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Prescriptives Goes Mineral – Summer 2009

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The new mineral collection from Prescriptives is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! I had a chance to play around with the bronzer – cool 02 – and the gloss – amethyst 02 (you know how I heart a good Prescriptives gloss!) and I’m loving both products.

“Prescriptives is adding color to its mineral portfolio with the introduction of NEW Mineral Color for Face, Eyes and Lips. The purity and natural benefits of minerals are now offered in a vibrant color collection inspired by nature’s own minerals and gems. Its star ingredient is the R.E.C. (Radiance Emitting Crystals) complex — a unique combination of Amethyst, Rose Quartz and Calcite — so it absorbs light and delivers radiance and luminosity so skin appears to be “glowing from within.” Bright gems and minerals infused with vitamins create a look that is healthy, luminous and breathtaking.”

That’s right. These products apparently have actual gems in them (like Stila’s Pearl Shimmer glosses!) I’m feeling a semi-precious trend on the loose…

Here are the products:

Making Faces Mineral Kit (blush) ($37.50):
Warm Light/Medium
Warm Medium/Deep
Cool Light/Medium
Cool Medium/Deep

Making Eyes Mineral Kit (37.50):

Mineral Bronzer ($30.00):

Mineral Lip Gloss ($17.50):
Amber (Warm)
Sunstone (Warm)
Rose Quartz (Cool)
Amethyst (Cool)

All of the powders are fragrance, oil and talc free.

Here’s why I like them:

The bronzer gives skin a healthy, glowing sun-kissed color. A tad more red than gold, it’s a warmer tan than my cult favorite, Tarte Hotel Heiress. But it’s incredibly natural and is a great choice if you have a bit more pink to your actual tan (which I don’t because I have an olive complexion but I still dig the Native American Indian hued tan). The powder is soft, doesn’t streak and has a slight shimmer.

The Amethyst gloss is absolutely brilliant. It’s a gorge shade of pink with a splash of coral – but very, very sparkly and glossy. It turns my pout into a “come-hither” kissing machine – men’s eyes automatically gravitate to the shine. This is a perfect spring color.

I really want to try the blushes!

All products are available April 2009.

Prescriptives says U Pick (And A New Favorite Blush)

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Just in time for Spring… Prescriptives new U-Pick Collection let’s you customize your makeup. Pretty fun, right? YES! Choose your favorite eye and cheek shades to create your own, customized look. You can choose from a small, medium or large palette that can be refilled for infinite possibilities. It’s like falling in love with makeup all over again. How can you go wrong? (if you do, just pop out the color and upgrade to a new hue). The powders and shadows adhere via a magnetic strip so it’s incredibly easy to change them out.

I made a Spring palette with a beige gold (gold dust) and a deep brown shadows – complimentary colors, but nothing out of the ordinary. But it was the blush – Pink Horizon – that’s got me, well, blushing!

I’m on a quest, ladies. It’s almost Spring and my cheeks are begging for some extra special attention. Naturally, I was over the moon when I tried Pink Horizon and my cheeks screamed “amazing color!”

I’ve been wearing Pink Horizon for the past week straight and have received nothing but compliments. As we tend to go for a more tanned complexion come Spring, this pinkish/ apricot blush looks stunning against a golden hue. This color will definitely find a place in my overflowing makeup bag.

I’m still on the prowl for favorite Spring blushes, if you have any to suggest…

Prescriptives: Spring 2009

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As most of you know, I’m incredibly impressed with Prescriptives color line lately. I love, love, love their lippies and I find their products to be very wearable. The Spring collection is no exception. I’m digging the pink and peach color scheme and I am obsessed with the duo blushes — mix them together to create your perfect hue!

“In Bloom is a fresh collection of vivid and whimsical tones in a playful palette of sunflowers, marigolds, petunias and lilies. Eyes are soft in delicate neutrals with hints of bold orchid or lavender. Cheeks blush with a fresh pop of color in petal or peach tones. Lips are touched in sheer, glossy shades of zinnia, posy, tulip and tuberose.”

