Korea, BB is considered a foundation that also moisturizes, helps fight aging and acts as a primer to even out skin tone and help control oil secretion. Tomato, tomaaaato. All that I care about is that BB is working for me.

Sadly, I wasn’t blessed with the “glowing” skin, flawless complexion gene. For those who sympathize, you’re going to want to buy BB asap.

Let’s start with the facts:

It is tinted (a beige that is meant to adjust to everyone’s skin tone but seems a little light for my medium complexion).
It moisturizes.
It contains SPF.
It helps to control oil and shine (much like a primer) – the oil-free formula is your best bet if you’re a t-zone shiner.
It evens out skin tone and redness (much like a foundation).
It is NOT full coverage (but it is a great “prep” for a tinted moisturizer or a foundation, depending on your coverage desires).
Regarding anti-aging, I have no real proof that it works to slow down the aging process but since it contains SPF and keeps skin hydrated, it definitely isn’t going to make you age any faster.

I’m using it as a “primer with benefits,” meaning I apply the BB over a light moisturizer (sometimes I skip the additional moisture all together because I can feel that BB is adding moisture to my skin) and then I use a tinted moisturizer of foundation over the BB. Then again, I like more coverage. I’m also super crazy when it comes to any redness or blemishes (who isn’t, right?). What I’ve noticed is that the BB does help my tinted moisturizer stay “fresh” longer and it definitely helps to even out the redness and fill in some of those pesky fine lines and large pores. But what really sets this cream apart from all others – besides functioning as 6+ products in one – is that it literally makes my skin glow like Gwynie or Angie or… [insert any celebrity with perfect red carpet glow here]. I’ve been getting quite a few compliments on my “healthy” complexion (little do they know, I’m eating bags of hershey’s kisses every night before bed! – Let’s keep that between us).

My one grievance is that – as I mentioned above – the tinted color is too light and milky for my skin tone. I fix the color mishap by applying my tinted moisturizer, foundation, and/or bronzer on top, but I *wish* that the BB’s would come in different shades. Let us not forget that the human race is comprised of hundreds of thousand different skin tones.

Word on the beauty street is that BB creams in Korea do come in several shades so I’m assuming we’ll get a few more colors to choose from come next year…

PRICE: $32.00 for Water Fuse, Oil-Free; $39.00 for Premium

Are you BB-ing it up? If so, tell us your thoughts!

Body: The Seaweed Bath Co

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Everyone knows how obsessed I am with my bath time. It’s 30 minutes out of my day where I can relax and unwind in silence – no emails, no texts, no Instagrams (my current obsession).

You can imagine my excitement when learning of the fabulous all-natural product line from the Seaweed Bath Co. With natural seaweed powder baths, detox baths, butters, creams and body washes, the line covers everything body. And the coolest part is that every product is derived from seaweed! While I’m not a fan of eating seaweed (or sushi, I know crazy), I do love the effects of seaweed on the skin. It helps to fight dryness, flakiness and irritated skin. Perfect for winter!

About the company: “Adam Grossman, a long-time psoriasis sufferer, who created his seaweed-based cosmetic products to take control of his own irritated skin without the use of prescribed medications or harsh chemicals.”

Full disclosure: I don’t suffer from psoriasis but I do love myself a product that leaves my skin smooth, glowing and healthy. I tried the Seaweed Detox ($14.89) and Seaweed Body Wash ($16.89). Both were beyond amazing. The entire range comes in delicious scents including citrus, peppermint and lavender (+ unscented). With the faintest smell of seaweed, the products reminded me of a leisure swim in the ocean (although, in this case, it was more like a tight float in my bath).

The detox was my absolute fav. Like a mini spa procedure in the comfort of my own bathroom. After pouring the powder into a running bath and letting it settle, I submerged into a wonderfully intoxicating detox. Yes, even the healthiest of us need a body detox every now and again.

The result: Absolutely lust-worthy skin.

And all of the products are natural… One step closer to an all-natural/ organic beauty regimen! Score!


Skin: An Important Message From Tata Harper

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I had the privilege of receiving a mini facial by Tata Harper herself!!! (swoon) The facial was fabulous (my skin radiated the entire weekend) and, obviously, the all-natural products are  amazing. Needless to say, I’m a huge fan of both the person and the range.

Tata is a fascinating person. She grew up in Colombia (love!), moved to the states and settled in Vermont (on a farm because it reminded her of childhood). She started her eponymous skin care line after finding out that her step-father had cancer. The doctor told the family that the skin – the largest organ of the body – ingests everything you put on it.

It makes total sense. Think about it: just like how what you eat effects your insides, so does what you use on the outside. All of the chemicals from makeup, skin care, hair care, and body care are absorbed by the skin and immediately enter the bloodstream. This got me thinking — I have put chemicals on my skin and hair ever since I was a child! WTF?

I left the facial with glowing skin and a serious dilemma. Have my beauty practices jeopardized my health? While I am most certainly interested in organic and natural skin care, I still use a chemical based product every now and again.

(Tata applying her Resurfacing Mask onto me – love the cooling gel consistency and LOVE the way it made my face glow afterwards).

Ever since I can remember, I have been a product hoarder. I used to bribe my friends with money just so that I could give them facials. Every holiday season, I’d ask “Santa” for a caboodle filled with beauty products, one with skin care, one with nail products, and one with makeup. I’d go from being a facialist to a makeup artist to a manicurist (although I soon tired of the manicures as I’m not a fan of other people’s feet and I’m too lazy to paint nails). Before the organic/ natural craze, I must have used gallons of chemicals on my skin, body and hair (and that of my unassuming friends!).

Well, not anymore.

As they say, knowledge is power. I can’t change the past, but moving forward, I can most certainly change my beauty practices. While I won’t guarantee an all-natural beauty regimen, I am definitely going to be more cautious as to what I put on my skin, in my hair and on my body. I have already removed sulfates and parabens from my hair care routine and I use a majority of all-natural skin and body products. Makeup is tough – I’m having a hard time letting go of my must-have mascaras and those fabulously glossy lippies – but I am easing into a more natural approach.

To further my dedication to an all-natural and organic shift, I will write one post a week reviewing a natural/ organic product. I hope that you, too, will join me in exploring these natural alternatives.

Thank you, Tata, for sharing your story and inspiring me to change. One product at a time…

Tell me, what is your favorite natural/ organic product? 

Please share your picks!

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