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#TBT: Twiggy’s Lashes

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Twiggy’s petite, thin frame was the basis for her nickname. But the model’s come-hither eyelashes were in stark contrast to the rest of her. While her body was small and slight, her lashes were long, chunky, and bold. And remember, lash extensions weren’t even a thing in the mod ’60s. Icons like Twiggy relied on some serious mascara application to achieve their doe-eyed appearance. Today, we tend to shy away from the clumpiness of Twiggy’s famous lashes, but we’re still on the continuous quest for bold, stand-out eyes. British It Girl Poppy Delevingne nails the doe-eyed look, but for a modern woman: Less of the harsh Twiggy-lash-separation, more va-va-volume.

Here are some of our favorite products to help mimic these statement-making lashes:

Sunday Riley Influencer Mascara ($30) promises one-stroke application and definitely lives up to the claim. We love the glossy finish that wouldn’t dare flake on us… ever.

Don’t be intimidated by the applicator on Givenchy Mister Lash Booster ($31). This transparent formula is a primer (pre-mascara) and a growth serum (think RevitaLash) all in one product. It helps lashes look denser, meaning you can use even less of your favorite mascara.

A perennial favorite and for good reason, Kevyn Aucoin The Essential Mascara ($32) lifts and curls for major fullness.  ‘Nuff said.

You know those tiny lashes on your lower lash line and in the corners of your eyes that are incredibly prone to clumping?  Surrat Pointilliste Mascara ($26) is their new BFF.  It’s specifically designed with a little brush to reach those pesky hairs that are often overlooked.

In terms of best drugstore finds, Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara ($9) is our go-to. It has a unique brush to give your lashes a fanning effect, while the comb applicator lets you apply coat after coat without a clump in sight.

Fans of tubing mascara should look no further than D.J.V. Beautenizer Fiberwig LX Mascara ($22). Since it encapsulates lashes with a fiber-rich film, your lashes will stay long and defined until you choose to remove the formula, and not a minute sooner!  Plus, our editor Sarah describes it as “dope”… what more convincing do you need?

While overachieving can be an obnoxious trait in a person, when it comes to mascara, we want ours to do everythingHourglass Film Noir Mascara ($28) volumizes, lengthens, separates, and conditions. The formula is a bit sticky to avoid smudging, even when on your lower lash line.

Sometimes it’s necessary to bring out the big guns. For those occasions, Eyeko Lash Wardrobe ($24) has you covered. This kit is filled with reusable falsies that are applied with an odorless adhesive to avoid any dreaded eye-watering during application. TIP: If using mascara and liner as well, make sure to apply before the lashes.


-Casey Sharbaugh is the blogger behind www.comfortablycasey.com

Under $10: Mascara

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Best Mascara's for under $10

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: mascara is a female rite of passage… like bearing children, or wearing sky high stilettos. While you can find some amazing mascara formulations from prestige brands, you don’t necessarily have to shell out major cash to elongate your lashes. In fact, some of my favorite mascaras on the market are of the drugstore variety. Here’s the thing about mascara: No matter what, mascara will always dry out (mainly due to the alcohol content in the formulas), and old mascara gives way to clumps, flaking, and raccoon eyes. Why not save some ca$h and pick up a drugstore mascara that is just as good – if not better – than the high-end ones?

Here are some favorite mascaras for under $10:

CoverGirl LashBlast Volume Mascara, Very Black 800 ($6) – One of my all-time favorite mascaras (holy grail material), this formula lengthens, volumizes and declumps. Plus, the plastic applicator really gets into the lashes to separate.LOVE.

Maybelline Volum’ Express The Falsies Mascara Blackest Black ($7) – Maybelline manufactures a variety of HG-worthy mascaras, but this one is at the top of the list. The plastic wand is small enough to hug the lash line while coating and separating each lash for 8 times more volume.

L’Oreal Volume Million Lashes Excess Black ($9) – This newly launched mascara has a specialized wand with extra bristles for intense separation, volume, and that coveted fanned-out look.

e.l.f. 3-in-1 Mascara ($3) – Just because of the bargain price doesn’t mean that your lashes will miss out on big hitting elements like lengthening and volume. Love the wand, it reminds me of Givenchy’s Noir Couture 4-in-1 (for 10 times the price!).

CoverGirl Exact Eyelights Eye-Brightening Mascara ($7) – The clump-free brush separates and adds volume while the slightly colored formulas give your eyes a brighter look and feel. For brown eyes, use Black Gold; for blue eyes use Black Sapphire.

Rimmel Lash Accelerator Mascara Extreme Black ($9) – Natural Grow-Lash Complex works to lengthen lashes by 117% in just 30 days. While it will lengthen instantly, long-term effects are why this mascara is HG-worthy.

