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The Best All-Natural Lipstick Shades To Take You Into Fall

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Yes, it’s still summer but fall is quickly approaching. With fall comes cooler temps and changing colors… this includes your makeup. While everyone – including brands – certainly have not jumped onto the all-natural and organic bandwagon, many of us are searching for toxic-free alternatives to chemically-formulated products. Considering that we ingest something like 7 pounds of lipstick in our lifetimes,  perhaps we should start the new season with a healthier pout? Here, the best all-natural lipstick shades to take you into fall:

Ilia Femme Fatale ($26) – Organic ingredients produce one pigment-packed lipstick with a semi-matte finish. The crimson-berry shade is right on-trend for fall, but, yes, all of the colors are worthy of your precious lips.

Vapour Organic Beauty Siren Lipstick in Ornate ($24) – Red is timeless and seasonless, so a classic red shade will be your best friend come fall. Vapour Organics is… you guessed it… completely organic without skimping on pigment.

Bite Beauty Butter Cream Lipstick in Pecan ($28) – Made with food-grade ingredients, all of Bite Beauty lipsticks are safe enough to eat. This new line of Butter Creams is certainly on our radar with its hand-cut and flat tipped neutrals that apply like, well… butter. Pecan is a warm dusty mauve that gives your pout a nude finish with a hint of pink perfection.

Kjaer Weis Lip Tint in Beloved ($49) – Formulated with 95% organic ingredients, this decadent, universally flattering lip tint will give you an on-trend deep berry glow while still moisturizing your precious pucker. So, if you’re not a lipstick person, then this hint of tint is for you.

Tarte LipSurgence Matte Lip Tint in Marsala ($24) – Touted as the it color of the year by Pantone, Marsala is certainly trending for fall. The earthy wine shade has a matte finish and is infused with healthy, toxic-free ingredients for a statement lip that won’t make you sick.

Josie Maran Argan Love Your Lips Hydrating Lipstick in Happy Honey ($22) – You can never have too many nude lipsticks, especially when fall beckons a darker, smokier eye. Happy Honey is actually a three-in-one, coating lips with a moisturizing shield of Argan Oil while the center produces medium-pigment color, and the finish is almost like a gloss. Made with natural ingredients and free of parabens, sulfates, and phthalates, this rose nude hue is the ideal day-to-night shade.

Bathing Beauty: Ayla Beauty’s Dara Kennedy

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When shopping for beauty products online, half the battle is knowing what actually works. For this, you need to trust your destination — and your curator. Dara Kennedy is a master curator who has taken her passion for natural and organic living and turned it into a one-stop-shop for healthy skin, body, and hair products, all available at Ayla Beauty. Kennedy’s e-commerce beauty destination combines her years of product development and marketing expertise with her astute eye for the lesser-known healthy beauty brands and products. Peruse the site and discover an array of international lines that treat everything from smoker’s skin to hyper pigmentation (many of which are only available stateside through Ayla).

We’ve discovered many a must-haves from Ayla Beauty, so we wanted to know what its founder turns to on a daily basis. Here, Dara answers our pressing beauty questions and offers up her can’t-live-without products, along with a valuable beauty tip for anyone with sensitive skin.

What are your top 5, can’t-live-without products?
1. BioRecept Mousse de Peau ($33) – I think this is the perfect cleanser. It’s purifying, removes every bit of makeup, and provides skin with weightless hydration. It’s truly one of a kind.

2. Biocyte Hyaluronic Forte ($48) – Hyaluronic acid is one of my favorite skincare ingredients, and it provides major benefits when taken internally as well. I’ve noticed a significant difference in my skin’s hydration level, and it helps boost collagen for firmer skin and fewer fine lines. Our customers have told us that it makes their skin feel like velvet and their lips look fuller, too.

3. Luzern La Defense SPF 30 ($45) – This is the first sunscreen that I’ve actually looked forward to wearing every day. Its only sunscreen ingredient is zinc oxide, but there’s no whiteness and no stickiness, and it’s nanoparticle-free. Plus, it smells delicious and not at all sunscreen-y!

