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Summer Hair Repair

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I find that my scalp becomes excessively more oily yet my hair more dry during the summer season. I chalk this up to humidity and product build-up (scalp oiliness) mixed with sun and salt water (dry ends) – a deathly combination for your strands. So, every Sunday night, I like to do a little Rx on my hair and scalp.

I start with a – one that removes excess oil and product build-up. Pureology makes my current favorite as it is sulfate-free and does a fantastic job of removing all unwanted guck and grease due to the unbearable humidity.

Then to take care of the dryness that is destroying my ends, I like to do a hair mask immediately following the . I think of it as a purging of all product build-up and then a replenishment of all lost moisture. I use Pureology’s Hydra Cure Intense Moisture Hair Masque on my ends only and let it settle in for about ten minutes. This is the perfect time to shave my legs (the most lothesome of all beauty traditions!) or, perhaps, use a face mask. Then I rinse and let my hair air dry while I sleep, waking up to beautifully clean, refreshed and rehydrated hair.

The combination of a strong wash and hydration offers the perfect antidote to summer’s offensive weather and the toll it takes on your lovely locks.

Keep them healthy with a little Sunday night hair repair. The rest of the week’s going to be a killer. And Sunday night you’ll have to do it all over again.

PRICE TAG: shampoo – $25.00 / mask – $34.95

Get the Looks: 3 Hair Trends From The Oscars

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Want easy Oscar hair? I’m personally loving the Sandra Bullock sleek style. Here, Pureology PureArtists Natasha Sunshine, Sherilynn Smart, Darren Pena, April Webster and Mary Katherine Hecht give their top three hair trends of the Academy Awards and how to achieve these looks:

The Classic Bun as seen on Zoe Saldana and Nicole Richie

1. Blow hair dry from hairline towards the back of the head.
2. Create a horseshoe section from recession to the crown to the recession. Clip away neatly.
3. Secure the remaining hair in a smooth ponytail in the center back.
4. Smooth sides and work all the way through the end of the tail.
5. Form a bun with the tail by wrapping it around the base of the ponytail until you run out of hair. Secure with bobby pins.
6. Gently lace the top section and then smooth the surface towards the existing bun.
7. Pinch the hair, then twist and secure with a bobby pin.
8. Tuck the ends up under the bun, secure with bobby pins.
9. Finish with GlossingMist for shine and InChargePlus for hold.

The Romantic Knot as seen on Demi Moore

1. Gently finger rake the hair into a loose ponytail to lower left back.
2. Secure with an elastic
3. Wrap hair around your hand and create a slip knot and secure with bobby pin at hairline
4. Finish with GlossingMist Shine Spray for shine and InChargePlus FirmFinishing Spray for hold.

Smooth, Soft Waves as seen on Sandra Bullock, Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz

1. Blowdry smooth
2. Section a circle encompassing the high point of the head to right below the crown. Clip away neatly.
3. Create a left side part at the high point of the brow towards the high point of the head
4. Apply TextureTwist to the sides using a soft brush to smooth hair and pin both sides to center back using bobby pins.
5. Using a tail brush starting at the base of the circle, lace with one inch partings creating a cushion and volume.
6. Smooth with soft brush over the pinned section.
7. Finish with GlossingMist Shine Spray and InChargePlus Firm FinishingSpray for hold.

Pureology: Essential Repair – Bye Bye Split Ends

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Pureology’s EssentialRepair is the newest treatment products available by the organic, sulfate-free color-care hair line.

“Over 57 % of U.S. women suffer from split ends, dryness, breakage, and/ or frizz.” explains Sean Harrington, Senior Director of U.S. Marketing for Pureology. “EssentialRepair brings together sophisticated technology to deliver consistently flawless results while maximizing color-retention. The unique ingredients of biotin and soymilk strengthen and fortify hair, seal split ends and help prevent against future damage leaving hair healthy and color brilliant.”

The products include:

EssentialRepair Shampoo
EssentialRepair Conditioner
EssentialRepair Split End Correcting Treatment **Beauty Banter Fave**
EssentialRepair Colour Max
EssentialRepair Instant Repair
EssentialRepair Restorative Hair Masque

Soymilk – Reconstructs and nourishes from the inside out.
Biotin -Fortifies weakened areas and renews strength.

Chamomile – Infuses hair with healthy shine.
Olive Oil – Nurtures to restore softness and manageability.

Their unique ingredients and quality products make Pureology one of my all time favorite hair care lines. I live for the Purify shampoo (great healthy way to rid your hair of buildup) and the In Charge Finishing Spray could rival Sebastian’s coveted Body Double hair spray.

So, if you are one of the 57 % suffering from split ends (and whose hair couldn’t benefit from a bit more health?), buy up this line asap. You’re hair will love you forever.

MUST-TRY PRODUCT: EssentialRepair Split End Correcting Treatment. “Intensively nourish distressed hair and help seal split ends while protecting colour vibrancy. This reparative leave-in treatment delivers deeply penetrating protein-rich soymilk and pure biotin for extra fortification, thermal protection and defense against damage.” It comes in a pump applicator so just pump out a dollop onto hands, mix together and apply on damp hair to lock and seal the ends. My hair was left feeling soft and looking nourished!