Almay One Coat Get Up And Grow Mascara ($8) – Lengthens and strengthens lashes and is ideal for sensitive eyes. The wand shape aids in reaching all lashes, including those itsy-bitsy ones.

Have a favorite mascara for under 10 dollars? Let us know in the comment section below!

The List: Best Mascaras Of 2014

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As we approach the new year, I’ll be doing a series of posts in list format of favorite beauty products in different categories. Some of them will be new launches from this year, some of them will be old, classics from years past, some of them will be recommendations from friends and experts, some of them will be coveted, drugstore finds, but all of them will be must-haves.

And I’d love to hear from YOU… what are your favorites in each category? Feel free to leave your feedback in the comment section below and perhaps you’ll see your recommendation in a future post!

Today, let’s talk mascara!

1. Tarte Lights, Camera, Flashes ($23) – The predecessor, Lights, Camera, Lashes ($20), is definitely a classic favorite, but the new (and, some would say, improved) version, Lights, Camera, Flashes gives even more volume, length, and curls. And I happen to like this plastic bristled applicator better than the fiber one of Lashes. Both formulas are made without parabens or phthalates, so they’re  a great alternative for those interested in greener products.

2. Marc Jacobs O!Mega Lash Volumizing Mascara ($26) – I’ve raved about this mascara several times since discovering the lacquered black formula. But if you still haven’t taken the plunge and purchased a tube, there’s no time like the present. If you want glossy black lashes that are thick and long, look no further: MJ’s got you and your lashes covered.

3. W3ll People Expressionist Bio Extreme Mascara ($24) – By far, the best all natural mascara on the market (in my humble opinion). Made with healthy ingredients including palm and sunflower extract to nourish and organic beeswax and carnauba wax, this product isn’t only good for you, it’s good for lengthening and separating pesky lashes, too. And the thin, plastic bristled brush makes coating those tiny, corner hairs doable.

4. Benefit They’re Real! Mascara ($23) – This mascara is a Jack of all trades, lengthening, separating, curling, and volumizing with its jet-black formula. Adored by makeup artists and enthusiasts alike, They’re Real will give you fake looking lashes without every applying glue. And try the new They’re Real! Push-Up Liner ($24), a wonderful companion to the mascara to create the illusion of thick lashes.

5. CoverGirl Lash Blast Volume Mascara ($4) – When it comes to drugstore buys, CG’s Lash Blast tops the list of one of the best purchases in the aisle. It’s an oldie, but oh, is it good. And I’m not the only one who thinks so: Nicky Hilton introduced me to this gem years ago, and one of my favorite makeup artists, Katey Denno, cites this mascara as her absolute favorite.

6. DiorShow Mascara ($25)- DiorShow has so many fans, it’s probably the most talked about mascara in any of my interviews. Jewelry designer Pamela Love, artist and filmmaker Liz Goldwyn, are just a few of the notable names that use – and love – DiorShow. Choose from DiorShow’s award-winning original or DiorShow’s Iconic Overcurl Mascara ($29) (my personal favorite). Both do your lashes justice with their highly pigmented and volumizing formulas.

7. Lancome Definicils Mascara ($28) – My first foray into Lancome’s fan-favorite mascara was as a young girl watching my mother coat her lashes with this product. Writer and fashionista Stephanie LaCava mentioned this as her “go-to, be all” mascara of choice (read her specific application directions here). My favorite aspect of this specific mascara is the skinny applicator which literally picks up the tiniest of hairs and gives them mega volume.

Weekly Must-Have: Marc Jacobs Beauty O!Mega Lash Volumizing Mascara

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We’re always in the market for a new mascara. In fact, we’re always in the market for longer, fuller, lacquered lashes. And when longer, fuller, lacquered lashes come without clumps, smears, smudges, and flakes… well, we’ve found a product worth coveting.

I had never tried any of the Marc Jacobs Beauty products until a few weeks ago when I got my hands – and lashes – on the Marc Jacobs Beauty O!Mega Lash Volumizing Mascara ($26). My first impression was: sleek and minimal packaging. I opened the the applicator to find a fiber-bristled wand and my immediate interest quickly dissipated. I’m a HUGE fan of rubber wands for the sole purpose that they seem to declump in ways the fiber ones cannot. But hey, I’m open to changes. So, I took the plunge and applied mascara first to my lower lashes (as I always do… read why, plus more application tips here), then to my upper ones. Immediately, I noticed that the formula applies so smoothly without clumps (insert prayer emoji here) and coats every single lash with the most magnificent lacquered black paint. As I made my way to my upper lashes, I realized that this formula isn’t just a one trick pony. No, it also lengthens and thickens. As I moved onto my other eye, lower then upper lashes, I didn’t even have to dip the wand back into the tube. There was enough formula on the applicator to completely coat those lashes too. In total awe, I stepped away from the mirror and took a final look at my peepers. Not a single clump (and no need to use a lash separator) and, the kicker, no unwanted smudges or smears on my under eye or brow bone.

