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One of my absolute favorite concealer companies, Dermablend, conducted a great Q&A for the upcoming award season. Wanna know how to cover-up a tattoo? Or hide an imperfection? Straight from Dermablend makeup artist Jose Parron are the answers… and the products that’ll do the trick!

What would be the quickest method for a celebrity to cover tattoos when walking the red carpet?

The quickest method to covering a tattoo is to first make sure the skin is properly cleansed and moisturized. Then, use the Dermablend Leg & Body Tattoo Primer to cover the affected areas. The primer neutralizes the different colors and pigments in tattoos and allows an easy, smooth application. Next, choose the closest shade to your skin of the Leg & Body Cover Foundation — apply in a smooth up and down motion, blending outward on the perimeter of the tattoo. Additional coverage can be applied using the finger tips on darker or difficult areas. Allow approximately three minutes of dry time. After which, apply a liberal amount of the setting powder over the entire area, let it set for a few minutes and then brush off.

Which Dermablend products would you recommend to most effectively cover skin imperfections for awards shows?

The Dermablend Smooth Indulgence Concealer’s fine pigmentation is perfect for HD TV and bright lights. Apply the concealer smoothly and easily with minimum effort. It requires no setting time or touch ups and lasts up to 12 hours.

Any tips you would give a celebrity on how to best get flawless skin for the red carpet? Which Dermablend products would you recommend?

Beneath bright lights, under eye circles can appear darker by the veins at the bridge of the nose.  Blend Quick Fix Concealer (pictured) from under the eye up towards the bridge of the nose for optimal coverage and a “bright-eyed” effect. Dermablend’s Quick Fix Concealer is a perfect on-the-go solution, serves as a constant safety net and fits perfectly in your clutch!

Quick Fix can also be used as an eye shadow base. Choose a shade slightly darker than your own skin tone and apply on the lids for a smooth, long wearing canvas to your favorite eye shadows.

Additionally, prior to lipstick or lip liner application, Quick Fix can be used around the perimeter of the mouth to create a clean surface and fuller-looking lips. Then apply lipstick/liner as usual.

Acne-Fighting Foundation

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One of my all time favorite concealers EVER is the DermaBlend Cover Duet Custom Corrector – two cream colors on either side of a wand, perfect for custom blending.

Truth be told, DermaBlend makes fabulous concealers and foundations for all skin types! It’s like red carpet, perfection coverage!

Well, I just found my next favorite product by DermaBlend and…. GASP!… it’s been discontinued! (Fret not, we’ve found a few extra tubes surfing the web).

DermaBlend’s Acne Results Treatment Foundation is a wonderful product for those of us who suffer from problem-skin. It contains .5 % Salicylic Acid (long known for fighting acne) and it provides light, even coverage. Of course, it’s buildable so the the more you apply, the stronger the coverage is. It’s oil-free, fragrance-free, non-comedogenic, and non-acnegenic. This is a must-have product for anyone with acne-prone skin or for those who want to prevent acne by using a foundation that actually fights the bacteria as it covers!

A word (or several…) from the company:
“The advanced oil absorbent system helps control oil breakouts all day and provides 8 hours of shine control for a natural looking matte finish.”

The foundation comes in 6 shades ranging from ivory (for you pale girls) to brown. I use the natural and I love it! It’s not cakey and, as I mentioned, it really is a light coverage that leaves skin-tone even and less blotchy. I also feel perfectly secure that this product will never cause a breakout!

But, hurry and stock up now, before the product is completely gone… If you live in NYC, you can purchase the foundation at Clyde’s Pharmacy or you can buy it by clicking HERE.

R.I.P. Acne Results Treatment Foundation! I hope you are reincarnated very, very soon!

PRICE TAG: $22.50

Clear Skin Is IN…

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I’m a sucker for any product that promises clear skin… hey, any product that’ll give the effect of clear skin.
It’s tricky to find a concealer that actually provides full coverage without looking like you’re trying to conceal something (i.e. cakey, crusty, color is off, etc.).

Enter DermaBlend Cover Duet Custom Corrector. The entire line is pretty amazing for covering blemishes, dark circles, sun damage… you name it! But it’s this fancy two-in-one wand that has won my heart… and cleared my skin!

What it is:

Total coverage of localized skin flaws using pink and yellow pigments that you custom blend to match your skin tone. Lasts up to 16 hours; unifies skin tone and texture.

What it’s for:

Visible veins on nose and cheeks
Pigment disorders around eyes and mouth (sun damage)

I use the medium duo (although you can choose from light, tan, and deep) and basically I create my exact color by blending the two sides of the wand – – – pink and yellow. Yellow combats redness while pink tones down dark circles. Covering a zit will require a different “blend” then covering, lets say, a scar. But now you can do it all with this amazingly easy and convenient double-ended applicator!!!

I’m so obsessed with this product, I’ve been carrying it around in my purse for daily retouches. It’s definitely full coverage so you don’t need to reapply very often (this is heavy duty stuff), but I feel safer knowing that I have it with me (like a crutch).

Oh yes, I am officially a DermaBlend addict!

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