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5 Beauty Secrets Perfect for Women on the Go

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This article comes exclusively to Beauty Banter from our friends over at All Women Stalk…  Read up, as they know what they’re talking about!

Most beauty tips out there are for women that have all the time in the world to maintain their A to Z beauty regimens. But actually, nearly all of us barely have half an hour or so to do whatever needs to be done. These time-saving beauty secrets can help us do the things we need to do a lot quicker than the usual:

1. The Puffy Situation
While tuning in the morning news or better yet, waiting for your coffee to brew, you can place a frozen bag of vegetables (wrapped in a towel of course!) over your puffy eyes for 5-10 minutes. It would also help if you lessen your sodium intake the night before. Or better yet, don’t drink too much wine if you have to wake up early the next day.

2. Pillow Imprints Be Gone!
By splashing your skin with warm water, your skin cells will start having faster blood circulation which makes your skin return back to life thus eliminating pillow imprints. Apply moisturizer for a greater effect.

3. Quick Dry Paint
In case you really need to paint your nails in the morning (which you’re supposed to do the night before!), here’s what you need to do to dry them quickly. Immerse your newly painted finger nails in a bowl filled with ice and cold water for a couple of minutes. This is actually freezing the topcoat of your polish. Your fingers will go numb, yes!

4. The Wonder Hair Dryer
Towel dry you hair as thoroughly as possible before using the hair dryer. Then bend over and hang your head literally upside down as you run your fingers through your hair and aiming the hair dryer at the roots first. You can dry the tips after.

5. Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate!
Drink lots of water in the morning, preferably warm! Warm water flushes out the kidneys, prepares the stomach for food by stimulating the glands on its walls, and helps the bowels move regularly and naturally. But if you’re trying to hold out hunger, drink cold water instead!

Bombshell Beauty Burlesque Style

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By Tina Turnbow

“I ventured out thursday night, the lure and fascination of taking in an intimate burlesque show was like a web that spun around me and pulled me out the door. Advised by my friend at loveinthedumps.com I went to Nurse Bettie LES to check out his pal, Calamity Chang and her gang.

I couldn’t wait to get the beauty scoop on the look of a cool modern day burlesquer. Calamity did NOT disappoint. her show was full of life, laughs and lipstick! She warmly welcomed me into her tiny backstage area, before i knew it i was helping her tighten her corset. All her products in a Hello Kitty case. Her hair pin curled, waiting to be freed w/ perfectly curved Bettie Page bangs. Her brows filled in with black eyeshadow using a firm brush to frame the eyes “they are so essential to accentuate. It’s all about enticement, with a dash of tease.” False lashes play a big role here. One of the dancers, Run Around Sue, had 4 pairs on, she trims to suit her eye. Try: for a softy smokey liner in lieu of the harsher looking liquid liner, try Wet n Wild Kohl. But, the most important magical product was ***GLITTER***across lids, brow bone, lower lash line and decollete’. Try: MAC loose pigment.  She also rubs a shimmer powder on her hi cheekbones for dewiness. Try: Lorac Perfectly Lit in Spotlight. For her cheeks she uses a hot pink “placed hi on the apple of the cheek, for a youthful flush.” Try: .

Before her L’Oreal foundation, she perfects and evens out her skin with a green toned primer. Try: Smashbox Photofinish Adjust in Green. The drugstore is her favorite place for cosmetics. Olay Night Cream is a must. As is her Ponds Wet Cleansing Cloths followed by Clean n Clear cleanser–goodbye stubborn glitter! My FAVORITE trick of the night. First Lady Calamity applied her drugstore red lipstick “the more chemicals and dyes the better,” try: Maybelline Color Sensational in Red Revival.
then she dipped her finger in RED GLITTER and tapped it on top of the lipstick. Her lips flickered like a red passionate flame.

We may be talking superficial here, but Ms. Chang is anything but. She says  her confidence comes from her sense of accomplishment and taking care of what she consumes. Dancing for her is therapeutic, an important form of self expression. She is a writer and web designer by day…by night she uses her body, instead of words, to tell a story. She added…”lately I’ve been using Lierac Bust Lift Cream”… I don’t think even gravity could keep Calamity Chang down…. she’ll just keep chang chang changing along.”

Notes From A Fellow Beauty Enthusiast: EUOKO Skincare

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“Thanks to my good friend Sarah, she has inspired me to take good care of my skin. I have then, spent way too much money to find the right serum, eye cream, face wash, face cream, sunscreen, etc…. So after my 3 year long journey of money spent, I have finally found a skin care line that makes me feel good and look good. And this is all my own search… And I must share it with you. EUOKO!!!!

