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Makeup: J’adore Dior

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On my recent jaunt to Paris, I had the pleasure of going as a guest of Dior Beauty for the launch of the Dior Addict Extreme Lipstick (my favorite Brit, Kate Moss, just so happens to be the face of the collection). My three day Dior stay was equal parts educational, inspiring, and extremely pampering (an hour and a half L’Ore de Vie facial and massage at the Dior Institut in the Plaza Athenee – I highly, highly recommend as this is pampering at its finest!).

As part of the Addict Extreme launch, Dior chose a handful of bloggers from around the world to come to Paris for a day of makeup and photos at the Dior Couture Salon on Avenue Montaigne (above the Dior store). Before I discuss the lippies, let me digress briefly and share my experience of the Dior Couture Salon. In one word: magnificent. This is the place where many of the beautiful runway dresses, shoes and jewels go to live out the remainder of the their days. It’s like a Dior couture museum. From the 7 inch stilettos (that I tried to buy) to a breathtakingly fabulous aubergine tulle gown that was calling my name (I offered to try it on, they politely declined), to fur boas the color of candy and necklaces that weigh more than me, the Dior Salon is a place that speaks to the brand’s unbelievable longevity and heritage. The walls of the stairwells are adorned with photos – some of Mr. Dior, others of celebrities in Dior. One photo that caught my attention was an image of Marilyn Monroe in a beautiful black armless dress, cinched at the waist and billowed out at the skirt. She has several strands of pearls around her neck and looks as elegant as I’ve ever seen her. One of the men who worked at the Paris office of Dior noticed me studying the photo and explained that this was the last photo shoot of Marilyn Monroe ever taken. She is wearing Christian Dior. Chills.

Enough couture, onto beauty. We were first instructed to choose a look – one of four – that went with the four color families represented by the 12 new Addict Extreme shades: Lucky, inspired by muse Kate Moss, is a sheer pink; Incognito, a discreet beige, is an homage to the chic Parisian woman; Plaza, a mauve shade, is inspired by the Plaza Athenee hotel; and Riviera, a bright coral, is an ode to sunny, island getaways. The other 8 shades all range within these color families (a spectrum of corals, mauves, beiges, and pinks – click here for all of the 12 colors).

After choosing Lucky as my look (an obvious choice as anything Kate Moss and pink pretty much means I’ll love it) – very fresh and modern with a lovely pink pout and a subtle smoky eye – Dior makeup artist Violette went to work creating the look. A manicurist painted my nails a matching shade from the new Dior Vernis Lacquer colors (I don’t remember the last time I put a color on my nails but, hey, when in Paris, do as the Parisians do…). After makeup and nails were completed, I was introduced to the entire line of lip colors where I had the chance to play around with the shades and the consistency. Here’s what I love about the lippies: while the shades are incredibly colorful, the formula is somewhat sheer making the lipstick actually appear glossy rather than matte, and not too pigmented. If you want a deeper color, all you need to do is layer. I am a huge fan of sheer for spring and summer and, while I love a bold pink or a crisp red lip, I also like the option of wearing it sheer. This lipstick allows you the ability to do both. And every single one of the 12 shades is completely wearable. There isn’t a single color that is trendy or over-the-top. Classic and classy, just as you’d expect from Dior.


Then it was onto the photo shoot. A few props (necklace, hot pink boa, a wide-brimmed hat), a quick reapply of my Lucky lippy, and I was ready for my close-up!


*BIG thanks to Bryn Kenny and the entire Paris Dior team.



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I’m not quite sure where to begin. There really isn’t any one woman who has affected me more on a beauty or fashion level than Kate Moss. When I was a tween/ teen, Kate Moss was the ultimate. Remember those CK ads with Marky Mark (aka Mark Wahlberg)? I really wasn’t sure which one I liked more – Marky and his buff abs or Kate and her lanky limbs.

Coming off of a decade of supermodel superpower where amazonian curvaceous women graced the pages of magazines and the runways, Kate Moss was, in my opinion, a much needed change.

Kate was shorter than your average model – by many inches, definitely bonier, perhaps even with a boy-like body (absolutely no boobs) and she had these crooked teeth, a head too big for her body, massively wide-set eyes that were almost alien, ultra thin brows – everything seemed all wrong yet somehow it was the wrongness that made her so right. She was far from perfect, thus making her more relatable. So unlike the Cindy’s, Naomi’s, Stephanie’s and Christy’s that we were used to. She made me feel like maybe one day, I too, could be a model with my imperfect teeth, double A boobs (that’s beyond flat, for those not in the know), 5’6″ frame and skinny, boyish figure.

