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Trend: NYFW Fall 2012 Hair

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Runway hair is an interesting beast. On the one hand, the hair should be nondescript as to allow the clothes to take center stage. On the other hand, as all artist’s know too well, leave a stylist with a brush, a myriad of tools and a head of hair and you’re bound to get something extraordinary. New York’s Fall 2012 fashion week hair was quite timid and practical, however. The looks were focused on clean lines or texture, pony tails or feminine and down. While Spring 2012 was all about the greasy grunge hair, Fall 2012 is rounding out to be rather polished.

I asked Redken Creative Consultant, Guido Palau, who was responsible for keying the hair in shows like Alexander Wang, Marc Jacobs and Rag + Bone, for the top 3 trends to come off the runway. Here are the looks he believes will make it to fall 2012. “American Sensibility,” as Guido has dubbed the seasonal trend.

The Fall 2012 New York Runways saw casual, cool classic hairstyles updated with texture or new finishes.  “Women are drawn to a style that looks chic and doesn’t take a long time. This was reflected on the Fall 2012 runways and these styles are the ones that are very key- it’s about updating classics in new ways.” Guido said.

Pony TailsAs seen at Diesel, Marc by Marc Jacobs, P, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein

Wearable, effortless-chic styles have replaced meticulous updo’s, especially when paired with rich, luxurious clothes. Whether simple and sleek or with added volume or texture, a pony is something a girl could style herself, which is always something American women are looking for.

Downtown Texture As seen at Rag+Bone, Diesel, Alexander Wang, Reed Krakoff

It’s a very simple look, but the texture is key, especially when offsetting these rich, luxurious Amerian sportswear collections. It’s a very wearable hairstyle as well- straightforward and effortless, but a little disheveled- definitely very modern, very downtown.

Polished Perfection As seen at Victoria Beckham, Ralph Lauren, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Calvin Klein

A sleek look can go “school girl or sexy,” but the simplicity of a sleek, straight look highlights a collection and can also go easily from a day to a night style without much change, which is something else that appeals to American women.

Redken Nature’s Rescue: Hair Rescue

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You know that the anti-sulfate, anti-paraben kick is in full effect when hair powerhouse Redken decides to launch their very own sulfate, paraben and silicone free haircare range…

Yep, that’s right. Redken has just come out with Nature’s Rescue, an alternative to the countless other products they have in their vault to combat every hair concern you can think of. Only, in this case, the line is formulated sans sulfats, parabens and silicones!

I’ll say it again — if you have yet to jump on the no-sulfate-bandwagon — the time is NOW (for a recap on why sulfates suck, click here).

Redken is positioning this new line as a weekly escape from your daily haircare routine touting the shampoo as a “Detox” shampoo, but, of course, you can use it on a daily basis (as I’ve been doing).

A word (or several…) from the company:
“Formulas with water-fresh fragrances, cooling sensations and ocean-inspired textures provide the perfect balance of moisture. Suitable for all hair types. Alternate with your regular haircare regimen or use daily to detox, replenish and experience an instant ocean escape!”

The range includes the Refreshing Detox Shampoo, Refining Sea Polish, Cooling Deep Conditioner and Radiant Sea Spray — notice the ocean theme. I’ve only tried the Detox Shampoo and the Deep Conditioner and I am very impressed with the results of both. The shampoo cleans without stripping, although it doesn’t lather as much as I like but it still does it’s job – and the conditioner is like a mask, I leave it on for a few minutes before rinsing off. I allow my hair to dry naturally and it does so tangle-free with ever the slightest bit of wave (like getting out of ocean water).

In summation, pleasantly surprised at Redken’s dive into au naturel…


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I love me a good tip. A good hair tip… priceless. Sam Villa, founding partner of the Sam Villa® brand and Education Artistic Director for Redken 5th Avenue, dishes on some of his very exclusive tricks of the trade.

All things haircare —

·    To prevent frizz, reach for an old tee shirt instead of a fluffy towel to thoroughly squeeze out the excess moisture without roughing up the cuticle.
·    Detangle hair by working from the bottom up.
·    Product is a necessity. Use mousse for volume, lotion for hair that’s smooth and touchable or gel for lift and definition.
·    A boar-bristle brush will distribute the natural oils throughout the hair and give a smooth finish.
·    Stand up, because your body will have more flexibility than when you’re sitting down.
·    If you work with a round brush, section off the hair and start at the bottom. Between sections, put down the blowdryer so you have both hands to get the hair on the brush.
·    If your hair is color-treated, set your thermal tools on medium to keep the cuticle closed and maintain the color longer.