I was shopping at Barney’s looking for a new bag and was drawn to a lovely salesman named Happy (with that name who doesn’t want to sit and listen to him) that seemed to really care and believe in this product. I have just turned 25 and believed I was now developing adult acne… My skin was broken out, dried out, and was starting to doubt this whole skin care thing. But here I am telling you that if you want to see immediate results from a daily toner, eye cream, and face cream, EUOKO is the answer. my skin looks radiant and glowing. There is a website www.euoko.com for you to read about it and see the different products that may work for you. Or go to Barney’s in Los Angeles and talk to Happy!!! And if you live somewhere else, he will send it to you and send you goodies along with it….”







Kaycee Flinn

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Pregnancy Tips From Stacey Bendet

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Alice + Olivia designer and friend, Stacey Bendet Eisner, dishes on her must-have pregnancy tips exclusively for Beauty Banter:

“So my dear friend Sarah has been asking me to do a beauty banter baby tips piece for just about a year now. (I can’t believe Eloise is turning 1!). I guess I sort of shocked the world (or my little world!) when I had a 9.5 lb baby. I was a vegetarian through my entire pregnancy and I gained somewhere between 22-25 pounds which was all pretty much lost between labor and 2 or 3 weeks of breast feeding!

I did keep to a very healthy vegetarian diet while I was pregnant and I did yoga every day and I drank tons and tons of water!!!

Here are some of my healthy mommy healthy baby tips:

You are NOT really eating for two!! You should never deprive yourself of what you need and you should make sure that everything you are eating is nutritious!! (Baby doesn’t need a big mac!) some women think pregnancy is the time to indulge, but indulging is not necessarily what is best for your baby. Your baby needs you to eat nutritious healthy meals and snacks. He or she really is what you eat!
Little Meals-this is the best advice I can give! Little meals throughout the day, or even snacks… it keeps your metabolism moving and it will make sure the baby is getting what It needs.
Apples—an apple a day keeps the doctor away! Apples are a great source of fiber when you are pregnant
Quinoa—I was addicted!! I seriously ate it every day. I usually am a big cereal person but I would have some variation of quinoa, mostly even plain at the end when strong flavors didn’t do it for me. Quinoa is high in fiber which helps regulate you when you are pregnant and it is also high in protein which is so important for the baby!
Steamed Vegetable Dumplings-I loved them! I used to have them for lunch, especially when I travelled to asia
Grapefruit—I wanted grapefruit juice all the time in my first trimester, I later learned grapefruits are very high in folic acid which is super important for brain development!

Prenatal Vitamin—I recommend asking your doctor for one that is coated vitamin which makes swallowing and digesting easier. Don’t go generic brand. And you might have to try a couple to see what sits in your stomach best
SloFe-this is an iron supplement. Many woman are anemic or slightly anemic when pregnant which can cause fatigue which they think is just from being pregnant. Try taking iron for a couple of days and see if this helps!
Omega 3’s—present in mixed nuts, you can also take a fish oil supplement which your doctor might recommend along with your prenatal vitamins. I opted for the childrens gummy bear version which you can get at whole foods.

WiseWays Belly Balm – My 96lb body had a 9.5 lbs baby and didn’t get one stretch mark! I attribute it completely to WiseWays. It’s the most amazing belly balm. I used to put it everywhere that felt dry and it would instantly moisturize. I still put a little bit around my eyes at night when my skin feels dry!
I also used mother’s nature body oil every morning.
Ashtanga Yoga – I did yoga every morning. It not only helped keep my arms and legs toned but it also helped with the first trimester morning sickness. Your body needs a little jump start when you are pregnant. There are so many hormones and estrogen running through your body that a little exercise—yoga or even a long walk will get everything moving and flowing and make you feel a million times better! Yoga also really helps with preventing bloating and swelling which is very common in the final months.
California Baby-I used these shampoos and body oils while pregnant and I use them for eloise now. I tried to use organic hair and body products during and after pregnancy…

Take time for you! Whether it’s a yoga class, reading a book, or getting a massage! Here are some suggestions
Prenatal Massage—I recommend the medical massage group on east 75th street and also Leigh Withers- leighwithers@yahoo.com.
Acupuncture for Happy Baby—I love Adele Reising—-adelereising.com—I went weekly at the end of my pregnancy. She works to relax you and welcome the baby into the world.
Ashtanga Yoga Class—Eddie Stern—ayny.org he is great with prenatal methods.
Pedicure—give your feet a break! They will be swollen and sore at the end. There is nothing better than a foot massage!
Baths—I loved taking warm baths. Some doctors recommend it but it helped me with aches in the final days.”