Here are the deets:

In Bloom Eye Color Duo
Sunflower **Beauty Banter fave**

In Bloom Cheek Color Duo
Warm **Beauty Banter fave**

Zinnia (Y/O)
Posy (R/O)
Tulip (R)
Tuberose (B/R)

What products will you be adding to your makeup arsenal?

All You Need Is Love (Or Prescriptives New Eye Cream)

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I’m really impressed with the recent roster of Prescriptives products. The lippies are to die (click here for a recap) and I’m slightly obsessed with the Winter Reflections All-Over Highlighter from the Holiday collection.

And now they’ve come out with a fab eye moisturizer (and you know how I loveeeee my eye creams!)! All You Need+ For Eyes is my current favorite product to protect and nourish the “windows to my soul.”

Sometimes I can’t decide – do I want the cooling effect of a gel or the deep moisture of a cream? With All You Need+ For Eyes, you get both. It’s like the hybrid of gel and cream… it moisturizes AND soothes – keeping eyes looking young and rested.

The cream-gel has the most amazing texture. It’s smooth and cool and never greasy or gooey. It’s not as heavy as a cream but it’s not as light as a gel – it’s somewhere in between. The skin around my eyes just soaks it right up and the area is left looking (and feeling) reinvigorated!

Here’s what the folks over at Prescriptives have to say about their new product:
“It’s a combination of vitamins, plant extracts and time-released ingredients work together to help eye area look younger, fresher and more rested… Helps reduce the appearance of dark circles, puffiness, lines and wrinkles; Provides 24-hour moisture to delicate eye area.”

Totally obsessed!

PRICE TAG: $29.50

Prescriptives: Holiday 2008

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MAC Holiday is all about Red. Now, Prescriptives takes sparkle to an entirely new level!

Aglow is Precriptives Holiday collection. The tagline: Soft. Sparkle. Shimmer. “The first frost. Sparkling, sunlit snow…” Sounds to me like the opening of a Danielle Steel novel! Loves it!

Kidding aside, the products really are beautiful and, most importantly, wearable! Aglow is all about soft elegance – lots of shimmer, kind of like tinsel on the Christmas tree – the more sparkle, the better! I love this collection because it defines what you already have. It’s pretty, not trendy or overly bold or uncomfortably loud.

If you are an avid reader of this blog, then you are well aware of my fondness (obsession) with Prescriptives’Colorscope Lip Gloss (if not, get educated! click HERE). Well, there are 4 new shades (insert golf claps here). I’m especially obsessing over Twinkling, a peachy, gold, shimmery hue.

The Winter Reflections Warm Eye Color Quad is also fabulous – 4 shimmery shades of brown to create a soft, smokey eye (pair it with Twinkling for a dramatic eye and a light lip). Also comes in cool colors.

Another fave, Winter Reflections All-Over Highlighter. The soft powder-pearls (in varying shades of pink and beige) enhance the face, adding sparkle and glow to cheekbones, brow bones, forehead, chest – any area that you want to highlight.

To view the entire line, click HERE. Available NOWWWWWWWW!


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A great gloss can make a gloomy day shine as bright as the sun! Prescriptives has been rocking the gloss department lately (remember the Colorscope lip glosses from this summer? Click HERE for a refresher!) and their newest installment does not disappoint!

Prescriptives LipShine
is like a hybrid between a matte lipstick and a sparkly lip gloss. It comes in a thin stick (convenient for clutch travel), adds a burst of color and a healthy dose of shine – but your pout isn’t overtaken by the shine factor. The lippies are rather moisturizing, never gooey, and application is smooth, silky and super easy!

My current color obsession is the Boysenberry, a light mauve-like hue with a glimmer of shimmer – but the other 11 colors are gorgeous too…

Here they are:

Vanilla Latte
Iced Coffee
Mocha Chill
Bellini Fizz
Strawberry Twist
Pink Smoothie
Raspberry Ice
Boysenberry **Beauty Banter Fave**
Black Cherry

Their names evoke such subtle thirst pangs, don’t you think?

