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Drugstore Find: L’Oreal Infallible Stars Never Fail Lipcolour Compact

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L’Oreal’s latest rendition of their Infallible Never Fail Lipcolour Compact has a little star power to boot. They’ve chosen 6 of their celebrity spokeschicks to personally select the newest shades of the collection: Beyonce, Andie MacDowell, Diane Keaton, Eva Longoria Parker, Kate del Castillo and Linda Evangelista, hence the new name, Infallible Stars Never Fail Lipcolour Compact. It’s like a MAC collab but with a drugstore price!

Just in case you’re not familiar with the Infallible Never Fail Lipcolour Compact, here’s a quick tutorial: It’s two-sided – one side houses the color, the other houses the moisture balm to seal in the color. First you apply the color, second, the conditioning balm. In total, this lipstick lasts up to 16 hours without fading. It comes in over 30 shades and the compact has a built-in mirror perfect for on-the-go touch-ups. It’s basically the holy grail of lipsticks.

Now, with the celebrity endorsements, enter 6 more shades:

Beyonce’s Red (my favorite, pictured), Andie’s Rose, Diane’s Tuberose, Eva’s Caramel, Kate’s Plum nad Linda’s Beige. The compact comes with a personalized celebrity autograph and is available NOW!


PRICE TAG: $11.99

Drugstore Find: L’Oreal Studio Secrets Primer

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I’m a huge advocate of priming the skin before applying makeup. Like an artist with a canvas, it’s imperative to prime the area before painting. Same is true with the face.

I love Make Up Forever HD Primer, Rock & Republic Primer and Smashbox’s Photofinish Primer. But these can run you around 20-30 dollars and for something that is inevitably going to be coverd up and layered over, you may not want to spend the big bucks on primer.

Enter L’Oreal’s newest secret: Studio Secrets Professional Primer. This 2-step pre-makeup process will leave skin smooth and resurfaced, even and neutralized.

STEP 1: There’s also a Magic Perfecting Base which gives skin an instant matte look and silky finish (you use this prior to the primer colors). As with most primers, it also covers slight imperfections and evens out skin tone due to large pores and/or wrinkles. This particular one leaves skin SO soft it’s literally transformed into baby skin.

STEP 2: The primer comes in 3 formulas which instantly neutralize color imperfections and add radiance: Anti-Redness, a green formula to neutralize skin redness; Anti-Dullness for light skin and Anti-Dullness for dark skin. Both illuminate and add warmth to the skin.

Using the 2 “primers” in conjunction really does leave the skin illuminated, poreless and flawless. It’s so worth the extra step in makeup application.

So, remember prime before painting. Your face will thank-you.

PRICE TAG: $12.95

Eye Cream: From High End to Low End

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I love me an eye cream that actually works. Despite the cost, eye cream is a must have in my beauty arsenal.

To me, aside from chapstick, eye cream is my skin care must-have. And a good old bar of soap. And exfoliator. And sunblock. Okay, I have many beauty necessities but eye cream is definitely up there.

I was delighted to discover L’Oreal’s newest affordable eye cream created especially for morning and night with dual sided applicators. The works night and day to give your eyes moisture, anti-wrinkle prevention and spf protection. The formula, made with Pro Retinol A, helps to repair broken skin fibers and the smooth the surface of deep set eyes. I like that it’s thick without being greasy and really does leave a lasting impression on my peepers. $12.00

At a bit of a pricier splurge, Peter Thomas Roth has recently launched his version of the am/pm eye cream. Eye Overhaul Duo works on both protection and prevention.

The daytime formula has SPF 30 and suberlift to smooth and firm while the nighttime gel-like formula has Haloxyl, Regu-Age and light diffusers help and reduce the appearance of dark circles. Caffeine also helps to reduce under eye puffiness and tired eyes. It’s like a giant glass of vitamins for the eyes. Everything just looks happier through brighter eyes. LOVE! $58.00

A few of my favorite things… Lippies

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What’s more alluring than a nice pair of luscious lips?

Uh.. nothing?

Well, maybe the lippies that make those lips so luscious. I’m obsessed with the pucker for fall.

Here are a few of my current favorite…. lippies!

