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5 Tips To Protecting Your Hair In Winter

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Amina treatment specialist at the Pierre Michel Salon dishes on 5 tips to keep your hair healthy during the harsh reality of winter.

“The hair is like the skin we need to protect it more in winter especially if you have color of highlights,” says Amina.

1. Pre shampoo treatment – In winter we shed (lose hair), so exfoliate scalp and stop hair loss. Use a pre shampoo treatment for the change of season. Try JF Lazartigue and RepHair by Pierre Michel. These treatments penetrate the hair from the inside, injecting protein back into the hair shaft. Use 1 time a week.

2. Use products to protect hair from the weather. JF Lazartigue protective hair cream protects hair from harsh weather, especially the ends.

3. Stay away from too much heat – try rollers instead of blow drying or blow dry every other day. The heat damages the hair especially if you are not protecting your hair and in winter hair is already so sensitive.

4. Deep condition twice a week as well as the pre shampoo treatment. Try RepHair by Pierre Michel or Kerastase. Deap conditioners treat the cuticles, making hair soft and shiny.

5. Salon visits are key – trim the hair once every 4 weeks to get rid of dead ends and get a color gloss treatment (from a salon) instead of straight color because it is less harsh and still makes hair shiny in bleak weather.

Holiday Hair

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Here are some quick and easy holiday hair ideas from the fabulous folks over at the Pierre Michel Salon in NYC….

Trust in Thy Brush

“The best accessory for the holiday season is a hair brush! Forget the Mary Pickford sausage curls, the faux Farrah’s and the limp straight hair of yore! Soooo very tired looking! Put the curling and flat irons on the back shelf and get out the electric rollers.
Think Rita Hayworth under the mistletoe. Apply your favorite bodifing product after shampooing, dry hair as usual and roll your hair up as easy as one, two, three. Let the curlers cool while applying your make-up, donning your stockings, and zipping up that fabulous new holiday dress. Simply take the rollers out when cooled, throw your head over and BRUSH the DICKENS out of it! Throw your head back and smooth out the crown and you have the fastest, sexiest and most alluring party do of all! A light, flexible spray to the front hairline and your in for the night (and maybe the morning too!).
Or… use the same strategy for the fastest and simplest up-do around. After brushing, pull your hair into any number of loose or firm twists from the back of the scalp and secure with a dazzling jeweled clip or comb. Either are great ways to start or finish an evening!
–Gerry Leddy, who has tended the tresses of Cher, supermodel Iman, Cornelia Guest and Glenn Close.

Braids Be With You

“This is a quick and easy style for the holidays inspired by a Vera Wang show. After prepping the hair with mousse or volumizer (like angela cosmai), dry the hair with a big round brush, you can use hot rollers or curling iron, let it sit for 20 minutes then comb your hair to the side you prefer and start braiding very loose and voila (big regular braid)use rubber band that match your color to secure the braid when you are done braiding use some serum for shine (like bain de terre), then use your fingers gently to loosen the braid in order for you to achieve the messy look. This is a very modern look and again very easy. The final touch is a spritz of a very light hair spray (like Elnett by L’Oreal).”
–Moulay Yacoubi, who has worked with Paris Hilton, Gena Gershon, Gweneth Paltrow, Uma Thurman, Brooklyn Decker and Dylan Lauren.

You Do UpDo

Hair should be up for the holidays. The dresses are short and black and it’s about simple, imperfect “up-do styles”. A lot of accessories are out and on. Keep the hair off the neck to show off a necklace or earrings. Try a hair clip this season. Beautiful SMALL metallic tree branch-like “bobby pins” really modify the simple chignon. And braids are definitely in and are an accessory you already own. Make the classic chignon modern with a few braids going from your front hairline back or even wrapped around inside the chignon.
–Jerome Lordet, mane man to Bianca Jagger, Jessica Simpson, Rebecca Gayhart and Nick Lachey

How To: The Side Bun

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It’s always nice to have a go-to updo for those days – and nights – when your hair and you just aren’t getting along (i.e. no matter how hard you try to brush away that cowlick, it keeps rearing its ugly hairs in the wrong direction).

Here’s an easy, DIY updo that’s perfect for a lunch with friends or date night with that special someone. A celeb favorite, pictured here on Tori Spelling and Scarlet Johanson, the side bun (a.k.a. chignon) is fresh, flirty and super simple to achieve. It’ll take you about 7 minutes from start to finish.

Anthony Linzalone of the Pierre Michel Salon in NYC — who has tamed the tresses Calista Flockhart Cindy Crawford & Kim Alexis — offers these easy steps for creating the chic chignon:

1 – Start by parting dry hair to the side then securing at nape of neck into a side ponytail.

2 – Using a 1 1/2 inch curling iron, curl random pieces of the ponytail into large round curls.

3 – Lift curls and loosely secure them around the base of ponytail with bobby pins.

4 – Finish the look with a light spritz of hairspray to tame flyaways and on ponytail chignon to keep curls in place. TRY: Phyto Spray Laque Hair Spray ($18.00).

What Color Do You Die For?!

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Ludovic (colorist to the stars) at the Pierre Michel Salon in NYC dishes on the most sought-after hair colors…

For Blondes: Heidi Klum and Kate Moss

For Brunettes: Angelina Jolie

Most requested hair color ever…


Ludovic just colored my locks and the look I went for… Giselle… golden honey!

(this pic is taken in very dark lighting so it actually makes my color look darker then it is… I’ll try and post some better pics later!)

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