4. The Organic Pharmacy’s Organic Glam Mascara ($38) – I have annoyingly sensitive eyes. This is one of the very few mascaras I’ve found that won’t irritate them or the delicate skin around them, and it’s a great all-around formula that curls, lengthens, and conditions lashes. The Organic Pharmacy spent five years working on this product, and you can tell.

5. Boucleme Curl Conditioner ($26) – My hair is wavy, but I use this conditioner designed for curls because it’s super hydrating and weightless — which is hard to find in any conditioner, and nearly impossible in a non-toxic one. It smells amazing (spearmint, citrus, and magnolia leaf) and leaves my hair shiny.

What is your all-time favorite product?
Luzern’s Force de Vie Micro-Gel ($90). I have combination skin that gets dehydrated fairly easily, and this keeps it blemish-free with weightless hydration and a dewy, never-oily glow that always generates compliments — even when I’ve barely slept and been stressed out beyond belief and have been eating horribly and haven’t put on any makeup. It’s magical. It’s the only beauty product I’ve used regularly for the past ten years.

What product do you buy in bulk?
Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega fish oil supplement ($25). I actually have a subscription with Nordic Naturals so that I never run out!

Favorite hair product?
MyHavtorn Organic Hair Oil ($45) is just the thing for my (frizz- and puff-prone, thick, wavy) hair. Unless my hair is completely dry when I leave the house, I swear it seeks out every drop of water in the air — there’s a lot here in SF because of the fog — and soaks it up like a sponge, and not in a pretty way. If I scrunch in some of this oil and let it air dry, all of my frizz/puff problems are solved.

You moisturize your face with…
Luzern Force de Vie Micro-Gel ($90). I also adore MyHavtorn Facial Oil ($50), which is a blend of sea buckthorn, argan, and avocado oils that MyHavtorn makes fresh-to-order for Ayla.

Favorite body product?
I have two, which I alternate depending on the occasion. For everyday use, I love MyHavtorn’s Organic Body Oil ($45). It’s really moisturizing, absorbs easily, boosts skin’s elasticity, and has a fresh, lemongrass-y scent. When I’m going out, I use Ellis Brooklyn’s Verb Body Milk ($55) — which is handy because it’s actually a perfumed body milk, so I can moisturize at the same time. Verb is a bright and fresh scent, too, but it’s more sophisticated; it smells like a fine fragrance. It has mandarin, bergamot, and dragon fruit top notes that are grounded with cedarwood and musks. I always get compliments on both!

Favorite beauty secret you’ve picked up along the way?
Dr. Macrene Alexiades-Armenakas is brilliant and full of great tips. One of the most helpful things I’ve learned from her is to stop washing my face in the shower. I have rosacea, and you should never wash your face with water that hot, especially if you have any tendency towards redness and/or sensitivity — only wash with lukewarm water. Otherwise your face will get – and stay – red and irritated.

Beauty icon you admire?
That’s another tough question: There’s so much to admire about so many people. But as one example, I saw a photograph a few months ago of Jane Birkin at Paris Fashion Week, and I thought she looked fantastic. So cool and at ease with herself. It was inspiring. I hope to look that chic when I’m 68.

The List: 10 Beauty Products To Buy From Your Local (Organic) Supermarket

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Full disclosure: I’m not the cooking type. I prefer my food pre-made and my fruits and vegetables cold pressed. But I do still venture to the supermarket on occasion, mainly to stock up on coconut water (my favorite!), snacks, and the occasional salad bar. The other day, while visiting my neighborhood Whole Foods on a quest for a quick and healthy lunch, I found myself in the beauty aisle (no shocker here). And it got me thinking: Could I actually shop for my beauty products and food all under the same roof? The answer is yes.

