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DIY: Scrubs From Actress Kelly Kruger

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*this post and it’s content reflect the words and opinions of the guest editor.

I recently started making my own body scrubs. This came about after I looked around at my products (I am after all a product whore!) and realized how much money I spend on crap! Sure, some of it is amazing but a lot of it contains all kind of stuff that is not necessarily great for you or your skin. I realized that the most natural, effective, beneficial ingredients were right in my kitchen! And soooooo easy to throw together!

Here are a few of my favorite DIY scrubs:

Coffee Scrub: This one is perfect to use in the morning to wake up and get you going. The caffeine is great for circulation and preventing cellulite. The peppermint is refreshing and promotes circulation, and the almond oil is very moisturizing and makes the skin so soft!

Warning: This one is super messy so be prepared to clean your shower after!

I don’t use exact measurements, I use my eye but I suggest only making a few days at a time. If you store it in the refrigerator, it will last longer.

Mix about 2 scoops of coffee grinds, sweet almond oil and few drops of peppermint oil in a bowl or container (I use tupperware). It’s strong, so start with a little and build up If you want more. Mix it together with a spoon and it’s ready to go.

Sugar Scrub: I love this one!

Mix some brown sugar with olive oil and coconut oil. How much brown sugar you use will depend on how much scrub you want to make. This one smells so good and it’s extremely moisturizing as it exfoliates. You can also add some vanilla extract for fragrance if you want. Again, a little goes a long way!

Try raw sugar for a stronger a scrub (but it won’t smell as good).

Salt Scrub: I don’t use this one as much as the other two. It’s great and exfoliates well, but salt is a bit harsh and can dry the skin so it just depends on your skin type.

I use himalayan pink sea salt. You can buy ground salt which is finer or the regular rocks. Mix with olive oil and a bit of coconut oil. You can even use sweet almond oil, too. Play around with this one until you find the texture and scent of your choice.

My last tip is to use exfoliating gloves with olive oil while in the shower. Your skin will feel amazing after.

*About the guest editor: Actress Kelly Kruger(Entourage,Young And the Restless, Blue Mountain State) discovered her love for beauty products while on movie and tv sets, working with different makeup artists and hair stylists. She developed a very strong addiction to buying beauty products often being labelled a “product whore” by friends and loved ones. In her spare time, you will most likely find Kelly at a beauty supply store feeding her addiction.

DIY: Foot Scrubs

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Feet are in full fashion come summer. If you’re not flaunting your feet in sandals, then chances are you’re walking around the beach barefoot.

So, you’ll want to have flawless feet. Not a hair (yuck) or a dry skin misplaced.

I searched my files for my favorite Do It Yourself foot scrubs (+ a great one to buy when in a rush and/ or not the ingredient-mixing type of girl). Here are my top 5:

1 – Strawberry Foot Scrub


8-10 strawberries
2 tablespoons Apricot oil (you may substitute with olive oil
1 teaspoon of coarse salt, such as Kosher salt, or Sea Salt

Mix all ingredients into a paste, massage into feet, rinse and pat dry


2 – Honey & Almond Foot Scrub


Honey Almond Foot Scrub Recipe
3 tablespoons honey
1 tablespoon brown sugar
3 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
11 almonds (1/2 oz.)
Juice of ¼ lemon

Grind almonds into a fine meal in a blender or food processor. Mix almonds, olive oil, honey, brown sugar, and juice of lemon. Rub onto feet and massage, then rinse off. Makes enough for a single foot scrub application.


3 – Salt Foot Scrub


1 cup of sea salt or Epsom salt
1/2 cup of cold water
2 drops of lavender essential oil

Start off by gradually adding water to salt and lavender oil
As you are adding it, you want to make sure the mix starts looking like a paste. It has to be not too liquid and not too solid, it should be like soft though otherwise it will run between your fingers
Rub your feet and soles in circular motion
Rinse off with warm water.


4 –  Natural Lemony Mint Foot Scrub


Lemon softens and brightens your dull-looking feet while mint cools and refreshes tired feet.
1 lemon
2 tablespoons sugar
1 tablespoon sweet almond oil
15 fresh mint leaves, chopped
2-3 drops lemon essential oil

Slice the lemon into small pieces. Place them in a blender and form a pulp. Remove and then add sugar, almond oil, mint leaves and lemon essential oil.


5 – Store Bought!

Aromafloria For Feet’s Sake Foot Scrub Tube – A paraben-free, lemon-scented foot scrub that is both refreshing and exfoliating as it removes dry skin leaving legs and feet happy and soft! PRICE TAG: $11.99


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In middle school I began using a certain apricot facial exfoliator (I think it’s become a rite of passage) and with it my love of scrubs began. Now I seem to have a scrub for everything: for my face Arcona Cranberry Gommage, for body Fleur de France lavender salt scrub and Korres Watermelon Body Scrub without salt for self tanner prep (FYI, salt strips skin and leads to streaking). Recently I learned about scalp scrubs. I had no idea. The Sugar and Fig Scalp Massage Scrub from Bain de Terre and were getting great reviews. They sounded fabulous in theory but wouldn’t they be an oily mess? Wouldn’t they leave my hair gritty? I picked up a box of the Bain de Terre and decided to find out for myself.