But the real formula test would be that evening when I returned home: would I look like a raccoon? Not entirely impossible considering my lashes were as long as spider legs and uber glossy black like Dita Von Teese’s patent leather stilettos.

NOT A FLAKE. NOT A SMUDGE. NOT A SMEAR. I couldn’t believe it. I’m still in shock. How did Marc Jacobs make a formula so perfect that it elongates, volumizes, coats every lash in an incredibly seductive lacquer black… and it doesn’t budge — at all? Well, I don’t pretend to be a scientist but as a beauty expert who tests everything on myself first, I can say that they achieved the impossible — and I love it. In fact, the bristled brush that I hastily prejudged happens to be awesome at getting tight on the lash line and coating each tiny hair with a single wiggle of the wand.

The only caveat: people will certainly suspect that you’re wearing falsies. And, let’s be honest, that’s more of a compliment than a problem.

PRICE TAG: $26 (Buy here).

Weekly Must-Have: Trish McEvoy High Volume Mascara

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New year, new you… or so they say.  Start off the new year with a bang, and invest in a serious mascara that will have your lashes batting their finest. Clear skin and beautiful lashes are all you need to look pulled together (and all any of us really has time for on a daily basis, right?).

If you buy one product for yourself this new year, make it Trish McEvoy’s High Volume Mascara. It’s a game changer.

I just started using this mascara around Christmas and I cannot tell you the amount of compliments I have received. “Are you wearing falsies?” “Are those your real lashes?” No falsies, yes, they are all mine… with a little help from this magical formula. The Trish McEvoy High Volume Mascara forms water-resistant, 360-degree “tubes” around your lashes so that even the underside is covered and elongated. It’s like mega-volume hairspray for your lashes! The waterproof formula dries instantly so it won’t smear or flake off (even after an entire day of wear!). I’ve been known to rub my eyes from time to time and I usually end up looking like a raccoon by day’s end. But not with this mascara. It literally doesn’t move.

With most waterproof formulas, removal can be a serious b%@!h. Not this one. Simply use warm water (no need for makeup remover) and gently pull at your lashes and the tubes slide right off. It literally could not be easier.

While I’m usually a huge fan of plastic applicators (like CoverGirl’s Lash Blast Mascara), this brush doesn’t contain my beloved rubber bristles. But the wand is thin, the brush even thinner, making it so simple to catch the tiniest of hairs and get as close to the lash line as possible. Honestly, I don’t even miss my plastic applicator!

See 2013 with new eyes. Wow, that should be this mascara’s tag line!

PRICE TAG: $30.00


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If I had a dollar for every time I said I have found my new favorite mascara… I’d be a very rich girl. Well, ladies, I’ve done it again. Another find, another must-have. MAC Studio Fix Lash Mascara. And to think, it was just idly sitting in my drawer this entire time.

I recently did a clean out of all of my mascaras. It was time. They were getting old and clumpy and not applying properly which was frusterating the sh*t out of me. That’s when I decided to look in my drawer of tricks (goodies) for a new mascara. And then I found it. MAC Studio Fix Lash.

With it’s skinny plastic applicator, it gets the formula in those hard to reach places – like the inner corners of your eyes and directly on the lash line. With one application I have mega volume, clump-free and the perfect separation. The color is that dark black, almost like falsies. And it stays on all day without so much as rubbing or flecking off.

A word (or several…) from the company:

“Innovative, mousse-like formula gives superior definition, volume and lift by filling in sparse lashes for a dramatic effect. New moulded brush prevents clumping. Rich in pigments. Long-wearing polymers quickly coat from root to tip. Keeps lashes light, lifted, supple, and full. No clumping.”

I’ve got to assume that this is a makeup artist favorite because the applicator really allows you to get into the lash line while the formula gives you that fake lash look. And it’s SO easy to apply – how can you not go gaga over it? Perfect finish to a smokey eye. Or great to wear alone for a heavy lash effect with a bold red lip. LOVE IT!

So, if you’re like me and on a constant quest for the best mascara, you must try this one! And let me know your thoughts!!! Do you adore as much as we do? 

PRICE TAG: $14.00 (I must say, very affordable for a high end mascara in these current times!)

WEEKLY MUST-HAVE: Chanel Inimitable Mascara

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Oh where, oh where has this mascara been hiding?! I’ve discovered my newest holy grail mascara just in time for the holiday season. If you’re in the market for a new mascara, pay close attention…. I’m hearting Chanel Inimitable Mascara in Black.