PRICE TAG: $17.50

Prescriptives: Fall 2008

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Prescriptives Fall collection, aptly titled Daring, runs the color spectrum of saphire and amethyst to rich browns and warm rose. Again, it’s a very wearable collection and the products intertwine perfectly (Midnight and Plum Mascaras paired with Midnight and Plum Sparkle Eye Pencils…).

The Look:
“A textured on-trend color collection of sapphire and amethyst jewel tones, features an intriguing range of shades. Eyes take the spotlight with warm browns, rich sapphire and amethyst tones. Cheeks are natural in soft shades of cherry and pink. Lips are muted in subtle tones of champagne and rose. “

The Products:

Fall Dimensions Eye Color Quad – Limited Edition
Silver Lining, Purple Haze, Buttermilk, Brownie
Cobalt, Pongee, Relic, Malt Sparkle (pictured below) **Reminds us of MAC’s Fall Shadowy Lady Quad**
Orchid, Chiffon, Plum Smoke, Fig
Sparkling Rosé, Blue Moon, Black Tea, Rose Powder

Fall Dimensions for Cheeks and Eyes – Limited Edition **Beauty Banter Fave**
“Swirl all three complementary shades together or use any shade on the eyes for a luminous and custom effect.” Very versatile compact!

Sparkle Eye Pencil – Limited Edition
The Colors:
Midnight Sparks
Plum Sparks

Lash Envy Volumizing Mascara – Limited Edition Colors
The Colors:
Midnight **Reminds us of Smashbox Fall Bionic Mascara in Indigo Ink***

Colorscope Cheek Color
The Colors:
Pink Horizon
Cherry Blossom

To view the entire collection in more detail, click HERE. Available NOW!

What products are YOU dying to own??? Let us know…


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We just divulged our secrets on sweatproofing your scalp, and now we have some tips and products for sweatproofing your face!

First, you’ll need to start with a good, old-fashioned sunscreen (nobody wants wrinkles… and everyone knows that the summer sun is brutal for your skin’s youthful glow). We’re obsessed with It’s lightweight, oil-free, fast absorbing, waterproof and sweatproof (duh), non-shiny, dry to the touch (unlike old sunscreens that are creamy and cakey and leave a white residue that reeks of sunblock mishaps), and, best of all, this sunscreen protects against UVA AND UVB rays (insert YAY’s here)! We also love that it comes in a variety of SPF’s – 45, 55, and 70 (our protection of choice). Oh yeah, the price is pretty awesome too… $10.16 for 3.0 fl. oz.

Next, you’ll want to use a primer – something that control the inevitable summer oil and shine. Try Philosphy’s Never Let Them See You Shine. It reduces skin shine up to 55%, decreases appearances of pores up to 36%, and reduces sebum up to 49%! It also contains antioxidants to protect the skin from environmental hazards while still providing long-lasting oil and shine control. Bottom line – wear this primer and your face will definitely be sweatproofed! $20.00 for 1 oz. (but a little goes a loooong way!).

When it comes to cheek stains, Tarte Cosmetics takes the gold medal. Their classic, aptly named Tarte Cheek Stain swept into the hearts (and cheeks) of beauty addicts all across the world. The latest installment to their cheek stain empire is no exception: Natural Swirl Cheek Stain is “an all-natural version of Tarte’s award-winning cheek stain that swirls two universally flattering shades together.” Cheek stains are awesome because, unlike powder blushes, they go on and stay on… all day… no need to reapply! They literally stain your cheeks for a natural, flushed, pinkish glow that even the scorching heat can’t sweat off. The Natural Swirl is amazing not only because the color is so fierce and fresh, but also because Tarte is helping to save the world through its makeup!
“In keeping with Tarte’s eco-friendly efforts, they’ve partnered with Sambazon, creators of the Sustainable Açaí Project – an initiative to promote positive change in the Amazon Rainforest through forest conservation, improved living conditions and educational opportunities through the sustainable management of the Açaí Palm tree. Açai is an antioxidant-rich super fruit that helps fight free radicals, promotes cell regeneration, has known anti-inflammatory and skin softening properties and combats premature signs of aging.” We heart companies that provide us with beautiful products while helping to keep the world a beautiful place too! $28.00 for 1 0z. (apply sparingly… dab onto the apples of your cheeks and blot outwards).