The summer heat combined with time spent in the pool has not been kind to my scalp. I was so eager to try it I decided to ignore the rather ridiculous pink line on my scalp where I got a little sunburned the day before (from now on, the California Baby SPF stick is for my hairline too). Opening one of the applicator tubes (each box contains four) I was a bit worried that the oils in the sugar scrub would be a disaster and I would be washing it out for days. Instead it was fabulous.

After wetting hair, you apply it to the scalp in sections like hair dye. The sugar scrub is self-heating and the texture fine and nonabrasive. The fig scent was light and sweet and I could see the oils absorbing into my scalp and roots. Prepared to shampoo more than once to get the product out, I couldn’t believe that with one shampoo all oiliness and sugar was gone. My hair looked shinier and my scalp clean. I only wish the tubes were a bit smaller. I have just below shoulder length hair and I used just half a tube. You can either use the rest as body scrub, which some do, or put the tube in a Ziploc bag to keep it from drying out.

Safe for color treated hair, Bain de Terre uses pesticide free botanicals in their entire line and the sugar scrub is ideal for all hair types from oily to dry. Check out their whole line of hair therapies here. xo a.

Bliss Newest Fall Scent

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We mentioned Philosophy’s newest Fall scent – sweet Caramel Apple (click HERE for recap), and now we’ve discovered Bliss’ new Fall scent in the beauty of a scrub:

Bliss Blood Orange + White Pepper!

At times sweet (like that of an orange – or to us, a grapefruit), and yet within the very next whiff, somehow spicy (thanks to the white pepper), Bliss’ newest scent is both vibrant and relaxing: it was inspired by a cocktail the Bliss scent specialist sipped! The scent was chosen as the winning fragrance in the Bliss 2008 ‘eau’-lection – by Bliss customers (40,000 in total).

The sugar scrub is gentle enough for everyday use, but special enough for a calming soak in the tub. It foams (yay – that’s our favorite part) while tiny sugar granules offer a deeper cleanse – exfoliating dry, dead skin. It’s a two-for-one, really – a wash and polish in one massive jug! The consistency is that of battered cake mix – thick and soft!

Why is this a great Fall scrub, you ask? Well, it’s not tropical like many of the summer scents, but it’s not musky like too many winter fragrances, either. It’s the perfect combination of summer and winter – it’s Fall in a jar!

The Blood Orange + White Pepper also comes in a bath and shower gel, a body butter (our next must-try) and a foot scrub!

Sugar Scrub PRICE TAG: $36.00 for 11.6 oz.

5 Favorite Drugstore Scrubbies For Under 10 Bucks

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I’m starting a new section of this blog – DRUGSTORE FINDS! With the economy in a rut and money a tad tight, I thought it would be great to uncover and expose some less-expensive, but just as fabulous, drugstore lemmings…

Anyone who is an avid reader of this blog knows how much I love a great body scrub! I’ve decided to compile a list (ever-changing, of course) of my 5 favorite drugstore scrubs for 10 dollars or under (and trust me, even in this trying economy, it’s pretty hard to find a scrub – let alone a gallon of gas – for under 10 bucks!)…

Here it goes (in no particular order of favoriteness):

Neutrogena Energizing Sugar Body Scrub
– Sugar exfoliates dry, dull, flakey skin while botanical oils leave skin soft and smooth (don’t be freaked if you’re left with a “shiny residue. ” It’s just oils still needing to absorb) . The consistancy is like cake batter, rich yet still maluable (with sugar everywhere!). This is a legit scrub that gets down and dirty ridding the body of all unecessary, dead skin (perfect pre-date – leaves skin begging to be touched!). The intoxifying citrus scent – like an orange married to a lemon – wakes up your mind and body. This product gives good scrub (and looks rather sexxxy perched atop your tub)! $9.98

– (click HERE for the full rave) 17 oz of pure scrubbing bliss – and it foams (we love us some good foaming action)! This is the perfect shower exfoliator as it comes with a flip top which makes for easy standing-up application (no gnarly screw-off tops). Apricot seeds give your skin the exfoliation while aloe vera soothes and glycerin cleans. I live for the Vanilla Citrus and Rosemary Mint scents but it also comes in Verbena (which I have yet to try). The best part (besides the natural ingredients) is the price – only $5.99!

