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My favorite issue of Vanity Fair Magazine, the Hollywood issue, has revealed it’s coveted cover featuring 15 fabulous celebrities rocking old-Hollywood styled gowns and suits and makeup and hair ‘do’s to boot.

(click to make image larger)

Hair guru Oribe was on hand to work his magic on all 15 of the talented men and women… and he’s spilling his secrets on how you, too, can get the look:

INSPIRATION: The ‘30’s with polished, classic movie star styles for this star-studded cover shoot.

Oribe noted that for women of the cover, it was all about waves, curls and old Hollywood
glamour.  Oribe styled most of the actresses with a similar type of pincurl set then tweaked each
look to complement their individual style, personality and features.  The men wore their hair in
side parts for a groomed, Clark Gable inspired style.


Anne Hathaway – Anne’s look was created with a ’30s pincurl set.  I used a 1-inch-barrel curling
iron to curl her hair, section by section, spraying it with Oribe Soft Lacquer Heat Styling Spray
along the way. After I made each curl, I rolled it up and pinned it to the head. This helps lock
the curl into a soft, lasting wave.  After Anne’s makeup was done, I took down the curls and
brushed through with a Mason Pearson Boar Bristle Brush, shaping the wave to frame her face.
I sprayed Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray through the sides and ends of her hair to add volume and
softness to the ends to complete the look.

Jennifer Lawrence – Jennifer is a rising star – she’s amazing!  For her hair, I created a wave
similar to that of Anne’s and set it with Oribe Soft Lacquer Heat Styling Spray, but used a bigger
1.5-inch-barrel curling iron.  I pinned back the sides of her hair back to open up her face and
keep the look very soft.

Olivia Wilde – I wanted Olivia to have very glamorous movie-star hair. Again, I created a similar
wave and set with the same products, but I pinned one side back to tailor her look since she had
on a killer dress that was all cut out on the sides.  We wanted her hair to be wavy, but brushed
out and a little fuzzy for a classic, sexy style.

Mila Kunis – I kept Mila’s pincurl set flatter on top with big waves through the sides.  I used
a 1.5-inch curling iron to keep the style looking soft.  Mila is young and cool, so I wanted
something that felt easy and effortless but still had that sophisticated movie star quality.

Rashida Jones – Rashida’s hair was styled in the same way, but with a smaller ½-inch barrel
curling iron to add drama to her chin-length bob.  For her look we went for the classic Marlene
Dietrich length and texture.  She was very into it; the pin curls were great on her.  This was also
one of my favorites because the look was very strong.

Noomi Rapace – Noomi is extraordinary, her cheekbones and face shape are beautiful, so I
wanted her to have an elegantly shaped updo.  I also knew this style would look great from all
angles when shot from the back since Noomi was placed on the side, facing inwards.  I ran
Oribe Rock Hard Gel through her hair while it was wet, swept it back and twisted it, keeping the
style very sleek.  This look is very chic and it showcases her hair’s beautiful sheen.

To recreate most of the men’s styles, start with wet hair – it’s important to have a good haircut
that’s shorter on the sides and in the back. Run a generous amount of Oribe Gel Sérum through
the hair, make a side part and comb the hair into place. After you are satisfied with the shape
and angles, spray Oribe Soft Lacquer Heat Styling Spray all over to hold the look and maintain
great shine.

The only male actor with a different style was Jesse Eisenberg from The Social Network. He
had a fuller look and tons of hair, so he didn’t really want the style held too tightly to the head.
I used Oribe Rough Luxury Molding Wax on his hair, created a part, combed it a bit and kept it
very natural.

Who do you want to look like?
For me, it’s Mila Kunis, hands down!

Lady Gaga Covers Vanity Fair, September… Grey Nails Are Hot!

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Is it just me or is Lady Gaga channeling her inner Lindsay Lohan on this Vanity Fair cover? I think it’s the hair, it’s gotta be the hair. Very Lohan-esque — long and layered. But Gaga is the ice princess version of Lohan’s super tanned physique.

I’m shocked to see Gaga so exposed. And by exposed I mean I can actually see her features. She’s not hiding behind a mask or some seriously outrageous outfit. Despite the big, dramatic, glam-slam eyes (lashes aplenty), her makeup is actually quite tepid. Everything is so grey and beige. It’s like the undertone of the magazine is just…. taupe and Gaga is taupe’s leading lady.

Even check out the nails – beige, too.

And here’s a little 411 on the nail situation. Deborah Lippmann, manicurist to the stars, styled Lady Gaga’s nails with Waking Up In Vegas. The putty-licious gray crème is a super-sultry rendition of the popular grey-nail look and, no doubt, it blends in ever so nicely with the bland palette of colors we are exploring for Gaga on this cover.

To purchase the Deborah Lippmann shade used on Lady Gaga ($16.00), click here.

January Covers

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Lady Gaga — looking quite sedated — covers Elle

Jennifer Garner — gothic and gorgeous — covers W

A pale and blonde Rachel McAdamas covers Vogue.

SJP and her hair cover Glamour

A smiling Natalie Portman covers Marie Claire

A very airbrushed Olivia Wilde covers Lucky Magazine

What’s your favorite January 2010 cover?
I vote for Lady Gaga on the cover of Elle. She actually looks…. dare I say, pretty in an Old Hollywood pussycat glam way!