PRICE TAG: $40.00 for 3.2 oz

Calling All Sud Addicts

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As shameful as it may be, I have become a victim of flat, lifeless hair. I partially blame the dry California climate, but it’s something else too… I have major buildup on my scalp (GASP!). It’s as if the shampoos aren’t entirely washing; like the soap is stuck on my scalp! And when you are being “weighed down” by a mass of unwanted gunk, obviously your hair is going to appear limp and lifeless… there’s just no volume if the volume doesn’t start at the roots (duh!).

Now, I want the buildup to go bye-bye, but I also want a sulfate-free shampoo (for a review on why sulfates suck, click HERE). But here’s the thing: most sulfate-free shampoos hardly sud (if at all). This is totally normal because the very ingredient that produces the suds IS sulfates, so removing sulfates removes the sud effect. This does not mean that your hair is not being cleaned properly, but if you’re like me, you’re a creature of habit. And habit leads us to believe that we need those suds for a good, solid, heavy duty cleanse.

Enter Pureology Purify Shampoo. The name says it all: it’s a deep wash, meant to remove excess buildup from the scalp. And Pureology washes plus the suds… and that’s the way I like (and need) my hair to be cleaned.

Of course, curiosity getting the best of me, I had to find out how Pureology is able to accomplish such a feet!

Here’s what PureArtist April Webster had to say:

“There are many “non-sulfate” shampoos available, many in health food stores. They are free from harsh salt based surfactants but they tend not to lather. Unfortunately, most Americans equate cleanliness with the amount of suds that they see. PureOlogy solves this problem by using surfactant derivatives made of corn, sugar and coconut. These are much gentler on the hair and scalp. Also, in PureOlogy’s NanoWorks Shampoo, the luxury ingredient of palm oil is added as an additional surfactant. You may not recognize these ingredients by their chemical names such as Sodium Cocyl Isethionate, Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate and several others; just know that they do not contain salt or salt derivatives.”

So, now I’ve merged my two desires: no more scalp buildup (lots of volume) and a sulfate-free shampoo that actually suds!

I love me some clean, volumized hair, sans the sulfates!

PureOlogy – Eliminates Dandruff AND Maintains Color

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Dandruff can effect anyone – even those with oily hair – it’s NOT just a dry scalp condition. And even though I don’t have an actual dandruff problem, I sometimes use anti-dandruff shampoos to help rid my scalp of product build-up. The result – a healthier, shinier, fuller head of hair.

But enough about me – this is really about treating dandruff… AND not compromising your great color (albeit unnatural color).

PureOlogy, one of my favorite haircare lines, has launched a shampoo and conditioner, DandruffScalpCure, that not only eliminates dandruff (and drama), it also maintains hair color (won’t strip color-treated hair)! It also contains certified organic botanicals…. Claps all around!!!

And for people like me, non-dandruff sufferers, it still works to make my hair shiny, healthy and full of body! I’ve been using it all week and I adore the way my hair looks and feels! Trust me, try it… you’ll be impressed!

Here’s what you get in PureOlogy’s DandruffScalpCure Shampoo and Conditioner:

  • Up to 2% Pyrithione Zinc – helps to fight the scalp scaling, itching and flaking associated with dandruff.
  • AntiFadeComplex®: Potent antioxidants and UVA/UVB sunscreens extend the life and vibrancy of colour while maximizing colour retention.
  • Exclusive ZeroSulfate formulas with sulfate-free, salt-free surfactants that gently cleanse while maximizing colour retention.
  • Certified Organic Botanicals: Certified Organic Botanicals of 3 types of anti-oxidant rich Mushrooms (Mannentake, Shiitake, Mucor Miehei) penetrate the hair shaft with high quality proteins and soothing anti-inflammatory properties to help restore hair to pristine condition.
  • Signature Aroma Therapy Essence: AromaTherapy blend of Rose, Plumeria, Sandalwood, Amber and Vanilla soothe the senses.
  • 100% Vegan, never tested on animals.

Good for your hair, good for the environment… great for summer!
Alas, we can fight dandruff, Global Warming and fading hair color all with one convenient bottle of shampoo!

PRICE TAG: Shampoo – $35.00 (10 oz. bottle)/ Conditioner – $35.00 (10 oz. bottle)
Available NOW!


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I spent the entire weekend in a salt water swimming pool (don’t ask… salt water pools are the rave in L.A.). Although salt water is great for the skin and, unlike chlorine, it doesn’t turn your hair green, it still does dry out my mane.

So, naturally, I needed a heavy-duty conditioner after my Sunday night wash.

I’ve used Pureology products before. I happen to really like their ColourMax system with the AnitFade Complex, great for color-treated hair, and the UVA/ UVB sun protection, great for summer.

And now I’ve discovered a new must-have. Pureology’s NANOWORKS Hair Masque. It too is equipped with the AnitFade Complex (to maintain color), and an Anti-Aging Complex, which restores hair to a more youthful condition. The mask is thick, but works quickly – only 5 minutes one to two times a week. It’s infused with a plethora of antioxidants like pomegranate and blueberry to restore and revitalize the hair shaft.

Summer hair is easily destroyed… sun, swim, ocean – all great for fun but bad for hair. Take precautions – a five minute masque a week could save your hair from permanent damage!!!

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