Dove Gentle Exfoliating Beauty Body Wash – Like all Dove products, this exfoliating body wash is ultra creamy and incredibly moisturizing. It’s a gentle scrub, great for all the girlies with sensitive skin, and for everyone else looking for a mild exfoliator for everday use. Ultra-fine exfoliants get rid of the dull skin while the creamy base moisturizes for a smooth, all-day hydration. It smells clean and fresh, lathers like an actual body wash, and it’s perfect for the shower thanks to the efficient flip-top action it’s got going on! We love the way our skin glows after using it but even better is the price – a mere $4.75!

Boots Mediterranean Body Scrub Almond, Pistachio & Olive – (click HERE for the complete rave) A gigantic 13.5 oz tub of Britain’s favorite bath and body line… Walnut shells and apricot seeds exfoliate dead skin while organic sweet almond oil, organic olive oil and pistachio oil leave skin feeling soft, nourished and moisturized. The sweet almond aroma is simply delicious yet not overbearing or fragrantly sweet. It has a jello-like consistency and the exfoliating granules are mixed into a cream base (so it is ultra moisturizing). $9.99

Olay Body Thermal Pedicure – a self-heating foot scrub that relaxes and soothes after a hard day (it heats on contact – so cool). Also gets down and dirty on those nasty callouses and exfoliates with Bora Bora white sand, pumice, and micro-crystals. It left our feet feeling soft, smooth and thoroughly refreshed! No more Hammer-time feetsies here! $9.99

Have a favorite scrub for under 10 dollars? Let us know!

Tocca Does the Summer Scrub

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I’ve been hearing some major buzz about Tocca’s Body Scrub so, naturally, I had to try it out. And if you’re a daily reader of this site, you know that I love me a good scrub! In my opinion, there’s nothing more relaxing then a hot bath and a rich scrub.

Well, girlies, Tocca’s Rich Body Polish is everything I could ever ask for in a scrub – pleasently fragrant, moisturizing, calming, and, most importantly, it gets the “sloughing of dead skin cells” job done fantastically!

I tried the Stella Scented Body Polish and everything about this scrub is elegant: from the outer box – baby yellow and gold – to the fragrance – blood orange – Stella scores major points! It’s gentle but effective, refreshing but still relaxing.

A word (or several…) from the company:
“This gentle, moisturizing body scrub contains crushed olive granules to delicately exfoliate dry skin. Rich in natural oils, Tocca’s luxurious formula boasts the emollient and healing properties of Italian olive oil, safflower oil and grape seed oil that leave the skin feeling soft, supple and delicately scented of sweet Italian blood orange.”

Let’s digress for just a moment and discuss the scent. Stella, or blood orange, is a great alternative to the tropical summer fragrances. It’s still very summery and breezy, but it has more of a deep citrus aroma (kind of reminds us of the love child of an orange and a freshly-picked flower). The website states that the scent is “blood orange and spicy lily. A flirtatious combination of white freesia, wild diamond orchids, sheer musk and sandalwood.” Delicious!

The Stella scent also comes in a Body Wash, Body Lotion, Body Cream, Soap, and Solid Perfume (another favorite because of it’s portable abilities – and who doesn’t need a fresh scented pick-me-up while out and about?!).

So, if you’re in the market for a new summer scent AND you love scrubs just as much as me, then you must try this irresistible Body Polish…. your body will thank you!
PRICE TAG: $54.00 for 16 oz (that’s a massive jug!)

Product Body Does A Body Good

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I’ve just discovered the greatest new body care line… thankfully, just in time for Christmas!

Product Body is a handmade body line that uses the finest ingredients to ensure fresh delivery. They have tons of incredible products that sound like SO much fun (soft-solid body wash, chunks of bubble bath….), and, the websites pictures – let’s just say that I’ve never seen product images that actually make my mouth water, like in that growling stomach sorta way!

I tried 3 products: the Shea Butter Fresh & Double Whipped (with no fragrance), the Crush On You Ultra Plush Sugar Shea Scrubby Wash (in Pecan Praline with Sugar Sprinkles), and the Cream Shea Butter Infused (in Sweet Vanilla Mango).

Each product truly is as delicious as food. They look and smell divine and I’m slightly obsessed with the packaging. It’s simple, but so fun with tons of great scribbling all around. For example, the “tag line” on every product… You have one body. Make it a Product Body. Genius!

The double whipped shea butter sits next to my bed. I use it every night (and sometimes, multiple times throughout the night) on my hands, feet, elbows ans knees. It is the highest concentration of moisturizer that I can find.

The Scrubby wash (pictured, above left) looked like a cupcake with the red sprinkles infused into the product. And the pecan praline smell was literally good enough to eat! The company boasts that, “Crush On You is like nothing you’ve ever felt (unless you’ve run your hands through a bowl of extra moist sugar cookie batter)” and, well, it’s true. The consistency is quite remarkable. I kept using more and more because I was so in love with the texture!