I was instantly mesmerized. It was the first time that I had become intrigued by a model for more than simply her looks. I wanted to know about Kate’s wardrobe (her boho-chic style was envy inducing), her boyfriends (Johnny Depp!? – I spent too many hours thinking about how beautifully sexy their children would be), her wild partying ways (yes, Kate can be credited for coining the term “heroin-chic,” and then a flock of other 1990’s models joined the crew). She seemed to live such a fast, sexy life and I wanted in on it. If I couldn’t be Kate, I wanted to be her best friend (and raid her closet). In some weird way, Kate Moss seemed like the approachable supermodel.

And then there were her pictures. Those editorial images shot by the likes of every major fashion photographer: the way Kate was like a chameleon – she could look girlie and sweet in one picture and vampy and seductive in the very next. She looked beautiful bare faced and beautiful with a full face of makeup. Kate’s success is truly unparalleled – even with “bad boy” boyfriends, a child out of wedlock and a drug scandal, she has stood the test of time. And perhaps that has to do with the uniqueness of her look, but there are many unique looking girls in the world. Perhaps, it’s a testament to her keen business sense – she is so much more than just a model (take, for example, her design deal with Top Shop). But I like to believe that Kate Moss is still relevant because, at the end of the day, what a model needs most of all is a beautiful photograph. And there is no one that photographs quite like Kate… she sure knows how to work a camera, and that’s something you’re born with, something that comes from the soul – not something you can be taught or poked and prodded to look like. Her style, confidence, humor and unique sense of beauty make Kate Moss my beauty and style maven.

Here are a few of my favorite iconic Kate Moss images:


AND…. here’s a really cool video of a very young Kate Moss auditioning for L’Oreal in the beginning of her modeling days (she didn’t get the gig)… a very interesting example of Kate’s confidence and natural sexuality.

Everyone has a favorite Kate Moss photo or story —

What’s yours?

Tell us in the comment section below…

(Bonus points if you can send us a link to a photo that we’ve never seen!)

*all images from sarahrhoward.tumblr.com

What Color Do You Die For?!

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Ludovic (colorist to the stars) at the Pierre Michel Salon in NYC dishes on the most sought-after hair colors…

For Blondes: Heidi Klum and Kate Moss

For Brunettes: Angelina Jolie

Most requested hair color ever…


Ludovic just colored my locks and the look I went for… Giselle… golden honey!

(this pic is taken in very dark lighting so it actually makes my color look darker then it is… I’ll try and post some better pics later!)

Light’s, Camera, Rimmel

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Bristish make-up giant, Rimmel (you know, the company that calls Kate Moss their spokesperson…), well, they’ve just come out with a very convenient and functioning lip gloss… Light Beam Lip Gloss!

Get this! The gloss actually has a little flashlight attached to the outside of the wand so it’s perfect to use in those dark clubs and bars! It’s really quite genius if you think about it. No more painting by numbers!

My only problem: The gloss isn’t super glossy. It took a couple of dips to get the wand lathered up with enough gloss to make my pout puckerable!

Light Beam is available in 6 shades:

In the Mix – pale pink
After Hours –cherry red
Spotlight – pale purple
In the Limelight – gold
Disco Ball – clear with silver shimmer
Strobe Light – metallic silver

Since we’re already talking about Kate Moss, here’s some exciting beauty news! Kate is set to launch her very own perfume for Coty! (Source)
First her Kate Moss for Top Shop line… now this… what’s next? Kate Moss candy?

We’ll let you know all of the details once they materialize!

Kate + Hair = Super Hair!!!

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Kate Moss is creating a hair care line?!?!?!?

Pardon Moi?

That’s what the UK’s The Sun is reporting… (CLICK HERE for article.)

Kate Moss and long time friend/ hairstylist, James Brown have announced that they will launch a hair care line with a yet-to-be named retailer. Kate will offer her image (that pricey mug!), but not her name…. sadness!

Just when you think someone is rich enough, they announce yet another money-making venture! The life of a super model in 2007…. must be nice! (now Kate will have even more money for her dirty little addiction!!!)

(I just love this cartoon drawing… can you GUESS who the other celeb is in this caricature??? – Leave your answer in the COMMENTS box!)


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My internet connection wasn’t working properly but I’m back in the states and ready to dish on my fave british products!!!

Jo Malone French Lime Blossom Bath Oil – Superbly subtle and soft. The perfect addition to a lovely bubble bath in London’s regal Dorchester Hotel (where I stayed). Jo Malone is best known for their yummy candles but the bath oil is where it’s at!

You can’t go to London and not buy something from London beauty megahouse, Rimmel. (Kate Moss does the ads??? Ring a bell?) Well, my favorite product from Rimmel is their fabulous eyeliner. Not to mention, the prices are so reasonable, you can actually stock up ten at a time! Try Rimmel Soft Kohl Kajal Eye Pencil in Jet Black, a perfect basic that will make your eyes pop! Hey, if it’s good enough for Kate Moss, it’s good enough for me!