Lash Stiletto Review: Round 2

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Kate, winner of the Maybelline Lash Stiletto contest, shares her review of said mascara with our readers:

“The mascara arrived very promptly, and I immediately pounced on it. I just knew I would love it, so I couldn’t wait to try it, and rushed off to the bathroom to apply. Oooooh, long, spiky, stiletto-like lashes appeared before me in the mirror. It really gives a Kim Kardashian look to the eyes. I was in love.

Unfortunately, our love was not destined to last… Half an hour later, my friend was pulling me aside to wipe little flakes of mascara off of my cheek. But one little mistake can’t ruin a great love affair, so I kept trying. For the last week and a half, I’ve been looking distinctly raccoon-y, as I stubbornly keep applying LS every morning. Oh Lash Stiletto, I wanted to love you so, but you are so flaky! A woman needs a mascara she can count on to stay with her for a good long time, not one that flakes at the first chance it gets.

Overall, I had to call a halt to our whirlwind romance, and make LS a booty call only. I will only be reaching for it on those nights when nothing else will do, and I just have to have gorgeous long spiky lashes. I’ll just make sure I’m rocking a smoky eye with it, so the flakes have some camouflage.

Thank you for the opportunity to try this mascara out. I really enjoyed testing it, and felt like a scientist — I have somewhere to report my findings!”

Click here for Beauty Banter’s review.

What do you think about Maybelline’s latest attempt at mascara glory?

Have YOU tried lash Stiletto?

How Beauty Banter Saved My Blonde

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The fashionable Annelise Peterson, known to most as the West Coast Director of celebrity services for Alberta Ferretti (and formerly a NYC resident), recently moved to LA LA Land.

Here’s a testimonial, in her own words, on the painstaking battle for the perfect Cali blonde hair:

“As a New York transplant to the city of Implants, Hollywood!, I learned the hard way that finding a good dye doctor takes as much R & D as determining the perfect plastic surgeon. In LA, nothing says Heffner hussie more than an over-processed Hue.

I’m a fashion finder. Beauty bantering is not my beat. I’ve been a loyal to my lady lock in New York, Astrid at the Warren Tricomi salon, for years. Yes, five years of foils. But my allegiance to Astrid has its physical limits: flying 6 hours for blonde and a blow just doesn’t seem on trend with fashion economics. In New York, economically savvy has become more chic than Chanel.

Although I’ve never been one to trust my tresses with just anyone, I took the advise of a friend and visited a popular Beverly Hills salon for highlights (which will remain nameless to protect the identities of those involved). I put on a smock and after a few hours of foils,
I walked away realizing that all Beverly Hills barbers are not created equal. In Los Angeles, foil is a four letter word. Beverly Hills is all about the balliage. In one foil sweep, my thirteen years of New York sophistication had been stripped away leaving me dull and over processed. In a culture where perception and reflection equal reality, I had become completely one-dimensional; a wash-out. Crisis! What WAS I to do???

Acts of God often arrive in unconventional ways through the most unexpected vehicles. In this case, Beauty Banter has become my new religion.

So, how did Beauty Banter rescue my ridiculous roots and hideous hair? She sent me see LA’s founding father of blonde balliage whose oval bowl resides at the Andy Lecompte Salon on North Almont Drive. George Papanikolas.

I hung my head with shame as he looked at my bleached head of hair. “It’s going to take a few visits, but we will get your hair back to basics worth bantering about.”

Three hours later, I had been transformed. My terrible tresses had become beach blonde bombshell. Ridiculous Roots? Eradicated and replaced by golden locks not unlike Repunzel’s.

There is a new shade of loyalty in Los Angeles. Don’t be foiled by impersonators. If blonde is your ambition, there is only one place to go, one process to use, and one person to see: Andy Lecompte. Balliage. George Papanikolas.


Yours Truly,
Annelise Peterson, the Fashion Finder that has a lot to Banter about.”

You’re so very welcome!

"Beauty Spy" Spies Chrissie Miller

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My B.F.F. and fashion designer extraordinaire, Chrissie Miller of the fabulous clothing line, Sophomore, just made the coveted “Beauty Spy” section of Lucky Magazine!

Chrissie dishes on a few of her fave products….

(click to enlarge pic)

We’re so proud of our fellow beauty whore… and doesn’t she look so purrrty!

SPRING forward to Beautiful BROWS

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For those not in the loop, I get my brows done at Damone Roberts in the B.H. (that’s Beverly Hills, CA). Sarah, my brow specialist does a phenomenal job at making my lack of arch actually look like a killer arch!

