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Best of Scrubs… Day 6

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Only 2 more days left in our Best of Scrubs challenge! And let me tell you, my skin is so damn soft, it feels like a baby’s behind! I think I’ve just about scrubbed off the last 20 years of my life!

Anyway, today’s scrub is: Paradise Potions Sweet Body Smoothie Tropical Sugar Body Polish

What it is:
Hand-made with exotic shea butter, nourishing coconut oil and pure tropical sugar crystals.
What it does: Naturally brightens, softens, conditions and exfoliates your skin to perfection.
Claim to fame: With over 20 different fragrance choices, they’ve got a smell to suit everyone. And it’s not just a body scrub, the company swears it’s great for the face too! Plus, company president, Melba Clark, tells beauty banter, that it’s an incredible shaving cream (???) as well! “Wet legs……rub in SWEET BODY SMOOTHIE, Tropical Sugar Body Polish for about a minute and shave the scrub off…….yep, you heard me correctly, shave the scrub off and then rinse well for the worlds closest and silkiest shave,” says Melba. “Works fabulous on underarms and bikini area too!”
What we like: We LOVE the coconut macaroon scented scrub. It reminds us of another amazing body polish, oldy-but-goody, Pure Fiji’s Coconut Sugar Rub. Both scrubs are coconut-infused, and as my fellow beauty whores know, I adore coconut – the smell, the soothing and softening properties, even the milk! Because the sugar granules don’t irritate my skin and the scrub is infused with so many moisturizing ingredients (but not too many so that the sugar gets lost in massive amounts of oils), I’ve pretty much declared this scrub my everyday exfoliator! I never leave the shower greasy or red, but always step out smooth and radiant!

Rating: 9.75 out of 10

Lotions and Potions!

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Very few things make me as happy as a great bath. I try to soak at least once every other day… and I’ve made the bi-weekly exfoliation a daily must! I mean, what’s the point of having all of these wonderful products if I’m not using them?

A couple of days ago, I stumbled across a wonderful new line of bath goodies, Paradise Potions… Shea butter lotions, sugar body scrubs, hand made soaps and silky massage oil – all infused with tropical scents – coconut, cucumber and melon, Hawaiian white ginger… you get the point. My bathroom has literally become a mini tropical vacation in and of itself!

I’m pretty much obsessed with the sugar scrubs – they exfoliate without over doing it (you know, when you rub so hard you end up red and chapped?). And the massage oil is a definate must. I don’t actually use it to massage myself, instead I smooth the oil over my skin after a nice bath and… voilla… I’m moisturized, energized and smelling purrrty all day long!

Oh yeah! And the chap sticks – pure shea butter biss – are incredible! They smell good enough to eat and they actually moisturize!

To view the entire line (and there’s a ton to view), CLICK HERE!

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