So, the next time you are at your local, organic market, put yourself to the test: Buy your groceries and your beauty goodies at the same time, in the same place. The grocery store is an untapped resource for some of the best natural beauty products on – and in – the market! The growing popularity of organic foods has spread to skin, hair, and body as well, so, naturally supermarkets are chock-full of healthy beauty delights. Here are my favorites:

*And if you prefer shopping from the convenience of your keyboard (or if you don’t live near a Whole Foods or the like), feel free to click on the links below and purchase the products online.* 

1. Alba Botanica Hawaiian Body Scrub Revitalizing Sea Salt ($11) – All Alba products are pretty awesome, but you can’t beat an all-natural Hawaiian scrub… especially in winter when your skin is aching for some serious sloughing. This stuff smells good enough to eat (and is probably healthy enough to nosh on, too, although I wouldn’t suggest trying it!).
2. Nature’s Gate Biotin Strengthening Shampoo ($5) – Of all the “drugstore” shampoos, this is my favorite. It’s free of the bad stuff (sulfates and parabens), and chock-full of the good stuff. Plus, it cleans without stripping, so it’s safe for daily use.
3. Thayers Alcohol-Free Witch Hazel with Organic Aloe Vera Formula Toner with Rose Petal ($8) – An all-natural face toner that wipes away dirt, oil, and acne-causing buildup while leaving skin hydrated and soothed. This stuff is magic!
4. Jason Satin Shower Body Wash Chamomile ($14) – A longtime favorite body wash (that I would still gladly choose over expensive copycats), Jason’s Chamomile lathers to perfection, gently washes, and leaves my skin feeling baby soft. And it smells so delicious, I want to drench myself in it!
5. Dr. Hauschka Melissa Day Cream ($40) – A dreamy moisturizer for combination skin. It smoothes, softens, and purifies, and absorbs quickly for a beautiful matte finish.
6. Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm in Red Dahlia ($7) – The natural version of Nivea’s Fruity Shine Lip Balms. Shea butter moisturizes while adding a hint of tint to your pout. I carry these around in my bag at all times; they are definitely a buy-in-bulk product.
7. Heritage Rose Petals Rosewater ($6) – Heritage sprays have been a favorite of mine for years. You can use them on your face, hair, and body to douse yourself in refreshing hydration with the most magnificent rosy scent. Sometimes, I even opt out of perfume in favor of this natural, light mist.
8. Coconut Oil ($19) – There are a myriad of ways to use coconut oil (read them here), but I’m partial to using it as a makeup remover and shaving cream (for an exceptionally soft and easy shave). Regardless of how you choose to use the oil, make sure you purchase an organic and virgin make, and have a jar stashed in your beauty cabinet at all times. It never fails.
9. Kiss My Face Sensitive Fluoride-Free Natural Aloe Toothpaste Gel with Xylitol ($5) – Think of this as the all-natural version of Sensodyne. This paste won’t irritate sensitive teeth and gums, and is free of fluoride, artificial colors, flavors, and sweeteners so it’s healthy, too.
10. California Baby Calendula Cream ($21) – Sure, it’s meant for kids, but my skin is as delicate as a baby. And calendula is known for its soothing and calming properties, even for the most sensitive skins. I like to slather my body post-bath with a layer of this thick cream, from shoulders to toes. The mild lavender scent adds extra motivation.

Makeup Bag: Celebrity Makeup Artist Katey Denno

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“My first real intro to makeup started when I was 8. I was going to a friend’s house for sleep over party and out of the blue, my mom gave me a big ziplock bag of all sorts of products from the back of her makeup drawer. The ones that still stand out in my mind consist of a super shimmery grey eyeshadow, electric and pale frosty blue eye shadows, intensely pigmented peachy pink liquid cheek color, and an orange lipstick in a gold tube that I doubted she ever wore. I packed that ziplock full of tricks in my overnight bag and I was the hit of the party.

Soon thereafter it was my birthday and my mom invited her friend, who I vaguely remember was a makeup artist – maybe at a local department store counter – over to do makeup on all my friends. We still have the photos, and it was the first time I saw my blonde/red eyelashes with mascara – and I LOVED it. I couldn’t believe I had eyelashes like everyone else’s- dark and thick and framing the shape of my eye! That was the beginning of me begging to wear makeup, and my interest in all things beauty.

I got sidetracked for most of my early career-life, devoting my time to being a social worker – which couldn’t have been the furthest thing from the world of beauty or fashion- my own wardrobe not excluded. The one thing that I did insist upon was introducing ‘beauty days’ to my clients – particularly around special days like mothers’ day, or valentines’ day – where I’d either collect products to pamper them, or bring in makeup or hair artists to give on-site makeovers to the lovely ladies who came in to my office for help.

