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Go organic and use natural ingredients when possible, remove all sulfates, parabens and petrochemicals from your products IMMEDIATELY, and be conscious of your carbon footprint! Start now. No excuses.

With that, please click HERE and read my Interview Magazine article of top picks for Sustainable Beauty products in honor of our beautiful planet. Your grandchildren will thank you…

Happy Birthday, Mother Earth!


Beauty Banter

p.s. check back monday for a round-up of some of my favorite organic products of late!

Cleopatra’s EYE TIPS

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The Daily Mail UK posted this fabulous piece on the sexy Cleopatra titled, Not just a pretty face: Heavy eye make-up used by Cleopatra ‘had health benefits.’ Have a read to learn how the seductress boasted both glamour and practicality.

“Her sultry eyes have long been favoured by women looking to add a touch of Ancient Egyptian glamour to their make-up routine.

But it appears Cleopatra’s dramatic look was more than just an attempt to seduce Mark Antony.

The heavy eye make-up used had medical as well as aesthetic benefits.

Lead salts in the mixture helped to protect against eye disease, says research published by French scientists.

Philippe Walter,who headed a team from the Louvre museum and the CNRS national research institute, said: ‘We knew ancients Greeks and Romans, too, had noted the make-up had medicinal properties, but wanted to determine exactly how.’

Contrary to widely held belief that lead was harmful, the team, using analytical chemistry, found that ‘in very low doses lead does not kill cells.’

Instead, it produces a molecule-nitric oxide-which activates the immune defence system that beats back bacteria in case of eye infection.

The research was carried out using a tiny electrode, the 10th of the size of a hair, to look at the effect of a lead chloride synthesised by the Egyptians on a single cell.

It is also thought that Galena, the natural mineral form of lead sulphite, was used as kohl and possesses antiseptic and fly-deterrent properties as well as protecting the eyes from intense sun.”

Read more by clicking here.

Tres Belle

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Keeping with my french vacation theme, here is a spread from French Vogue featuring my beautiful friend, American Vogue Fashion Contributor, Lauren Santo Domingo.

How hot is she??? Yes, she used to be a model!

Lauren says she adored her makeup from this shoot. The gilded grey eyes were her favorite part. They had a sheen to them, almost like a Vaseline look and texture. Personally, I’m quite envious over the bone structure. LSD has the most incredible cheekbones!

Hipster Heaven: Club Chrissie – Get Familiar

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How cool is this? 

My NYC Friends are posing it up in April’s Paper Magazine, featuring Club Chrissie!

What is Club Chrissie, you ask? “When there’s nothing else to do, I make my own club. I have bottle service, loud music and models – okay, maybe just Jessica Stam,” jokes Chrissie Miller of Sophomore clothing, founder of the faux club. It’s actually her LES loft-apartment which was dubbed Club Chrissie by hipster extraordinaire, Cory Kennedy, who often crashes at the pad while in NYC.

Chrissie is one of my BFF’s and her club is one of my most favorite NY hot spots.

Here’s a glimpse of the debauchery (as seen in Paper Mag). The girls look so downtown glam!

Madeline and Chrissie – designers of hipster-chic line Sophomore (all clothes by the label)

Hilary, Erin, Leslie, Olivia of Opening Ceremony, Lissie of Lissy Trullie and hostess with the mostest, Chrissie.

Hilary, designer of Madison Harding shoes, Chrissie, Erin and Lesley, editor-in-chief of Misbehave Magazine.

Chrissie and crew.

How does one party at the exclusive CC? Befriend Chrissie and you’re in. She can be found chilling at Lit or Bowery Hotel. Tell her you’re a friend of mine.

OMFG Does Rolling Stone

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The Gossip Girl crew got down and dirty with Rolling Stone Magazine. I must say, Leighton Meester (a.k.a. Blair Waldorf) looks sizzling, smoldering, absolutely stunning! This sultry eye make-up is to die!

As they say, to feel sexy, you must act sexy. So, fake it ’til you make it! And feast your eyes on the below hottness for some inspiration….

Aren’t you salivating for a cone of your own?

Sometimes a piece of licorice is just a piece of licorice… and sometimes it’s so much more!

Blair Waldorf sucks… on thumbs (preferably not her own).

Bed head, defined.

Pics shot by Terry Richardson for Rolling Stone Magazine. Click here for more photos, video and GG gossip!

