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10 Ways To Use Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream

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One of my all time favorite products is Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream. I have a tube of it in my bag and a jar of it next to my bed, and I am constantly slathering the skin protectant on all areas of my face and body. It has long been a cult favorite among beauty enthusiasts since its launch in 1930 — and the cream has never changed its core ingredients (save for the newly unscented version). What makes this multipurpose balm so effective is the combination of petrolatum, a skin-soothing beta-hydroxy, and vitamin E. As the story goes, the cream was so effective in its healing properties, that Arden used it on her clients and to soothe her famous thoroughbred horses’ legs.

There are obvious effective usages of the cream (like chapped lips) and more creative ways (like as a highlighter). But for a well-rounded 10 ways to wear the balm, I’ve called on Elizabeth Arden Global Makeup Artist Rebecca Restrepo for her expert advice.

1 – It’s great for grooming the brows for both men and women especially when dealing with unruly hairs.

2 – Its perfect for flying to keep the skin hydrated. Just add a dime size amount in the palms of the hands and warm up the Eight Hour Cream by rubbing the hands together and then pat the cream onto the face to seal in the moisture of the skin.

3 – I use the cream every night on the cuticles of my nails to keep them soft and much easier to maintain.

4 – I put Eight Hour Cream on my feet at night to keep my feet soft and supple, especially during the winter.

5 – If I want a little soft extra glow I use a light dab along the cheek bones.

6 – For evenings out, in order to give myself a little extra sexiness, I strategically use a small amount all along my collar bone, shoulders and down my legs on the shins.

7 – I use the Eight Hour Cream on my lips every night before I go to bed to always have soft lips and to make sure my lips look and feel good.

8 – I also love to use the cream on my elbows and knees to keep them soft. These are areas that tend to look old and dry no matter the age of the person or time of season.

9 – When the ends of my hair are very dry because of over styling, weather, or hair coloring, I use a small amount on the dry areas – especially the ends – and place a shower cap to keep the heat for 30 minutes before rinsing.

10 – If I want to make my eye shadow look soft glowy and sheer, I add a fingertip amount just in the center of the eyelid over the eye shadow for a soft mysterious sexy look.

Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream is the definition of multipurpose. Every woman should own a tube. There, I said it. Now go out and buy one today! *($20; available in a tube or a tub)

How To: 10 Ways To Use Elizabeth Arden’s Fragrance Free Eight Hour Cream

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Sometimes, even a classic can do with a few updates. And after 80 years, Elizabeth Arden’s iconic Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant ($19.50) has done just that – with a bit of an eco twist. The new fragrance free version offers those who don’t (or can’t) use synthetic fragrances the chance to get all the benefits of this little black dress for skin care and repair without a paraben to be found. Which makes this green beauty loving girl very happy.

Since we’re both fans, Sarah and I  put our heads together to share our list of just some of the ways Miss Arden’s brilliant balm can enrich your life (no pun intended).

*from left: glossy lids, stained and glossed lips, highlighted, glossy cheekbones, shiny limbs.

Here are our Top Ten Eight Hour Tips and Tricks:

1. As a highlighter on cheek and brow bone – Dab a small amount onto the area and gently tap into the skin for a luminous shine.
2. Over shadow to create a glossy lid (love mixing textures; very on trend for Spring). L’Wren Scott used a glossy lid in her spring 2012 NYFW show.
3. On lashes to make them look shiny and healthy, and a bit like they have mascara on them. This is a great trick if you are sleeping at a boy’s house and want to look fresh-faced and wide-eyed without the makeup (but still may need a bit of beauty help). The “shiny lashes” secret really opens up the eye area.
4. On brows at night to condition. I also use it by applying in an upwards motion to train them to grow “up” – kind of like training a pesky cowlick.
5. Layered on top of a lip stain to create a gorgeous barely-there, natural hue with a come-hither gloss for freshness. Think of it as a just bitten lip, or eating berries in the garden and then licking your lips. Quite sexy, oui?
6. On legs (or arms or stomach) to give mega-shine, elongating for a thinning effect. Word on the beauty street is that the Sports Illustrated models slather 8-Hours cream on their arms and legs for extra thinness and a whole lot of shine appeal while shooting in those barely-there bikinis. For day or night, mix it with liquid bronzer to give legs a bit of color, too.
7. On hands for an instant mini manicure – rub it into cuticles to give your hands a polished finish. It soaks right in so hands aren’t greasy.
8. On elbows and heels, it’s the perfect way to pamper your skin during these colder, dryer months.
9. On flaky patches of skin before you put on makeup to hydrate any dry spots or patches. Rub in just a dab (a little goes a long way) then apply makeup to fake a flawless finish.
10. On burns – by sun, flat iron or pan – use the “skin protectant” properties to sooth and hydrate. (The story goes that the cream got its name because a woman used it on her child’s scraped knee and it looked fine after just…eight hours.)
You can find the new fragrance free cream online at www.elizabetharden.com and at Elizabeth Arden counters nationwide, alongside the entire Eight Hour line.
Now tell us, why do you love it?  xo sarah & alex
images from www.alexashersears.com and www.beautybanterimspiration.tumblr.com – follow us on tumblr for beauty inspiration!