I had the most gorgeous clients – of every skin tone, hair type, and ethnic background. I remember there would be times when I was floored by the beauty of a mother and daughter from west Africa, both with amazing skin, draped in gorgeous fabrics of rich color, or the stunning Latina clients with deep dark eyes and features that women pay plastic surgeons to recreate on their own faces. I was also really lucky to work with a large transgender population, and in particular, male-to-female transgendered folks who frequently dressed as women. It was from those clients that I learned the fantastic transformative power of makeup, and I knew I wanted to make a switch to try my hand at the beauty industry full-time.

I didn’t know enough to be scared, so I marched into all the different agencies and eagerly told the agents who would speak to me that I was willing to work for cheap, and that I wasn’t a kid who would screw around on set – I was there to work! It all happened so quickly, and after assisting some of the best for about a year, the agency that I love – The Wall Group – offered to sign me as their first makeup artist on their brand new emerging talent board.

That was nearly 6 years ago, and I can’t believe how far I’ve come, and how much I love this industry. I began my career in social work helping women feel better, and I love that I still get to do just that, every single day. I’m extremely passionate about the burgeoning green beauty component, and love finding out about new products made with ingredients that are safe enough to eat.

This year I decided to leave NYC and spend awards season in LA, rather than flying back and forth. Plus, I hate the cold so it wasn’t a difficult decision. Award season is full of excitement for me. I love working with the beautiful and funny Isla Fisher, and got to switch up her look a lot for the Golden Globes (pictured) – and she loved it. Doing makeup on the gorgeous and talented actress, Amanda Seyfried, is always such a treat as well. I like doing all kinds of makeup, but what I like most, is making a face we’re all familiar with really dazzle on the red carpet. Nothing is better for me than when I hand my client the mirror after finishing creating her look and seeing her eyes widen and a smile spread across her face as she takes in her reflection.

My makeup bag is from Kahina Giving Beauty. They make fantastic products and give back so much to the Berber women in Morocco who make them. The products in my bag are simple but contains exactly what my staples are when doing a red carpet look.

Dr. Alkaitis Universal Mask: I carry the sample size in my purse just in case I travel and forget to bring the full size! This green mask is truly therapeutic – it soothes, nourishes, and calms my skin when it’s inflamed or broken out. The key is to keep it damp while it’s on your face – spritzing with water or hanging out in the shower, letting the steam keep it damp.

Vered Organic Botanicals Balancing Face Oil: It’s an herb infused oil that contains anti inflammatory and anti bacterial components. My skin is so sensitive, and I love that this one never irritates it and I think, calms my breakouts. I use it day and night, and I’m never stingy with application. I only use oils on my clients, too which I know is why they always glow on the red carpet.

Shu Uemera Eyelash Curler: Simply the best. Change the pad every 6 months, and get a new one every year, if you use it daily. Clamp it as close to the roots as you possibly can and your eye will instantly open. Every actress I work with knows I’ll be curling the hell out of her lashes.

Cover Girl Lash Blast Mascara Very Black: I’m obsessed with lashes. This is my favorite, despite it not being a ‘green’ beauty product. I don’t care – it does the job and gives long, thick, lush lashes that stay all day- and I use, like, 10 coats.

Kjaer Weis Lip Tint in “goddess”: I love this deep rich color, and that it’s sheer while still well pigmented. I love to use it on my cheeks, too! It looks awesome on so many skin tones, as well, and the color is totally buildable.

Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm in Sweet Violet: this is my go-to for every day, all day. I have a zillion of them. It’s 100% natural and such an awesome color. It’s also what I like to give my clients for the after party when I know they’re not going to be interested in keeping up their precise lipstick look that I created for them. This is easy, moisturizing, and full of color, and there are a number of other colors, so I can pick the one that matches each client best.

Zoe Organics 100% Organic Everything Balm: I use this delicious little stick on everything – scrapes, rashes, bites, rough cuticles- you name it. I have one in my work makeup kit and use it all the time when I want to moisturize shoulders and upper arms, but can’t risk getting any oils from lotion or cream into the hair (or the hairdresser will kill me!)