Gisele Uncovers For Vanity Fair

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Gisele Bundchen-Brady (I’m not sure if she’s gotten around to legally hyphenating the surname, but she should. It has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?) graces the April cover of Vanity Fair with an envy-inducing pic of the supermodel’s perpetually golden bare body and flawless complexion. The caption reads: “The Most Beautiful Women In The World?” I think someone over at VF got their punctuation wrong. A question mark? More like an exclamation point!


Shot by famed fashion photographer, Mario Testino, the spread includes a collage of motivating, this-is-why-I-must-diet nudes of the model’s banging bod. Oh yeah, the article accompanying the
images is rather inspiring too. Gisele channels her “spiritual” and “positive” side; she’s like the female version of P. Diddy’s twitter persona (LET’S GO!) — shall we call her G. Diddy?

I digress. Back to the beauty. Gisele’s like a diamond in the rough – a gem in a sea of charcoal. She’s so hot, she’s forced to carry around a fire extinguisher in case she bursts into flames. She’s like a — you get the point.

Here’s how you can recreate Gisele’s au naturale face:

Start by applying a tinted moisturizer to add a healthy glow to the complexion. Try Laura Mercier’s Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer with SPF 20. For that light smokey eye, apply a muted, matte brown shadow to the lid and below the lower lash line, smudging out. Finish with a few coats of a thickening mascara. MAC’s Pro Lash in Coal Black will give eyes that va-va-voom pop. For cheeks, a subtle apricot glow helps to define bone structure. I’m loving Prescriptives In Bloom Cheek Color Duo in Warm. It has two shades that, when mixed together, create a shimmering hue that suits most every skin tone. Finish off the look with a peach lippy. Try to find a shade that works in tandem with your newly bronzed complexion.

Vogue May 2009 Cover!

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The highly anticipated May Vogue cover featuring 9 fabulous supermodels just leaked onto the e-verse…

Yes, ladies and gents, it’s the return of the supermodel… although I don’t quite know all of these ladies by name – I’ve got to brush up on my supermodel trivia. (click image to enlarge)

Shot by the fabulous Steven Meisels, this cover has all of the ingredients of the old school magazine covers – when models – not actresses and reality stars – actually graced the front of a magazine.

Hotness squared.

My favorite is Isabelli Fontana (4th from left) – she is gorge!

What do you think about the cover? Who are you loving?

OMFG Does Rolling Stone

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The Gossip Girl crew got down and dirty with Rolling Stone Magazine. I must say, Leighton Meester (a.k.a. Blair Waldorf) looks sizzling, smoldering, absolutely stunning! This sultry eye make-up is to die!

As they say, to feel sexy, you must act sexy. So, fake it ’til you make it! And feast your eyes on the below hottness for some inspiration….

Aren’t you salivating for a cone of your own?

Sometimes a piece of licorice is just a piece of licorice… and sometimes it’s so much more!

Blair Waldorf sucks… on thumbs (preferably not her own).

Bed head, defined.

Pics shot by Terry Richardson for Rolling Stone Magazine. Click here for more photos, video and GG gossip!

P.S. Ed Westwick has a chest full of hair… thoughts?

Blake Lively Does Vogue

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We already mentioned that Blair Waldorf (a.k.a. Leighton Meester) graced the February cover of Teen Vogue. In typical Gossip Girl fashion, Serena van der Woodsen (a.k.a. Blake Lively) one-ups Blair by plastering her mug on the February issue of Vogue magazine.

Blake is rocking the whole old-Hollywood glam with a fresh, youthful twist. Black lined eyes, vixen red lips, defined brows and voluptuous hair. If Blake is channeling Veronica Lake, than Leighton was channeling Mickey Mouse (sorry!).

To recreate this look:

Try lining the eyes with a liquid liner–top and bottom. I like MAC’s fluidline in Blacktrack. You’ll need a brush to use the liner but you’ll also be able to control the thickness. Use a volumizing mascara (this look is all about the liner and lashes!). Try Tarte’s Lights, Camera, Lashes. You’ll want to create full brows, so use a powder to fill in those thin patches. Try Elke Von Freudenberg’s Nite Brow Shadows and her Hi-Lite Shadow on the brow bone for a more defined arch. For lips, use a red lippy with an orange undertone. I heart MAC’s Russian Red! Lastly, use a red wash on the apples of your cheeks (Stila’s convertible color in Poppy offers the perfect red hue).

October Magazine Covers

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3 Covers, 3 Looks… Fall has arrived and it’s fierce!

W Magazine boasts a pale and regal (and totally done-up) Anne Hathaway:

Elle Magazine has a tanned and glammed (dramatic eyes, nude lips) J.Lo:

British Vogue chooses an au-naturel Kate Moss (this screams to me: “safari-chic”):

I’m loving all three of these covers – hot and sultry women with sexy makeup. Fall is all about evoking a statement – be it subtle, striking or totally glamorous!

Which cover do YOU fancy?


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Keira Knightley on the September cover (the most coveted) of Vogue Magazine…

(click image to enlarge)

Ummm, is her hair pulled back or is this just a very bad hair day?

Can someone please explain to me what exactly she is wearing? (I count 2 belts, a dress, jeans or slacks – not sure, and a choker necklace).

This is the September cover… that’s supposed to mean something! September sets the entire year of fashion in motion.

I feel like we’re being Punk’d… Where’s Ashton?

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