– It’s an anomaly. Seriously, part gloss, part stain (not sure if it is actually a stain but the color stays on for so long it very well should be), all plump. My lips look more than massive, they look magically enlarged. Plumped rose and plumped tawny (pictured) are by far my favorite, must-have fall nudes. The wand is an added bonus. Exactly like Lancome’s wand, the sponge is large and a bit flattened for precise paint-on application. Score! $9.99

Korres Lip Butter – Jasmine is my favorite – extra moisturizing, mega shine in a sheer seashell wash. It’s definitely more of a chapstick (sans the stick) than a lippy (reminds me of Labello but in a soft form). The lip butter is the perfect go-to balm for day as it literally only adds a hint of hue. I like it for night layered ontop of a stain for a bit more color with shine and hydration (so lips don’t look chaffed). BONUS: Can also be used as a cheek tint! Wild Rose is a lovely deep red sheen, great for faux-blushing. $9.00

Givenchy Gloss Interdit Ultra-Shiny Color Plumping Effect – a little bling never hurt a pout. This lippy is full of color, plump, shine and shimmer. In fact, the bristled wand is so precise that it’s truly like painting the pout. And the color — more than a wash but less than a lipstick — lasts surprisingly long for a gloss. The plump is similiar to the L’oreal Infallible Plumpers with extra sparkle. Favorite hue is #13, Delectable Brown, a warm golden beige. $24.50 (Sephora exclusive).

Clinique Vitamic C Lip Smoothie – Vitamins and antioxidants + a hint of color? Fabulous! As always, Clinique delivers an amazing lippy in gorgeous sheer hues. It moisturizes, protects and shines. Nude-tricious, a gorgeous beigey-nude hue and Fig-a-licious (pictured), a barely-there mauvish-pink, are my picks. I heart the brush-on applicator with actual bristles! $17.50

Cover Girl Outlast Lipstain – It’s like a magic marker… actually, it’s a pen that stains lips for the ENTIRE day — through breakfast, lunch, dinner and a few kisses in between. Application is as easy as writing your name. Color 400 (pictured) is my favorite. It’s so universally appealing — a raspberry meets watermelon pink — that the fairest of skins to the darkest tones will look fab in said hue. My only gripe is that the applicator tip has a tendency to try out rather rapidly. $7.49

What’s your current favorite lippy?

Drugstore Find: Kohl Eyeliner

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Finally! An inexpensive product that takes the guessing work out of applying eyeliner. L’Oreal’s HIP (High Intensity Pigments) Kohl Eyeliner is like an extremely pigmented, bold and finely milled loose powder stuffed into a tube with an extra long wand that completely absorbs the pigments for precise application.

The liner comes in 6 dramatic smudge-proof shades: burgundy, navy, teal, gold, brown and black. The velvety colors line and define any look, but are especially amazing when creating a smokey eye as the loose powder makes it ridiculously easy to blend. And this stuff stays… I mean, all day long.

But my favorite part of this liner has got to be the brush… after all, it’s always about the brush. It’s like a hard sponge that has some give to it so it moves nicely with the contours of your eyes. Application is so effortless, you can literally just dot on and blend a bit and still get a great looking line.

The only thing to be cautious of are the miscellaneous remnants of application feathering. The powder has a tendency to get a bit all over… I just put a piece of tissue under my eye before applying and it seems to do the trick.


Warning: Do Not Try This Product At Home

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In fact, don’t try this product anywhere, ever. L’Oreal’s New Sublime Bronze Luminous Bronzer Self-Tanning Lotion is all shades of wrong. Literally, look at what it did to my skin:

There’s nothing worse than streaking and now I look like I have some sort of skin disease.

Let’s asses:

The company gushes, “Go from pale princess to luminous bronze goddess in an instant.” True, except I’d replace “luminous bronze goddess” with “tragically streaked skin.”

“A beautifully radiant sun-kissed look, streak-free, sun-free.” NOT TRUE (save for the sun-free part)! Just glance at my arm – does that look streak-free to you?

“All with a new deliciously fresh summer scent.” If summer smells like a tanning bed, then yes, this is summer’s very own scent. Delicious and fresh? Not quite.

The color is so obviously from a bottle (a very dark brown that is anything but natural), the formula is sticky and, sadly, it even smells fake. I’m usually a huge fan of L’Oreal bronzers – their Sublime Glow was one of my picks for best bronzers of 2007. Not this product.

Seems to me that someone at the L’Oreal chemist’s lab needs a refresher course on self-bronzers.

You’ve been warned, ladies, you’ve been warned.

Now excuse me while I spend the rest of the day scrubbing my arm with cleaning detergent. No, seriously.

Have YOU ever experienced a horrendous fake tan?
What did YOU do?


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It has been AWHILE. Back, by popular demand, is our weekly must-have!

This week, an incredible new invention from those genius’ over at L’Oreal. The Paris Clean Artiste Makeup Corrector Pen is a necessary product for anyone – and everyone – who likes to play with makeup!

It’s a portable pen with a slant-tip applicator that easily touches up makeup mistakes like lipstick stains or eye color smudges. It corrects the mistake without removing all of the makeup.

The corrector pen’s slant-tipped applicator won’t tug or pull on skin and the formula aids to remove mishaps quickly and effectively. It provides the correct amount of remover every time, unlike when you try to do it yourself with a soaked q-tip and water (and when out on the town, who really carries makeup remover in their Valentino clutch?)!