Eight Hour Cream Blasts Back To The Past

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Did you know that Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour Cream was a 50’s cult favorite? (Smart women those 50’s housewives!) What’s so amazing is that over a half a century later, with an oversaturated beauty market, the Eight Hour Cream is still a favorite among beauty-savvy women everywhere.

And why… or better yet, how can a product have such staying power? Probably because it’s good! Of course, it doesn’t hurt that there are endless uses for the balm: treating chapped lips, glossing lips, moisturizing dry hands and feet, nourishing cuticles, highlighting cheeks, shaping brows… one product that does so many things – that’s what I call smart spending!

The highly coveted, multi-tasking and much adored Eight Hour Cream just got a vintage face lift (the irony, I know)! The new packaging is not in a tube, as we have grown accustomed to, but rather a jar. This 1950’s vintage-inspired tub of the delectable cream is available throughout the Holiday season. I actually prefer the groovy “flashback to the 50’s” packaging and the tub as opposed to the tube. It’s easy to apply and fun for the eye, not to mention it just seems so historic!

I’m thinking it makes a damn good stocking stuffer!

PRICE TAG: $25.00 (available NOW!)

You can also get the limited edition, vintage-inspired Eight Hour Cream Lip Protectant stick (pictured, right) although it’s the same price as the tub and doesn’t have nearly as many uses as the original cream. But, hey, we live in a democracy and that means the right to choose!


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Besides being the official opening ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics, todays date is also cause for celebration over at Elizabeth Arden!

08/08/08 – It’s a day that only comes once every 100 years… and we’re right in the middle of LIVING it!

With this in mind, Elizabeth Arden has decided to launch a special promotion on their highly-coveted Eight Hour Cream (a **Beauty Banter favorite**).

If you order any of the Eight Hour products, you will receive free shipping (yay!). Also, their website is offering 2 limited edition Eight Hour packages:

Eight Hour Cream Set – Eight Hour Cream Intensive Moisturizing Hand Treatment, 2.3 fl. oz., Eight Hour Cream Lip Protectant Stick SPF 15, .13 fl. oz, Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant, 1.7 fl. oz.
PRICE TAG: $46.50

Eight Hour Cream Hand & Body Set – Eight Hour Cream Intensive Moisturizing Hand Treatment, 2.3 fl. oz., Eight Hour Cream Intensive Moisturizing Body Treatment, 6.8 oz.
PRICE TAG: $38.50

Happy Shopping (and GO AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!)!

Green Tea Smells Purrrty

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Elizabeth Arden’s newest Summer scent, Green Tea Lotus, is like an exotic trip through a Japanese garden. It’s crisp, flavorful, and refreshingly sweet.

Following in the footsteps of its predescessor, the original Green Tea fragrance, Green Tea Lotus is inspired by the intoxicating scents of teas from China, Japan and India. Perfumer Rodrigo Flores-Roux says, “I was influenced by the Lotus Blossom… overall, I wanted the fragrance to have a delicate freshness, a sensual warmth and a mouth-watering fruitiness.”

Top Notes are: Ume plum, Cherry Blossom and Yuzu.
Middle notes are: Aglaia, Blossoming Lotus, Green Tea and Osmanthus.
Base Notes are: Musks and White Birch.

We previewed the Lotus and we’re really digging the scent… it’s super sweet and deliciously fruity (reminds us of of Clinique’s Happy, yet an updated version…). If you’re on the hunt for your new summer scent, and you love a little sweetness in your fragrance, this is definitely the perfume for you!