P.S. Ed Westwick has a chest full of hair… thoughts?

Beauty For Thought…

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Here’s an interesting poll conducted by Women’s Health Magazine on menshealth.com and published in the January/ February issue of Men’s Health Magazine

Celebrity fantasy partner:

28% of the 866 respondents chose Jessica Alba
18% – Jessica Biel
15% – Scarlett Johansson
13% – Jennifer Aniston
11% – Angelina Jolie

Sexiest part of a woman’s body:

42 % of the 902 respondents chose BUTT
21% – Anywhere around the belly button
20.6% – Arch of the back
12.6% – Back of the neck’
1.4% – Arch of the foot
1.1% – Ear lobes
0.7% – Back of the knees

Sexiest form of foreplay:

51.9% of the 902 respondents said taking a bath or shower together
18.7% – A back rub
15.6% – Talking dirty
7% – A candlelit dinner
6.8% – X-rated movie

Sexiest cocktail a woman can order:

27% of the 849 respondents said martini
18% – Margarita
16% – Beer
16% – Tequila shot
12% – Champagne
11% – Vodka and tonic

Sexiest scent a women can wear:

30.1% of the 861 respondents said something sweet, like vanilla **My Fave Too!**
26.1% – A fresh beachy scent
25.7% – Floral scents, like rose and jasmine
10.6% – An exotic musk
7.5% – A citrus scent, like grapefruit

When it comes to spicing up your sex life…

43% of the 703 respondents used sex toys
30% – Whipped cream
15% – Blindfolds
12% – Handcuffs

Sexiest place for a woman to have a tattoo:

48% of the 783 respondents said lower back
22.3% – Ankle
14.5% – Butt
15.2% – Shoulder

The biggest turn-on:

35.1% of the 871 respondents said undressing a woman
33.2% – Having her strip for you
31.7% – Having her undress you

Best background music for makeup sex:

40.1% of the 833 respondents chose Barry White
34.9% – Frank Sinatra
25% – Al Green

Sexiest thing for a woman to wear to bed:

24% of the 915 respondents said one of your button-down shirts and nothing else
17.9% – Just panties
17.3% – Sleeveless T-shirt and panties
16.1% – Nothing
14% – Bra and panties
10% – Satin teddy

Teen Vogue February Cover – Get The Look!

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Our favorite Gossip Girl, Blair Waldorf (a.k.a. Leighton Meester) graces the February cover of Teen Vogue Magazine. She looks clean and youthful, minimal makeup, natural, straight hair… It’s all very Leighton and I want more Blair!

To recreate this look, try using a neutral blush (we like Smashbox’s Blush Rush in Ecstacy) on the apples of your cheeks. Then sweep a very mellow brown on the lid of your eye and under your lower lashes (try MAC’s Remotely Grey). Lashes need a quick coat of mascara (Cover Girl’s Lash Blast is the current fave). For lips, a very au-natural glossy pink (Jouer’s lip gloss in Mist – a shimmering baby pink – would look gorge). For eyebrows, Anastasia’s brow gel (and if you have thin brows, try filling them in with some of her brow powder).

Simple, no fuss makeup!

P.S. The hair color is a too light – Leighton looks tres sexier with those raven locks she sports on GG!


Elle Beauty Awards 2008

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Click HERE to have a look at which products made the cut… and see if your favorites are on the list! There are 60 categories!

To be honest, I don’t agree with most of the picks – they’re so generic – nothing new and exciting or hidden little gems (although I do LOVE Benefit’s High Beam and a few others…).



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Allure Magazine is giving away over 6,200 beauty products – FREE!!! Thanks, of course, to their medley of beauty-related advertisers!

Here’s some of the goodies you can score:

  • Fekkai Salon Glaze
  • Redken All Soft Velvet Whip
  • Intimately Beckham Fragrance (only care about the man – as in David – not so keen on the scent)
  • Anastasia Brow Enhancing Serum
  • Essie Polishes
  • Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick
  • Big Sexy Hair Root Pump Spray Mousse
  • Matrix Essentials Shampoo and Conditioner
  • Wet ‘N Wild Mega Glow Powder
  • Johnson & Johnson Soft Oil

And many, many other goodies…
Some of the products are a little lame (if we’re being completely honest), but some of them are really rad… and the best part, they’re absolutely FREE!

To enter, click HERE and follow instructions. Game on, beauties!!!

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