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How To: The Pompadour

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Rihanna’s pompadour is almost as famous as her voice… almost. And while Rihanna most certainly started the hair trend, others have been quick to follow the ‘do. While the pompadour might not be your particular style of choice, work it to your advantage because it is most definitely is one of this season’s celebrity trends of choice.

I’ve asked celebrity hair guru Tippi Shorter — who has styled the strands of Rihanna, Alicia Keys and Beyonce — to give us step-by-step instructions for creating a wearable pompadour at home:

Here’s what Tippi suggests:

1) After shampoo and conditioner, use Ojon’s Restorative Leave-in Treatment to detangle and add shine

2) Apply a handful of Ojon’s Conditioning Volumizing Foam in the front and blow dry with hands in an over-directed motion

3) Separate the front from back at the ear and secure the back into a low ponytail

4) Spray the front section with Ojon’s SWA+ Instant Hold Hairspray and curl large sections with a 2″ barrel curling iron

5) Finger style the front of the hair into a pompadour, pull it back loosely to the ponytail and secure the ends of both the ponytail and front section with hair pins

6) Finish the look by reapplying SWA+ Instant Hold Hairspray for hold and sheen

Think Pink – Shopping to Support BCA Pt. 1

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Because breast cancer has affected so many women I know, these next few weeks I’ll be sharing a number of the fabulous, eco-gorgeous products that are available in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Paul Mitchell has partnered with Cancer Schmancer, founded by actress Fran Drescher to offer the limited-edition Paul Mitchell Pink Express Ion Smooth 1.25 for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Drescher, who was a hair dresser before she became an actress, is also a cancer survivor. Cancer Schmancer works to “empower patients to build relationships with their physicians, creating the intention of a stage-one diagnosis.”

The Paul Mitchell Pink Express Ion Smoother 1.25 uses a blend of silicone and ceramic which reduces styling time, controls frizz and leaves hair hydrated. Check out Sarah’s recent great flat iron how-to tips here. Retailing for $160 the flat iron is available through professional salons (use the online store locator or call 1.800.321.JPMS) through October.

We love Ojon at Beauty Banter and I am thrilled that he has created a Special Edition Revitalizing Mist – BCA leave-in detangler for this cause. Perfect for prepping your hair before styling, the mist smoothes the hair’s cuticle using eco-friendly ingredients, including the magical oil from the Tawira Indians that is the signature of his line. Retailing for $26, Ojon is donating 20% of the proceeds to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, up to $35,000. Revitalizing Mist – BCA is available in stores and online at Sephora, Ulta and PureBeauty.

Throughout October you’ll find store shelves stocked with items featuring that trademark pink ribbon. There’s no way I will be able to cover all the great products out there but my advice to you is seek out those offering the greatest contributions to the cause, and that the funding goes directly to research, education and advocacy with trusted organizations, such as the BCRF, EIF, AVON and Susan G. Komen amongst others. This October, support the cause but also remember to take care of yourself. Each of the sites above offer support and educational resources. I’ll be back with more great finds later this week. xo alex.


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Every dermatologist, asthetician, and magazine quiz has determined I have combination skin. So, it’s no surprise the same goes for my hair. My wavy, temperamental tresses can’t handle daily shampoo but sometimes second day hair needs a little help. I remember trying in college and thinking it was the greatest invention ever. A decade later, the market for dry shampoos has exploded and I’ve tried more than a few. When I saw a magazine mention a brand called Batiste, I had to check it out.

Batiste has been the best selling dry shampoo in Britain for decades (in a British Elle test last year it beat out Stila, Klorane and Bumble and Bumble). Now available stateside, you can find it online or at Sally Beauty Supply stores nationwide. I picked up the Original Formula, which has a light, powdery, citrus scent but there’s also Batiste Blush, which the company describes as a blend of “red hibiscus, peony, tuberose and lily,” and Batiste Tropical “a delicious blend of melon, banana, coconut, plum and peach mixed with vanilla and sandalwood musk.” The Tropical one is harder to find in the US but Sally Beauty Supply carries both the Original and Blush formulas.