Virtually every cosmetic company makes a waterproof mascara but how many can claim that the mascara will last 24 hours??? Well, Prescriptives Here To Stay 24-Hour Long Wear Mascara not only claims this, it also delivers the results! I literally couldn’t remove this mascara with merely soap and water!!! This is the must-have Summer mascara – perfect for swimming, sweating, sleeping (you know those nights when you just happen to “fall” asleep at your boyfriend’s house… you don’t actually want him to know that your lashes are really blonde, thin, and ultra short, do you?). This mascara never comes off, never smears, never runs! AND, it actually works wonders on the lashes. The wand is plastic (our fave) which means that it can really get deep into the lash line, lengthening the lashes and coating every inch of hair with dramatic blackness! The wand also does wonders to separate lashes, thus unclumping unfortunate mascara goo. Here To Stay is waterproof, smudge-proof, and sweat-proof! $19.50

A lip stain is crucial in sweaty, humid climates. The last thing a girl wants in a bleeding lip (and by bleeding we mean your lippy is bleeding into the cracks of your mouth… yuckness!). theBalm’s Stainiac Hint of Tint is the perfect lip stain that’ll rectify the bleeding lip problem (and keep your lips matte all day long). Sure, there are a ton of lip stains on the market, and you can even use a cheek stain on your lips as well, but this particular lip stain is one that EVERY makeup junkie should keep in her makeup bag year round. Not only is it great for summer – as the stain literally stays in place ALL DAY LONG – but it’s an obvious choice for Fall, Winter and Spring too! You see, if you apply a stain prior to applying another gloss or lippy, you not only enhance the color, you also secure the staying power of said lippy. Stainiac is sweatproof, food proof, drink proof and kiss proof. Just a dab allows for natural, flushed lips. A little more looks like you ate a bowl of cherries, maybe a lolipop. And yet, even more, and you’re lips are smoltering hot in that sexy, ravishing red sort of way. It’s all in the layering, ladies! Of course, this too can be used as a cheek stain. Just a dab on the apples of your cheeks and you’ll look like you’re blushing, au natural style! (NOTE: Stainiac is pure red, unlike Tarte’s Natural Swirl Cheek Stain which is way more on the peach/ pink side of the color spectrum). $14.00
And if you’re still feeling icky and sweaty, try using blotting papers… they really do work wonders to absorbs excess oil, rid the face of perspiration and diminish shine. are a handy on-the-go pick-me-up for shiny, sweaty mugs (a.k.a. faces). We like them because they wont remove your makeup and they fit nicely in your purse… amazing for nights out on the town (and G-d knows a crowded bar/ club can really get your sweat on)! And, of course, Clean and Clear has long been a skincare brand favorite for problem and acne prone skin types… so, we trust them! $5.29 for a pack of 50

We know it’s hot… and humid… and sickly sweaty… so, stay cool, stay calm, stay sweatproof, and, of course, stay beautiful!


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From Prescriptives Summer Collection comes an amazing lippy that is sure to pucker any pout!
Colorscope Lip Gloss in Stylish is the perfect mauve – lots of shine, zero sparkle – great for your Summer lips!

I’ve been wearing the color literally every day since I got it – it’s perfect for day, adding a hint of color and shine to your lips – and great for night – just layer over your favorite lipstick or pencil (I first apply MAC’s Sublime Culture Cremestick Liner all over my lips, then add Prescriptives gloss on top. The look: A burst of pink!).

I absolutely adore the consistency of this gloss – it’s shiny without being gooey. And the wand is like a mini lip brush with bristles, so that you can really reach into the corners of your lips, coating everything with color!

A word (or several…) from the company:
“A sophisticated and modern lip gloss that glides onto lips for a sheer sheen finish. Shine polymers create a glossy finish to complement the lustrous color. The ultra-smooth, lightweight texture always leaves lips feeling buttery-soft, moist and soothed, never sticky or tacky.”

Price Tag: $17.50 (comes in 8 shades)

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