Ilia Beauty Balmy Days Lip Balm: When I don’t feel like having any color on my lips, this is my favorite. It’s full of coconut oil and feels delicious. I give them out to clients to use at night leading up to red carpet events because they’re so penetrating and rich – they get a pout ready!

Tata Harper Aromatic Stress Treatment Roll-On Oil: I keep this with me at all times, both to bring immediate relaxation to myself and my clients. I always roll some on my wrists before I start a makeup application so my client can enjoy the effects of aromatherapy – particularly before stepping out onto the red carpet. They generally ask to have some put on their wrists before leaving the house, too!

The pretty little open shell on the right of the photo is another scent that I love from a really cool company started by a woman who’s a trained herbalist – and a doula! – and she makes everything she sells. This one is freakin’ delicious: rose, franinscense and patchouli – but not *that* kind of patchouli. It’s warm and earthy and rich and makes men go nuts in the best way when they smell it!

Celsus Bio Intelligence Scar Cream: My friend Spirit, of the best ever green beauty product website: spiritbeautylounge.com, gave this to me to try when I told her I’d gotten a bad burn on my finger. It’s full of healing ingredients and is all natural… and it worked! I keep it on me just in case anyone ever gets hurt.” — Celebrity Makeup Artist Katey Denno

Fall Organic Must-Haves From Celebrity Makeup Artist Katey Denno

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Best Organic Beauty Products For Fall

1. Kjaer Weiss Lip Tint Compact in Goddess – The perfect fall lip color. It’s a deep but super cheerful pop of cherry red with burgundy tones, and you can apply it as a sheer stain with a hint of emollience, or add multiple layers to deepen the intensity.

2. Dr. Haushka Translucent Bronze Concentrate – As your tan begins to fade and you need a reminder of the way you glow during the summer, this sheer fluid bronzing liquid can recreate the look without the flat, matte effect that bronzing powders often give. You can apply it straight from the bottle, or mix it with your moisturizer for an overall glow.

3. RMS Beauty Oil – It’s often hard to find a face oil that’s not flowery or citrus smelling, but when the season changes, I like to switch my beauty products along with it. This face oil sinks in quickly, never leaving you looking slick, and has a delicious warm scent that reminds me of sugar cookies baking (perfect for fall).

4. Sheswai Nail Lacquer in ‘Totally’ – A luscious plum berry that looks great with fall colored clothing and makes me happy. It’s how I say goodbye to the bright cheery pops of summer’s orange and hot pink while still showing off an intense color.

5. Vapour Organic Beauty Aura Multi Use Blush Stain in Lure – A warm red with rich brown undertones. The texture, and even the scent of Vapour’s products is great, and this one definitely stays on the skin longer than most other green brands cheek and lip colors. It’s a warm red/brown that I love to use on clients and models, but it’s definitely not a spring or summer shade. It makes the colder weather fun for me!

6. Burt’s Bees Lip Gloss in Autumn Haze – The perfect peachy pink to pair with a lightly smoked eye.

7. Tammy Fender Intensive Repair Balm – Tammy Fender makes such magical products. This balm is extremely rich and like nothing else I”ve ever used. It’s full of everything nourishing for your skin, smells heavenly and different than everything else in my arsenal, and will plump up skin like nothing else. It also has an incredible effect of restoring the intensity of faded tattoos!

8. Lina Hanson Global Body Serum – The most delicious smelling body oil for getting skin back into perfect condition.

9. Pai Rosehip Bioregenerate Fruit and Seed Oil Blend – This stuff takes care of summer’s worst by-products: hyperpigmentation, fine lines, and sun damage.

10. Alima Pure Loose Pigment Eyeliner in Paparazzi and Espresso – First, put down a thin line of Paparazzi, a rich warm brown shimmer, smudge gently with a q-tip. Then tight-line Espresso, a matte deep rich brown along the top lashes for the perfect brown, slightly smokey, defined eye.

— Celebrity Makeup Artist Katey Denno, who has worked with Isla Fisher and Amanda Seyfried.