Now, it’s convenient and easy to remove that excess black MAC Raven liner that’s gooed up in the corner of your eyes as you spend the evening bar hopping!

PRICE TAG: $10.95

L’Oreal Goes Sulfate-Free with EverPure

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Sulfates suck at every price (click here for refresher why). Now, drugstore brands are realizing the toll that sulfates take on the hair and companies like L’Oreal have launched their version of the sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner.

L’Oreal’s EverPure Sulfate-Free Color Care System is one of the first mass brands to create a line of natural products that won’t strip hair of color. The shampoos and conditioners are 100% sulfate-free, 100% vegan, are free of harsh, drying salts, are made of all natural botanicals and contain UVA/ UVB filters.

I tried the Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner and I was unexpectedly impressed. Even the scent is more natural (rosemary and juniper). The shampoo doesn’t lather as aggresively as ones that contain sulfates (sulfate is the ingredient that produces the sud), but rest assured, it’s still doing the job. The Smooth Conditioner is great – it moisturized but didn’t weigh my hair down. And my hair dried with volume, shine and tangle-free!

The EverPure line consists of smooth, moisture and volume products, ranging from shampoos to UV protection sprays to hair serums.

I’m obsessed with Pureology’s Sulfate-Free Purifying Shampoo and Conditioner, but in these trying times, a drugstore find is truly a dollar well saved.

Click here to check out L’Oreal’s 10 tips for healthy haircare such as rubbing hair with a towel when wet can actually cause tangles…

PRICE TAG: $6.99 for shampoo


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I love finding a great hair serum! The oil can literally change the texture and life of your hair… it’s like a trip to the salon without ever leaving your house!

I’ve long been a fan of Kerastase’s Oleo-Relax. It’s a brilliant smoothing serum for dry hair. Other serums have come and gone, but Kerastase has remained a permanent staple in my hair care cabinet. One tiny problem: it’s a bit pricey – at $43.99 my hair better be shining like a 10 karat diamond! But, I get it, not every wants to spend almost 50 bucks on hair drops!

Well, fellow beauties, I have finally found an alternative that is just as amazing yet a fraction of the price – L’Oreal Serie Expert Liss Extreme Shine Perfecting Serum.

It’s ultra light, full of shine, and perfectly suitable at punching up your natural (or fake) curls. Plus, this serum actually makes highlighted hair “pop.” I don’t know how, but when you apply to your hair, it gives contrast and texture to your highlights. This product is definite salon-quality (so soft, so smooth, so stunning!).

PRICE TAG: $18.10 for 4.25 oz.

A word (or several..) from the company:
“L’Oreal Serie Expert Liss Extreme Shine Perfecting Serum smoothes and soften with a unique combination of Bio-Mimetic Ceramide, Smoothing Agents and Amino Essence Complex.”

Beauty Secret: Both Kerastase Oleo-Relax and L’Oreal Liss Perfecting Serum are made by… L’Oreal! So, rest assured, you’re getting pretty much the same quality ingredient in both products!

Skin Genesis is Sorta Genius

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I’ve used the Cetaphil moisturizer for ages now – it’s inexpensive and effective – yet, lately it’s been making my skin oily. So while thumbing through a fashion magazine recently, I came across this advertisement for L’oreal’s Skin Genesis moisturizing cream. The model? Well, she’s really an actress with a great gig as a L’oreal spokesperson… the gorgeous and pore-free skinned, Penelope Cruz.

Yes, I must admit, I got taken by an advertisement. But, come on! Penelope Cruz has just about the greatest skin of anyone on this planet… and I can’t help wanting gorgeous skin myself! I finally had a chance to try the Skin Genesis moisturizer (oil-free, of course) and, I’ve gotta say, I’m a fan!

The Skin Genesis Oil-Free Daily Moisturizer won the Allure Best of Beauty “Beauty Breakthrough” award in October. And the entire Skin Genesis line has been creating a lot of buzz. The technology is this:  They call it “green chemistry.” Pro-Xylane, an ingredient in the product, comes from the wood of beach trees.  With this new water-based process that L’oreal uses to extract the ingredient, trees and soil are left unharmed.  Sounds cool, although I can’t comment on the reality of this process.

Here’s what I do know: Not only is the moisturizer oil-free, but it boosts cellular renewal to help erase fine lines. It also helps to maintain an even skin tone while keeping the skin’s layers hydrated. It starts with the outer layer, and works inward, thus you look younger from the first application.  And I loved the way it felt on my skin… it definitely penetrated throughout, not leaving a greasy layer on my face.  My only problem is that it contains fragrance… and people with sensitive skin should always avoid fragrance.
Have you tried any products from the Skin Genesis line?  Have a favorite?

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