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Yoga Does A Body Good

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For all of you body minded people, here’s a great post on yoga from the fabulously fit Annelise Peterson…

“I’m back in New York City – the city that never sleeps. The energy here is unmatched and it makes me so happy to be injected with all the intellectual curiosity and professional prowess that only Manhattan can manage to muster. But, alas, all this unbridled energy can have a downside and keep you up at night. That’s when I say Downward Dog!

Jivamukti Yoga School
is my Manhattan mantra to keeping my toushy toned and my mind on mellow. Conveniently located on Broadway, the hour and thirty-five minutes of singing and sutras will transport your divine devotees to a world of urban zen. Needing a nibble? Namaste! That’s no reason to miss your mantra – the Jivamukti cafe outside offers delectable vegan fair for the most finicky foodie satisfying carnivore and cauliflower alike.

News flash to your neurons! New York doesn’t have to have you running on restless. Hit the highway, schlep on the Subway, or take a taxi and transport yourself to a more peaceful place within the confines of the concrete cage. Your mind will thank you and your body? Well, bliss has a secondary benefit – a beautiful butt!”

The Body Banterer

To find a Jivamukti yoga school near you, click here.

Posture Makes The World Stand Straight

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Recent finds from Los Angeles implant, PR queen B, Annelise Peterson

“I recently made a new discovery….rolling out. We all know about blow-outs, but do any of you know about rolling out? Stand up straight, and pay attention!

My entire life, I’ve been the tall girl. The girl that had to stand in the back of the photo so she doesn’t block someone’s profile. The girl who towered over all the boys. The woman that none of the girls wanted to stand next to in high heels. Yes, all these things have an effect on a girl’s physical appearance, most importantly, her posture.

I’ve been doing yoga for the past year to open up the shoulders that have learned to shirk forward and feign 5’8″. Now, embracing my 5’11” physique, I’m having difficulty re-teaching my towering body to stand up straight! That’s when Ashley Borden walked in to my life and I found a web page and a guru.

It turns out that re-aligning the body takes more than just strength training and stretching. To regain the posture and capture the correct alignment, one has to open the mind, the body, and learn the techniques of rolling-out. Ashley Borden, body worker to the stars (Natasha Bedingfield being one of her hot A List clients), brings new meaning to a better body. Using a PVC pipe, tennis balls, and other objects to unleash the underlying super model in all of us, Ashley Borden is showing me that shirking shoulders can be a thing of the past. Taking a full body approach to fitness, Borden’s Balling and Rolling techniques are both fun and effective.

Yes, it may take two trips to the Fitness Factory per week to transform your physique, and you may need to create a budget for that body, but why shirk away from hard work? Learn the lesson of my shoulders and our for-fathers, nothing in life worth while is free – of hard work or a few extra greenbacks.”

Click here for more info on Ashley and click here to check out Ashley’s book (pictured).

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