Skin: S5 Organic Cosmeceuticals Serums

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As fall rolls into winter (did we even have an autumn?), the climate isn’t the only thing changing. Take, for example, your wardrobe. It’s time to pull out the snow boots and quilted jackets as this winter promises to be a brutal one. But your skin – and its needs – are changing too. While fall is considered the season of adjustment – from hot and balmy to brisk and dry, we’ll call winter the season of terror – think pale, placid and scaly skin. That’s why I am so elated about my latest find – S5 Organic Cosmeceuticals Serums – the perfect antidote to any transitioning climate concern.

S5 Organic Cosmeceuticals have created a range of serums to treat a multitude of skin issues, from hyperpigmentation to dry and scarred skin to acne. But these aren’t your average, run-of-the-mill serums. S5 serums “are highly concentrated treatment products designed to reverse the effects of skin stress. Each serum uses targeted bio-actives to improve the way the skin looks and feels.” The EcoCert certified organic serums come in 5 types: Renew, Illuminate, Calm, Replenish and Purity. The genius behind this line is that you can combine serums to tackle multiple skin needs or mix a single one – like Replenish for dry and scarred skin – in with your favorite moisturizer for an added boost of hydration. A great night time treatment is Replenish mixed with a few drops of Renew, a highly active product that targets fine lines and wrinkles. Your skin will never feel greasy nor look oily, yet you’ll wake up with a fresh and radiant complexion. My other must-have is Purity, ideal for acne-prone skin. I’ll either use this with my oil-free Amore Pacific MoistureBound moisturizer or I’ll mix all 3 (Replenish, Renew and Purity) together. My skin literally sucks all of the natural and bioactive goodness right out of these serums.

My only qualm with the S5 Organic Cosmeceuticals Serum is that I need a bigger bottle! While a little does go a long way, this is a product you’ll want to use morning and night… forever. From the initial application, skin feels healthier. And healthy skin is happy skin.

The other 2 equally fabulous serums are Calm for sensitive and redness, and Illuminate for hyperpigmentation.


Best of Organics… BATH!

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Green living is quite the current trend. With organic dining, organic juicing – even organic alcohol – if you haven’t jumped on the organic bandwagon, now would be a good time.

In a series of 3 posts, we are going to outline our favorite organic beauty products. So, if you are as gaga over green as we are, then this series is for you!

NOTE: All products listed are made with organic ingredients and/ or are 100% natural.

Up first, the organic bath:

Bath Oil – Jurlique Tranquil Bath Oil – Bath time is my favorite time of day. I like to chill out with some scented candles and a slew of scented bath products. This specific bath oil is calming (thanks to the lavender), smells wonderful, leaves skin hydrated and soothed (courtesy of avocado oil), and it actually has a slight foam – so it doubles as a bubble bath! $23.00

Bath Salts – Aubrey Organics Natural Spa Relaxing Bath Salts – For the most luxurious of bathing experiences, bath salts are key. This 100% organic choice has a pungent orange scent and dissolves in the tub for ultimate relaxation. The result is two fold: soft skin and a calm disposition. $18.85

Body Exfoliator – Weleda Birch Body Scrub – It’s no secret that Weleda is a favorite line of mine – it’s affordable, contains some of the most amazing natural ingredients, and I always see results! The Body Scrub is amazing – it smells delish (as you can probably tell by now, i’m really into scents!) with  a very faint citrus note. It exfoliates gently so you can use everyday on every part of your body. AND it has a milky consistency so it adds moisture while cleaning and scrubbing dry, dull skin! $17.00

Body Wash – Jason Pure Natural Body Wash, Relaxing Chamomile – This is one of my absolute favorite scents. I’ve been using the wash for years because, quite honestly, I find the chamomile aroma to be the ultimate in comfort and relaxation. The formula is pretty magical too. It foams into a perfectly silky wash that is both gentle and non-irritating. And it doesn’t make your skin feel dry and scaly post bath (or shower). Comes in a variety of scents. $5.19 for a 30 fl oz tub! *DRUGSTORE FIND*

Body Bar – Level Naturals Classic Soap in Jasmine Rose – Let me start out by saying that this entire body care line is fantastic (and I will be posting about many more products from Level in the coming weeks). This soap, however, deserved a spot on the coveted “best of” list. It looks and feels homemade (and looks tres chic in my bathroom), smells like a delicate flower garden and cleanses the skin with a fluffy lather that leaves my body soft, never dried out. Comes in over a dozen more scents! $10.00