1.7 fl. oz. Retails for $27.00
3.3 fl. oz. Retails for $37.00

Currently available June 2008 by clicking HERE.

Touch My Body….

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Just in time for Spring… Elizabeth Arden’s Mediterranean Breeze Perfumed Body Shimmer is a delightful, sparkly experience for your skin!

I used it last night before jetting off to a party with friends. A couple of puffs of the powder on my arms, neck and collar bone and I was glowing like a Malibu goddess! It does add a hint of color (it’s very sheer… great for ALL skin tones), but more importantly, the powder is infused with an iridescent hue that shines all night long, leaving the skin soft and smooth to the touch!

Personally, I enjoy the scent as well. It’s clean and fresh and very summery.
Here are the key notes:
Top: White Nectarine, Bergamot, Sparkling Grapefruit
Middle: Corsican Violet, Wild Jasmine Petals, Sweet Almond Flower
Base: Cedarwood, Creamy Sandalwood, Sensual Skin Musks

Perfumed body shimmers keep you smelling yummy while looking sexy… the best of both worlds!

Retails for $35.00

Prevage to Prevent Age

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Guest Beauty Editor, Di Gaeta, is back to review Prevage’s Anti-Aging Night Cream.

“As the winter blues set in, and flu season is upon us, I wondered how I would ever keep my healthy glow (the one on my face, not in my heart). Just in the nick of time, Sarah, a.k.a. The Beauty Whore, presented me with the new Prevage night cream to road test. I had tried the Prevage serum previously, and I found it a bit strong and slightly irritating but this cream, with it’s blend of vitamins (mega Complex A), Idebenone, and moisturizers, is simply DIVINE. It left me with an incredible gleam that completely hid the fact that I was sickies with a cold!

The cream is also a lovely shade of peach and is the perfect not-too-thick-not-too-thin consistency. The jar has a sophisticated airtight dispenser so no chance of germs or contamination with use, which I love! Overall, I give this product my highest rating, I will replace this product the moment it runs out, it’s my new nightime beauty mainstay. Run and grab yourself this miracle before it flies off shelves and remember, it’s all about anti-oxidants, and Idebenone is the strongest on the market!”

xoxo Di

Prevage Anti Aging Night Cream by Elizabeth Arden and Allergan


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What a great way to start off the week, but with a WEEKLY MUST-HAVE!

I don’t know about everywhere else in the world, but LA weather has been acting crazzzy… (I’d be an idiot not to assume that it has somehting to do with global warming). It actually rained yesterday and the day before! There’s no RAIN in AUGUST… not in LOS ANGELES… come on, weather man!

With the fickle weather comes the fickle skin… one minute it’s hydrated and shining, the next it’s dry and flakey.

So, I decided to try my brand new Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Plump Perfect Firming Body Souffle. It’s a whipped body cream so thick and luscious that even the driest of skin will feel quenched! This cream was designed with anti-aging benefits in mind… not only does it even out skin tone, it also softens the rough spots like feet and elbows, virtually “plumping” your skin with a moisturizing barrier.

The ceramide plumping cream also comes in a facial moisturizer with SPF 30… that’ll be next week 🙂


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There are some products that you use – for a couple of weeks or months at a time – and then you throw them into a drawer and never think of them again. Soon, said product is replaced by the newer, perkier, more colorful version.

Okay, okay. Yes, I too, am responsible for fleeting product love… Love today, not tomorrow.

But then there are those very few, special products that become cult staples in your beauty routine.

May I introduce Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour Cream, the creme de la creme of creams! I’ve been a fan of this product for years now… ever since traveling to Europe and discovering the balm in a duty free shop.

It is the end all to all things chapped – lips, knuckles, cuticles, feet, you name it! It’s been a beauty insider’s secret for years – models use it on their legs and tummies during swim suit shoots to add a very believable and gorgeous slimming sheen to their hot bods! Also great on cheekbones to add a little glimmer of shine – accentuating the bone, making cheeks look chiseled.

And the cream really does stay on for hours – make that, 8 hours. I use it when I fly prior to boarding the plane – and by the time I land in NYC, my lips are still soft and kissable!

AND, thanks to the genius minds over at Elizabeth Arden, we can now get the Eight Hour Cream in a hand treatment AND a body treatment… both equally as divine as the original!

This is one product you will ALWAYS want on you!

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