Naturally curly hair has special requirements:
·    Comb out hair with a large-tooth comb.
·    Before using a mousse or gel, apply a leave-in conditioner.
·    To maintain the curl, clamp hair with clips at the base to provide lift; then let hair dry naturally or use a diffuser to dry it.

“The last thing I recommend to clients is that if they’re having a “bad hair day,” just start over! Spritz the hair with a water bottle and adjust the top surface. Investing just a few minutes will turn things around to have a great hair day,” states Villa.

Fall HAIR Color Trends

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Tracey Cunningham, arguably the most famous colorist in Hollywood (she’s dyed the manes of celebs like Cameron Diaz, Lindsay Lohan and Jennifer Lopez) and Redken Creative Consultant for Color, is dishing on fall color trends for every hair hue. We also asked Tracey to give us the 411 on our personal prediction for fall: lowlights. Naturally, she obliged.

Mega Trend: Cooler Tones

“When summer comes to a close, I plan to cool my clients’ shades down this fall/winter season with Redken’s new Color Gels Ash Blue creating sophisticated, cool shades. A color is said to have “cool tones” if it tends toward blue or violet, such as platinum blondes, ash browns, and plum reds.”

Trend #1: Brunettes

“Brunettes will go to a whole new level this fall/winter with an overall cooler base. Think Fergie’s shade; her lighter highlights really show through her dark, chestnut base making her haircolor look so flawless and effortless.”


Trend #2: Blondes

“Blondes will be blonde this fall – think Drew Barrymore’s cool, nearly platinum blonde shade for this inspiration. Client’s can often be concerned with the cost to achieve and keep the perfect shade of blonde, but I find that women cut back in other areas rather than haircolor as it’s one of a consumers’ most prominent and most seen everyday accessory!”


Trend #3: Redheads

“I brought Lindsay (Lohan) back to her original roots as a true redhead. This fall/winter, redheads will be more sophisticated, and playful with their beautiful shade, with deep red tones and a few cool, blonde highlights throughout to enhance the red even more.”


Trend #4 Lowlights

“Lowlights will be trendy in the upcoming seasons. Many of us are familiar with highlights which lightens the hair 2 shades lighter, lowlights are the opposite. They darkens the hair 2 shades darker than the natural color. It usually isn’t as dramatic as a highlighted look and can help blend with your natural locks. With many of my clients darkening their shade for the Fall, you will see a lot of lowlight looks on the red carpet.”

*originally published by Sarah Howard on Hollywoodlife.com


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Here are some fab tips and tricks from Redken Session Stylist, Noah Hatton, who was inspired by the hottest hairstyles seen on the runways and at celeb award shows:

Sweeping Braid

YOU SAW IT ON: Jennifer Aniston, Lauren Conrad

Hatton suggests duplicating Aniston’s look by first creating a low side-part. Then, pull a two-inch front hair section away from the larger side of the part and separate from the rest of the head – this will be the hair included in the braid. Begin French braiding this piece right along the forehead hairline, stopping two to three inches from top of the ear. Secure with bobby pins, or a hair clip for an added accessory element.

Side Ponytail

YOU SAW IT ON: Carrie Underwood, Nicole Richie, Jessica Simpson

“A ponytail secured on the side of the head is easy and is always in.” says Hatton. Begin by creating a deep side part on either side of the head. Prep by spritzing fabricate 03 heat active texturizer on dry hair and blow-dry the product through. The use of product will add extra texture to the tail resting on the shoulder. Gather all of the hair in a low ponytail on the opposite side of the part, just below the earlobe and secure with elastic. Make sure the end of the ponytail falls over the shoulder so you can see the ends of the ponytail from the front. “For an added variation, don’t pull the end of the ponytail all the way through the last loop. Stop midway. This creates a loose, deconstructed bun – we see this look sported quite often on the runways at Fashion Week,” Hatton explains.

Beachy Waves

YOU SAW IT ON: Ashley Tisdale, Kate Hudson, Blake Lively

Here’s a great trick to create natural waves in a flash: take dry hair and spritz a bit of curl force 17 texturizing spray-gel, “It’s a trick we used on a photo shoot at the beach when the power ran out,” notes Hatton. “This product allows the hair to keep the curl easier and helps it coil naturally.” Then spritz workforce 09 flexible volumizing spray all over and separate your hair into four sections. Start twisting one piece until it coils in on itself and secure with several bobby pins. Do the same with the three other sections, making sure to twist in the same direction each time to create a consistent, natural-looking smooth wave. Leave coils pinned for 20 minutes while picking out your outfit or putting on your makeup. Before heading out the door, remove the bobby pins and shake out the waves, and finish with outshine 01 anti-frizz polishing milk to tame frizz and add shine.

What ‘do will you be sporting come fall?

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