Body Lotion – Moksa Organics Body Butter, Cocoa Vanilla – Another awesome organic product line. This lotion is actually whipped and hardened shea butter that melts on my skin leaving a sexy sheen (kind of like a body oil). It’s super moisturizing and has the faintest cocoa scent. $16.00

Body Oil – Kate Logan Lavender Nourish Oil – This stuff is other-worldy, the ultimate finish to the bathing experience. Kate makes each product by hand and you can literally feel her passion and love as you slather your body with the goods. The oil is so pure and the scent so intoxicating (not even a hint of that perfume-manufatured smell), it’s like wrapping your entire body in the finest of silky robes. It is light, soothing and gentle and just, well, perfect! 19.99 pounds

Shaving Cream – Aubrey Creme de la Shave, White Tea and Citrus – Would would’ve thought that an all natural shaving cream would actually work better than the regular ones? This shaving cream is a bit lotion a bit gel. It has a clean and uplifting citrus scent and leaves legs touch-approved. A little goes a long way – only a thin layer is necessary for a quality shave! $4.62 *DRUGSTORE FIND*

Shampoo & Conditioner – Sponge Wild Flower Shampoo and Conditioner – I’m so obsessed with this sleek and sexy packaging, I literally want to frame the bottles! Made with myrtle and chamomile, these products leave my hair shiny and gorgeous! Gentle enough for every day and, obvs, made sans sulfates and parabens so great for color-treated locks. $32.00 & $34.00

Deodorant – LAVANILA The Healthy Deodorant, Vanilla-Coconut – If you are still using antiperspirant, we need to have a serious talk. This all natural deodorant won’t clog your pores with toxic aluminum. Instead, it will defend your sweaty pits with the sweetest smelling blend of vanilla and coconut. It’s smells so awesome, sometimes I even wear it to bed! Comes in 4 other vanilla-inspired scents. $18.00

What’s your favorite all-natural bath product?

FAVORITES: Natural Sunscreens

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Summer is most definitely here (finally!) and I, for one, have gotten my first tan of the season. I, of course, applied SPF to both face and body and, in my current quest to switch to as many natural and organic products as possible, I used a natural sun block for the very first time: Alba’s Aloe Vanilla SUNBLOCK Mineral SPF 30. It was fabulous. Rich, super creamy with an incredibly fragrant vanilla smell. Not like those beachy, sunscreen smells we remember years (and tans) past. This was more like a lotion scent, something I could wear around for the day and not get nauseated by.

And it got me thinking – there must be tons of fabulous natural sunscreens on the market place… so I did some research. And there are.

Here, 5 great natural sunscreens for your tanning pleasure:

Burt’s Bees Chemical-Free Sunscreen SPF 30This 100% natural, non-whitening formula provides broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection and helps keep skin hydrated without using chemical sunscreen actives like octinoxate and oxybenzone. Instead, titanium dioxide, a naturally-occurring mineral creates a micro-fine barrier on your skin to reflect the sun’s harmful rays. $11.50

This hypoallergenic sun block is extra mild and safe for use on babies and sensitive adults. Enriched with Chamomile and Marigold Extracts, this sun block not only protects but soothes. No Mineral Oil, Petrolatum or Waxes, Fragrance-Free and Paraben-Free. $14.99

Aveeno Natural Protection Sunblock Lotion SPF 30contains MINERALBLOCK Technology with 100% naturally-sourced active ingredients, a more natural alternative. MINERALBLOCK Technology forms a protective barrier on top of baby’s skin that scatters both UVA and UVB rays. This oil-free, non-whitening formula is also fragrance-free, waterproof, and hypoallergenic. $10.99

Badger SPF 30+ Lightly Scented Lavender Sunscreen – Certified Natural & Chemical-FreeUncoated, Non-Nano Zinc Oxide Sunscreen with Superior Broad Spectrum UVA and UVB Protection. Certified Organic ingredients, are naturally water resistant, safe for children of all ages, block both UVA and UVB rays, and thoroughly moisturize while they protect you from the sun. $16.00

Alba Aloe Vanilla SUNBLOCK Mineral SPF 30Certified organic Aloe Vera and Chamomile moisturize and soothe skin. Grape Seed Oil, Tea Tree and Vitamin E provide antioxidant protection. Helps prevent sunburn with an effective, mineral-based, UVA & UVB broad-spectrum reflective barrier. $9.95

WEEKLY MUST HAVE: Weleda Sea Buckthorn Body Oil

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Weleda is definitely one of my favorite drugstore organic brands. It’s so well priced, there is no excuse not to add organic into your  beauty routine.