And lastly, the Cream. The cream contains shea butter but it’s not as dense as the pure shea butter thus it is easily applied. And it’s super soothing, especially after coming home from my Cancun trip. I like to keep my moisturizers in the fridge for an optimal cooling effect and this Cream just won a spot up front!

I can’t wait to get my hands on the rest of the products… I’m thinking that the Ski Bomb Nuclear Powered Winter Balm is my next must-have. With a blend of shea, cocoa, macadamia and sal butters to moisturize, as well as beeswax for protection and a healthy dose of vitamin E, this balm is not only fun but very necessary for the cold weather!

So, take a look at the line, I promise that you’ll fall in love with the scrumptious pictures! CLICK HERE!

Best of Scrubs… DAY 7

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Our contest and review of the Best of Scrubs has come to an end. Of course, this doesn’t mean that we’re gonna stop scrubbing – or stop searching for other amazing body scrubs! Thanks to everyone who helped to make our Best of Scrubs possible!

Today’s scrub is: Rosemary Mint BAIN de~luxe Foaming Body Scrub

What it is: Apricot Seed, Aloe Vera & Vegetable Glycerin foaming body scrub (free of harsh detergents)
What it does: Encourages new skin growth. Removes surface impurities and dead skin. Meant for regular use.
Claim to fame: Exfoliant and body wash in one… it actually foams! Comes in four delicious fragrances including vanilla-citrus and lavender. BAIN de~luxe products are made with quality ingredients and sold for bargain prices (via hot find)!
What we like: 8.4 oz. for $3.99!!! That sort of price is virtually unheard of! 17 fl oz. for $5.99!!! The rosemary mint has a very soothing aroma, and the crushed apricot seeds make this scrub completely safe and effective for daily use. I like the foaming sensation as it does double cleaning duty – a soap like lather to wash the skin and seeds to scrub away dead cells! This is the perfect shower scrub as the flip top tube allows for easy (and quick) application. For folks who want to experience a spa-like scrub, but don’t wanna shell out loads of cash, this is the product for you!

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

Best of Scrubs… Day 6

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Only 2 more days left in our Best of Scrubs challenge! And let me tell you, my skin is so damn soft, it feels like a baby’s behind! I think I’ve just about scrubbed off the last 20 years of my life!

Anyway, today’s scrub is: Paradise Potions Sweet Body Smoothie Tropical Sugar Body Polish

What it is:
Hand-made with exotic shea butter, nourishing coconut oil and pure tropical sugar crystals.
What it does: Naturally brightens, softens, conditions and exfoliates your skin to perfection.
Claim to fame: With over 20 different fragrance choices, they’ve got a smell to suit everyone. And it’s not just a body scrub, the company swears it’s great for the face too! Plus, company president, Melba Clark, tells beauty banter, that it’s an incredible shaving cream (???) as well! “Wet legs……rub in SWEET BODY SMOOTHIE, Tropical Sugar Body Polish for about a minute and shave the scrub off…….yep, you heard me correctly, shave the scrub off and then rinse well for the worlds closest and silkiest shave,” says Melba. “Works fabulous on underarms and bikini area too!”
What we like: We LOVE the coconut macaroon scented scrub. It reminds us of another amazing body polish, oldy-but-goody, Pure Fiji’s Coconut Sugar Rub. Both scrubs are coconut-infused, and as my fellow beauty whores know, I adore coconut – the smell, the soothing and softening properties, even the milk! Because the sugar granules don’t irritate my skin and the scrub is infused with so many moisturizing ingredients (but not too many so that the sugar gets lost in massive amounts of oils), I’ve pretty much declared this scrub my everyday exfoliator! I never leave the shower greasy or red, but always step out smooth and radiant!

Rating: 9.75 out of 10

Best of Scrubs… DAY 5

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Today’s scrub is: Klean Apple Body Polish

What it is: A finely textured, pure unrefined Mexican cane sugar moisturizing scrub containing crushed orange peel
What it does: Energizes a tired body and mind with its zesty combo of apple and orange
Claim to fame: Klean products are made with the finest butters, oils and fragrances, utilizing natural and pure ingredients such as cocoa butter, toasted coconut, shea butter, macadamia nut oil, and green tea powder. They also combine random ingredients like coconut and chocolate, peppermint leaves and sea salt (CLICK HERE for an entire list of scrubs). All products are mixed by hand and you can actually suggest a custom blended fragrance!
What we like: Let’s start with the smell: Candy apple, absolutely delicious! And the orange peel that you can actually see reminds us of the company’s love for the natural. Each scrub is infused with a completely random natural ingredient that aids in giving you that perfect body polish! This is a definite bi-weekly scrub as the sugar bits are very thick and rough, sloughing away dead skin cells by the bucket load! But it works, and well! We can’t wait to test the rest of Klean’s body products!

Rating: 9 out of 10

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