Let’s start with the applicator – always a telltale sign of what’s to come. This mascara boasts a thin plastic applicator, great for getting into those hard to reach places. The formula is outstanding. It volumizes, lengthens, curls and separates all while coating eyes with the blackest black. What I really notice when wearing this mascara is how it doesn’t clump… SIGH. While my lashes are long, long, long and thick, they’re also clump-free and pure batty lashes. I was noticing with my old must-have, Dior Extase, that my lashes were clumping like crazy and while the formula delivered lengthy lashes, it didn’t do much in the separation department.

A word (or several…) from the company:

“A sophisticated formula and unique brush design combine to deliver lush, long-wearing colour so precisely that each lash, even the finest, is perfectly defined and separated. Pro-Vitamin B5 hydrates and conditions lashes to keep them supple and healthy-looking.”

I’ve discovered my new daily must-have mascara — what have YOU been wearing?

PRICE TAG: $30.00

REVIEW: CoverGirl Eye Lights Mascara

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My friend Kaycee swears by CoverGirl’s newest mascara revolution: Eye Lights, mascara suited for your eye color. Kinda genius, I must admit, so naturally, I had to try the goods.

Here’s what it is:
A light-reflecting metallic mascara and a hint of tint that brings out your blues, browns, hazels and greens, with the patented no-clump brush to help define lashes. For brown eyes, CoverGirl has made an exclusive black pearl color. For blue eyes, it’s black sapphire with a hint of blue, for green eyes, black ruby with a pop of purple, and for hazel eyes, you have black gold.

While Kaycee used the black ruby for her green peepers — and yes, they did look brighter and greener — the same exact color on my golden eyes seemed rather dreary. While the formula still lengthened my lashes, the color was a tad poopish (yes, I said poop). I decided to buy my color — I’m somewhere between black gold and black pearl but opted for black pearl as I live for dark, full lashes, and let me tell you, black pearl turned my lashes into fierceness. My eyes looked brighter — even a tad lighter — while my lashes looked long and clump-free. But I must admit, my brown/ hazel peepers will be sticking to the CoverGirl Lash Blast as I’m a sucker for the real deal: black mascara.

If you’re into a hint of color, this mascara is one to try.

PRICE TAG: $4.99


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My loves of KORRES began with their products for body, specifically Yoghurt Body Butter and Watermelon Body Scrub. With their commitment to eco-consciousness from concept to packaging, I am forever impressed by their selection. From haircare to skincare I use their products faithfully. More recently I began checking out the KORRES Color line from moisturizing lip balms and glosses to silicon-free primer. In greening my makeup one of the last things remaining were my old eyeliners. With the variety KORRES had to offer I was excited to give them a try.

I love eyeliner. But I was having trouble finding eco-friendly options I liked. The KORRES line offers 12 vibrant hues. It wasn’t actually so much a problem of finding a color I liked rather picking which one to use first. I have hazel eyes and my sister has green; we both found colors we loved in the KORRES line. I think the metallic brown is a great alternative to black and their green is a great deep color that made my eyes pop. My sister loved the cobalt blue. The pencil itself is perfect for making a sharp line but applies without pulling at the skin and the color lasts with minimal smudging (they’d also work well to create a smoky eye effect). Made using antioxidant Vitamin E to moisturize and macadamia oil which “rebalances dryness without clogging the pores or irritating the sensitive eye area” the liners are available individually for $16. KORRES offers are great value set including the black, blue black and gold for $25 (a $48 value).

This was also my chance to finally try KORRES mascara. For everyday the Provitamin B5 and Rice Bran mascara ($18) thrills me to no end because it not only nourishes lashes and creates volume but it also comes in five colors. FIVE. For those who want mascara without parabens, petrochemicals and other synthetics, you’re usually limited to black. Not always great for those with lighter hair or lashes. But KORRES offers this mascara in
black, blue black, grey green and brown. And they’ve just created a travel size in black ($8) perfect for your purse, suitcase or to give the line a try. For a more dramatic effect try the Abyssinia Oil mascara ($20). My sister loves deep, black lashes and this was perfect (it’s also available in brown, cobalt blue and plum). Made with Abyssinia oil “offering
excellent pigment for the most dramatic look,” along with Vitamin E, Provitamin B5 and bamboo extract.

Our friends at KORRES are extending their Friends & Family discount to Beauty Banter readers. Shop www.korresusa.com now through November 13th and receive 30% off! With any purchase over $25 get a deluxe sample of Age-Reversing Oak Night Cream, too. Enter promo code FAMILY at checkout. Shop for yourself or get a jump start on the holidays. xo alex.

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