Their summer products are amazing, from the new (Rose is one of my must-haves, but Citrus makes a great summer scent), to the Refining Toner, a great pick-me-up for all skin types. But what I’m really obsessing over is the Sea Buckthorn Body Oil, a delicious musky citrus oil that leaves skin soft and smooth and looking 10 LB’s thinner!

Let’s not kid ourselves: summer is a time to show some skin. And while we like to give a little leg, a dry, crispy thigh is less than cute. But slather on the oil and you’ve got yourself a body to envy – not to mention that the oil is actually healthy for your skin, packed with antioxidants and vitamins.

I like to use oil directly after showering, while my body is still wet, prior to a towel dry. I let the oil naturally absorb while I do my hair and makeup and then I’ll get dressed. I still have a faint hint of oil left on my body and people always recognize how lean my limbs are looking — and compliment the delicious scent that the oil exudes, all natural, no perfume necessary!

If you order now from the Weleda website (click here), you will receive a FREE full size Sea Buckthorn Body Wash to go with your new Body Oil! Enter “SEABUCKTHORN” at checkout.

We love FREE almost as much as we love glistening gams!

PRICE TAG: $25.00

Best of… Organics!

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I love a natural product. I swear, the more I move into using natural and organic in my daily skincare routine, the more I see a difference in my skin – healthier, brighter, glowing.  I get it, you can’t give up ALL of your favorite products, but there are quite a few that you can substitute out with their organic alternative that are just as good, if not better. And your skin will thank you!

As promised, here is my list of organic and natural products you need to own NOW:

The Organic Pharmacy Peppermint Facial Wash – My skin breaks out every now and again, this is the first organic cleanser I’ve found that keeps the breakouts at bay. It’s antiseptic and antibacterial, made with tea tree, lavender, aloe and peppermint. 26.50 POUNDS

Arcona Triad Pads – Remember Clearasil Pads? Well, these are the natural alternative. Made with cranberry, vitamin e and omegas 3, 6 and 9, use these pads whenever you need to tone. Also great to remove makeup or simply freshen up. $30.00 for 45 pads

ISUN Ultra Restore – An all-natural oil for normal to oily skin types that moisturizes, energizes, repairs and promotes an even skin tone. It leaves my skin refreshed and glowing. I literally look years younger! This entire line is AMAZING! $88.00

Lavanila The Healthy Deodorant in Vanilla Coconut – Smelling like a dessert, this all-natural deodorant gives you odor protection via essential oils and antioxidants, sans harsh chemicals, mineral oils, sulfates and parabens. $18.00

The Body Deli Radiance Enzyme Peel – An organic treat for your face that will have you looking years younger – and healthier. This honey resurfacing peel regenerates the complexion to give you a natural glow. All The Body Deli products are made with fresh organic ingredients and have expiration dates! $48.00

Tata Harper Restorative Eye Creme – It was a toss up, I love the serum and eye creme almost equally, but in the end the eye creme won. It leaves my eyes incredibly hydrated all day long. And the smell is pure natural. Buckwheat wax and Arnica help to reduce puffiness, while Eyebright Flower brightens. $90.00

Kate Logan Beauty Shea Salvation Balm – By far, the BEST shea balm I have ever rubbed on my body. It literally melts into my skin. And it has a natural lavender scent that radiates health. My skin is left moisturized, soft, smooth and glowing. 16.99 POUNDS

Weleda Skin Food – I cannot write a post on organic and natural products, without mentioning this long-time favorite. Weleda Skin Food is a must-have balm for dry and sensitive skin. I use it on my face in the winter, hands, knees, elbows and feet year-round. Actually, any part of the body that needs a little extra attention. It’s magic! $16.95

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