Boots Cucumber Facial Wipes, my new obsession. Everything that Boots makes rocks, and it’s pretty damn cheap, but you must try these cleansing wipes! I use them to clean my make-up brushes. Ever since my friend Kim made me anal about clean brushes, I now clean my brushes after every application. And it actually does help the make-up application process!
Also to try:Boots Coconut & Almond Oil Creme Shower: Smells so fabulous and it’s only about 3 dollars!!!
P.S. Boots is an ultra famous pharmacy chain in London, England and their products are simply divinie!

Ok, more to come tomorrow… I’m so tired, I must sleep…. jet lag!!!!!!!!!!!

Beauty, Defined… the British way

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(Queen of all British models, Kate Moss!)
Here is a great article about pale skin, kohl rimmed eyes and romantic lips.
Fox-Up For Autumn by Kitty Argent redefines the Winter look. (partial article below)

Fox-Up For Autumn
Stuck in a make-up rut? Then it’s about time you gave yourself a new season make-over. Take inspiration from the key catwalk trends for autumn/winter ’06 and update your look, replacing your old favourites with inspirational new must-have make-up items…
White out – face up to pale, porcelain skin

White out – face up to pale, porcelain skin…
As seen at: Yves Saint Laurent, Marc Jacobs, D&G, Givenchy and Prada.

This season brings bad news if you’re a self-tan slave. Sun-kissed is out and pale and interesting is most definitely in but don’t worry – it doesn’t mean you have to go from gorgeously golden to Goth in one fell swoop.

Start by reducing your fake tan quota by mixing a little moisturiser in with it, and gradually wean yourself off self-tan altogether by swapping it for a tinted moisturiser such as Dermalogica’s Sheer Tint Moisture (£21.60) or No 7’s Soft & Sheer (£8.50).

As the days get greyer and nippier you’ll soon realise that a paler, creamier skin tone enhanced with a dab of pink cream blush is far more flattering than the brash bronzed look.
Swap: fake tan and bronzing powder combinations for Clarins’ Horizons Express Face Palette (£25), Stilla’s Cheek Duo in Sugar Loaf (£15), Clinique’s Patchwork Pink palette (£18) and Giorgio Armani’s Luminous Silk Foundation 29 (£25) – a beautiful shimmering golden pale taupe colour.

Eye eye – give a wink to heavy, kohl rimmed and shadow-heavy peepers…
As seen at: Versace, Ferre, Giorgio Armani, Giles and Gucci

Although complexions may be clean and creamy for the new season, eyes certainly aren’t. Deep, dark intense rock chick-like peepers are a key part of the A/W 06 look so it’s time to invest in a sultry charcoal or midnight blue eyeshade, a dramatic kohl or liquid eyeliner and lashings of lash-lengthening mascara. Just make sure you have plenty of eye-make up remover on hand for getting rid of it all!
Swap: boring brown shades for rich, darker dramatic ones. Giorgio Armani’s Eye Couture Palette (£45) boasts a trio of day and night friendly aubergine, russet and peach shades plus a black one for dramatising and defining eyes. Serge Lutens Eye Kohl Liner Pot (£38), Guerlain’s Divinora Eyeliner (£18.50) and Urban Decay’s Smoke Out Eye Pencil (£11) will all help you achieve your look, and for flutter fabulous eyelashes flick on some of Clinique’s revolutionary High Definition Mascara (£12.50) or Chanel’s new Inimitable Mascara (£16.50).
LIP SERVICE – pucker up to romantic rosebud, nicely natural lips . . .
As seen at: Calvin Klein, Alexander McQueen, Michael Kors, Bottega Veneta and Anna Sui

Although there was the odd bolt of bright red slicked onto lips at MaxMara and Prada, the predominant trend for autumn/winter ‘06 was for nicely natural, just-been-kissed lips. The key to achieving this is to make sure your lips are in tip-top condition, so give them some daily TLC with a special moisturiser such as Vaseline or Carmex. Alternatively, cut out the hard work of applying a moisturiser and colour and just use a tinted lip balm such as M.A.C’s Rose De Sheer (£10.50).
Swap: tropical pink or coral shades and barely there browns for pretty pink gloss or matte ones. Revlon ColorStay in Natural Cashmere (£7.99) Fresh’s Gloss Absolute (£16.50) and Lancôme’s Color Fever in Walk The Catwalk Brown (£15.50) will all help you get perfectly natural looking pouts. If you want to add a little depth to your nicely natural look for night time, then go for a shade that’s shot through with a touch of glitter, such as Dior Addict’s Rose Scenario (£15.50) or Chanel’s Rouge Allure in Evocation (£16.50).

Tell us your Winter Beauty Routine and you could win some fab prizes!!!! Including a soon-to-launch mascara by celebrity make-up artist Susan Posnick! Also, a deep conditioning masque from Lucid (my very own hair care line!) Be one of the first to try these Winter must-haves!!!!


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