The smell was probably what I liked best. The old Pssssst! was heavy on the baby powder and while I love Ojon Rub-Out Dry Cleanser, I sometimes find the scent too heavy. Batiste gave me fresh locks but I could still wear my perfume and not end up with a headache from the clashing bouquets. Love it. The company website offers tips on how to use Batiste to create looks for everyday or red carpet (even on clean hair, dry shampoos magically add volume and body).

TIP: As with all dry shampoos a little goes a long way. I find toweling your hair after spraying roots, like you would if it were wet, helps the hair absorb the powder and leave your locks less matte. And be sure to hold the can a good 12 inches away.

xo a.

Ojon Detox

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I often talk about the Sunday Night Shampoo (Bumble & Bumble actually has a product with that exact name). To me, the Sunday Night Shampoo refers to the one night a week where you take a little longer in the shower, spend a little more time tending to your tresses and lather up with a shampoo that gives a little more clarification. Ridding your scalp of the past week’s buildup…

Ojon is one of my favorite hair care lines. The products are formulated around the oil of the tropical Ojon tree known to the Tawira Indians (dubbed the “people of beautiful hair.”).

Ojon’s Detox Recovery Cleanser
is like a liter of Gatorade after 8 vodka tonics… a miricle! Your hair is just like your liver – every now and again (after a few days of parties and such) it needs to be detoxed, cleansed, purified!

Ojon’s Detox Recovery Cleanser gently removes impurities and product build up without totally stripping the hair of its natural shine and color. All Ojon products have a unique, natural smell and they leave my hair looking gorge!

PRICE TAG: $26.00

Ojon Holiday Hair Sampler

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All-natural beauty company, Ojon, is offering a great holiday gift set – perfectly sized for stocking stuffers!

If you haven’t tried Ojon before, this is your opportunity. Their products are derived from tribal treatments (harvested from the rainforest) for the hair, face and body.

I love the haircare line. The Ojon oil is an ancient native secret to beautiful hair from Central America’s Tawira tribe, known as the “people of beautiful hair” (isn’t that reason enough to test out the goods?!). I use the shine drops when I run low on Kerastase (or just need a change). It leaves my mane looking ultra shiny and healthy. I’ve recently added the to my cabinet. They offer a conveninet travel size which I keep in my purse for those spontaneous day to night outings. The Rub-Out does wonders for oily, dirty hair – restoring volume and masking the smell of day old (or 3 days old) hair.

The Tour of the Rainforest 7 Piece Discovery Kit contains the dry shampoo along with an assortment of their best-selling shampoos and conditioners (all in 2 oz bottles).

Here’s what you get:

Ultra Hydrating Shampoo
Ultra Hydrating Conditioner
Hydrating Thickening Shampoo
Hydrating Thickening Conditioner
Shine and Protect Shampoo
Shine and Protect Conditioner
Rub-Out Dry Cleanser

This hair sampler lets experiment until you’ve found your perfect match!

PRICE TAG: $39.00 (exclusive to QVC – click here to purchase).

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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October is the annual Breast Cancer Awareness Month and to kick it off, we’ve got a great product that’ll make your hair shine with happiness and your heart burst with love, all the while giving back to the cause.

Ojon’s Revitalizing Mist
is a fabulous lightweight spray that leaves hair detangled, rehydrated, refreshed and smelling purrrty. I like to think of it as the “everything spray” because it literally does EVERYTHING! It can be used for a myriad of needs such as reactivating lifeless hair post work out or pre work day (especially if you skipped a shower). It also replenishes vitamins, seals the cuticles, protects color-treated tresses, aids in combating frizz and adds lustre to bland hair! Whew…. that’s a lot for one little spray to accomplish… but Ojon’s Revitalizing mist does it all (and you get a nice mildly sweet scent to cover-up annoying everyday odors).

So, now you have beautiful hair… and thanks to Ojon, you can give the gift of research to the beautiful people suffering from breast cancer. Ojon will donate 20 percent from the sale of the Mist to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, “a not-for-profit organization founded in 1993 by Evelyn H. Lauder, that funds innovative clinical and translational research.”

Thank-you, Ojon! We love a company that gives back!

PRICE TAG: $26.00 for 5.07 oz (that’s $5.20 that goes straight to breast cancer research)!

For additional information on breast cancer, and to perform an individual breast cancer exam, click HERE!

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