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Makeup Bag: Dani Stahl of Nylon Magazine and E!’s Scouted

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“I’ve always loved makeup. What girly girl doesn’t? It’s the first thing you can really start to play with and steal out of your Mom’s bag and all that sort of fun stuff. Playing with lipsticks when I was a kid, I finally figured out you don’t need to put it all over your face. I just remember so clearly looking through the trend pages of  Seventeen Magazine and Sassy Magazine with Eleanor [Ylvisaker]; We would run to the drug store and try to buy every one of those product shades, not knowing that the way it looked on the model wasn’t the way it was necessarily going to look on us. And it never really did. That was something that was always frustrating, but now that I worked in magazines for so long, I’ve learned that besides having years of experience and technique – which we clearly did not have – makeup artists tend to use their own products as well, and sometimes these aren’t mentioned in the credits.

Fashion and beauty are fun and I’m definitely one to play around. I’m someone that colors their hair various colors, but I do think that when it comes to makeup, sometimes being less trendy is better. Just because everyone is plucking their eyebrows off, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to look good on you. You’re dealing with what looks good on your face specifically, not just a fashion trend. So, I have discovered what looks best on me. For me, the most important thing, hands down, is skin. Fresh skin, clear skin, even skin, youthful skin. I’m a big foundation girl. I’m very into cream blusher right now and I take ridiculous care of my skin. I like the no-makeup makeup approach.

I say I’m safe with makeup but that’s not entirely true, I will take risks. Working at a magazine, I’m fortunate to try all sorts of different  products, and what’s coming out next is always here first. All types of lipsticks and eyeshadows — and I do go there. But when I look back at the pictures, it’s always those photos that I don’t like. I like my more basic look. So I do take the risk, like that pop of lip color, but  then I wish I had worn a more neutral color. I also think that too much makeup is man-hating.

I believe you are what you eat. I’ve changed my eating habits tremendously and that really affects my skin. Let’s be honest, your face is what people are looking at first. Your complexion really speaks for your well-being. I’ve definitely noticed the impact of healthy eating on my skin, in addition to all of those helpful little tools like face wash and face masks and moisturizer and foundation. A lot of people have been asking what I’ve been doing to my skin lately and that’s always a really wonderful thing to hear.

Makeup Bag

My makeup bag is a clutch, an Edie Parker clutch, and it sparkles. I love anything that sparkles, so that’s perfect. These are the things that were in my bag last night and it’s stuff that I’ve collected recently, working at Nylon Magazine. I do have tried-and-true favorites that I’m really dedicated to but I often use what’s around me. So what I have in my bag right now is:

L’Oreal Visible Lift Powder: I’ve been using this a lot. I love a little powder because I tend to be on the oilier side, so it’s something I need to have a little ammo against.

Maybelline Falsies Mascara: It’s amazing. I’m a mascara girl, through and through. The longer and fuller the lashes, to me, the better. Many, many coats of mascara. I love, love, love mascara.

Maybelline DreamLumi Highlighting Concealer: Highlighting concealer is great if you put it in the corners of your eyes, blending into the under.eye are. It opens and widens your eyes, a little trick I learned.

: I like to leave my brows as thick as possible, as long as they’re organized. My brow icon forever would be Cindy Crawford. She always had a thick brow. I’m not a thin brow fan. We’ve all gone through the phase, and that’s a perfect example of a trend. Don’t do it because of the model in Italian Vogue. You’re not the model in Italian Vogue. I like a tamed, clean brow. On occasion there are a couple of spots I like to fill in, so I always have this with me. It’s really to perfect what’s already on your face. It’s not to make my brows dark and thick, just even and clean.

Sephora Charlotte Ronson Lip Gloss: The color I have is Annabelle. I was wearing a little red last night, but I generally wear Samantha, Eleanor, or Hilary.

CK One Lipstick in 110 Wow [hot pink] (not available yet): I do like a pop of color and I’ll play around a little more with lipsticks. But again, sometimes I look at the pictures and wish I hadn’t.

CK One Three in One Face Makeup with SPF (not available yet): I’m obsessed with any 3-in-1 face makeup. I love foundation. Not tremendous foundation, but just a drop of it over your face because it evens your skin out. Put a little blusher on, a little bronzer, and your face is really perfect and even. I went to the launch event this morning and they gave us these to try. This one is super cool because the packaging looks like a pill.

Dyptique Philosykos Fragrance: I’m really a Calyx or a CK Be girl but I like to have something in my purse because if you leave the house in the morning and you have a date at night, you need a little extra freshen fragrance. And those big perfume bottle don’t fit into a clutch.

Sephora Cuticle Nippers: In my reinvention self-care mode, I have gone from a terrible nail picker/biter to a very manicured, long nail happy girl. There’s no nail polish in this clutch but that would be another story entirely because I’m obsessed with nail polish. But I always, always, always have the cuticle nipper on me. I don’t nip my cuticles while out at a fancy party, but I don’t want to get stuck in a place feeling like I have to pick. So I need this as backup ammo.

Maybelline Bouncy Blush in Pink Frosting: It’s so good! It’s a new product from them. It’s perfect. I just touch my finger on it, generally my middle finger, and tap my cheeks. It’s a light wash of color and it’s super easy to use. It’s a really, really great cream consistency.

Sephora Cuticle Oil: It’s part of my nail care routine so that I don’t start picking. Nails are very important, girls.

Colgate Wisps: I always have these in my bag. They are just the best little invention. My friend Julia Samersoza, who I did Scouted with, told me about these this summer, and I never leave home without them. I use them when I feel like I should brush my teeth and I’m on-the-go. For example, when I’m leaving the office and putting on my makeup, I’ll use one at my desk or I’ll go to the bathroom. Or if I’m at dinner and going out after, I use these to freshen up. I’ve been known do it in the taxi, on occasion. There’s only one in this pack so apparently I used the other one last night!

Marc Jacobs Aviators: I don’t go anywhere without glasses. I’m obsessed with the orange-tinted lenses. I feel like the lighter lenses makes it acceptable to wear them almost all the time.

Mac Kohl Power Eye Pencil in Feline: I’ve always been good with makeup. For me, you can’t be too heavy handed, though I love a dark smoky liner. I’m very into that look too. I really like this MAC pencil.

One of the best things I’ve ever tried is Dr. Perricone No Foundation Foundation. It is the greatest product ever. It’s a slight layer to even your skin tone and it’s skin perfecting. I just put a drop on after I wash my face. Even when I run out to get coffee, I’ll put on a little foundation and under-eye concealer, always. You never know who you’re going to run into. You should always expect to run into someone, so your skin should always look perfect.”

-Dani Stahl,  Nylon Magazine Style Editor-at-Large; @danistahl

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