Today, Sarah Agajanian, shares, exclusively with Beauty Banter, the must-have brows of Spring, 2008

“2008 has arrived and we are now heading into spring with new trends for makeup, beauty, and clothing. The celebrity trend this year for eyebrows is “ there is no trend”. It is very key to understand that your eyebrows are supposed to reflect your natural beauty and bone structure. Here are some rules to live by when maintaining your brows!

First step is achieving balance; If you have a round face with round features your eyebrows should look angled and more defined to compliment your beauty. Now, if your features resemble angular and hard lines your brows should be soft and slightly curved.

Second step is color . If you have very blonde brows make sure you are getting them tinted a darker hue and filling them in with a powder/pencil. Make sure we can see those brows! Your face requires structure and frame and pay attention to your haircolor. If you change your hair color this spring/summer your brows must reflect how you wear your hair. This can be done through brow tinting or using a powder.

And third, if you are blessed with big beautiful brows there is a reason for it. Your brows naturally compliment what you have. Keep those brows thick, groomed, and gelled.

For every brow out there, keep your eyelids moisturized with an eye creme, style your brows with brow gel, highlight the brow bone, add some color with some powder, and keep them shaped and groomed.

Close your eyes and imagine a beautiful painting hung on a dull wall with a horrible frame. YUCK. Now imagine a beautiful painting on a bold colored wall with a beautiful frame! Which one would you rather look at?”

Take care of those brows ladies!

Products Recommended (as always, click on the product to buy!):
Mac 266 angled brush
Damone Roberts Brow Gel
Damone Roberts Powders and Pencils
Benefit Cosmetics High Brow highlighter

New Make-Up For A New Year…

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Guest-blogger and fellow beauty whore, Di Gaeta, has just discovered a new line of cosmetics… and, in the New Years spirit, she’s passing along her find!

“Here’s my holiday gift to you! Fellow beauty-aholics may I present: The David Scott Make-Up line!!!!!

Ok, first of all, let me warn you about the packaging. Do NOT be fooled by the Wet n’ Wild-esque aesthetic; this make-up is of the best quality I have EVER found. It is designed by a top make-up artist and let me tell you, the expertise is apparent.

The Products:

1. The Oil free Liquid foundation (moisture enriched)-This foundation is literally a second coat of butterfly-wing light skin. I had been putting off sampling this product, I don’t like new foundations, until Sarah invited me to dinner one night. Wanting to prove to her that I am the guest editor extraordinaire, I decided to test- drive the product so Sarah could give me her direct opinion. To my complete delight, the foundation made my skin look next level beautiful. Even Ms. Howard was astonished and quizzed me about my perfect skin. I will re-order this product and pay full price the minute I run low on it.

2. The mineral Dual Foundation with sunscreen and aloe vera, is also impeccable. It’s a bit dry, give a light coat of Evian spritzer after this and you will glow like a sexy glamazon.

3. The Lipshines are vanilla scented and flavored with the thickest pigment in a slick format. Meaning that even the darkest kissers can be a glossy nude or sunpink.

4. The eyeshadow in 22 is a GORGEOUS universal blush pink. Swirl it over cheeks for a blush rose.

I give these products my highest rating. Don’t take my word for it, try them yourselves. You’ll be more stunning for it.”

Xo Di

Pics of Di with make-up:

Prevage to Prevent Age

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Guest Beauty Editor, Di Gaeta, is back to review Prevage’s Anti-Aging Night Cream.

“As the winter blues set in, and flu season is upon us, I wondered how I would ever keep my healthy glow (the one on my face, not in my heart). Just in the nick of time, Sarah, a.k.a. The Beauty Whore, presented me with the new Prevage night cream to road test. I had tried the Prevage serum previously, and I found it a bit strong and slightly irritating but this cream, with it’s blend of vitamins (mega Complex A), Idebenone, and moisturizers, is simply DIVINE. It left me with an incredible gleam that completely hid the fact that I was sickies with a cold!

The cream is also a lovely shade of peach and is the perfect not-too-thick-not-too-thin consistency. The jar has a sophisticated airtight dispenser so no chance of germs or contamination with use, which I love! Overall, I give this product my highest rating, I will replace this product the moment it runs out, it’s my new nightime beauty mainstay. Run and grab yourself this miracle before it flies off shelves and remember, it’s all about anti-oxidants, and Idebenone is the strongest on the market!”

xoxo Di

Prevage Anti Aging Night Cream by Elizabeth Arden and Allergan

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