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The Fall Brow by Damone Roberts

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Eyebrow King Damone Roberts dishes on the skinny for the fall brow. “The eyebrow’s are the single most important, underestimated features on the face,” says Damone, who has brow bars in both LA and NYC. I’m in constant brow envy so I’d have to agree with the King.

Damone’s been known to pluck the arches of everyone from Madonna, Beyonce, Gwyneth Paltrow, Megan Fox, Vanessa Williams, Mandy Moore and Alicia Keys.

Here’s all you’ll ever need to know on the fall brow:

SARAH HOWARD: What’s the look?

DAMONE ROBERTS: “The look is a lot fuller than in the past, yet still with a defined arch.”

SH: How does one achieve this?

DR: Remember to keep the inner part of the brow more natural, while tweezing your way towards the end of the brow as your line get thinner. You then brush your brows down, before taking your brow pencil or powder to define the highest part of the arch. After defining the highest part of the arch, a brow gel is needed to brush them back up and hold them in place. The reason for doing this is to keep the brow fuller and more natural, yet still adding the lift and definition required to give you the ultimate fall brow look.

SH: What celebrity gives good brow?

DR: My clients Megan Fox and Beyonce are both now rocking this look flawlessly!

SH: Why does this look work now?

DR: Because women are starting to realize that fuller brow’s are softer, younger and more approachable than thin, severe brow’s of the past.


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I’m not sure if it’s a lot of hype or if it’s the hottest product on the market….. BUT my eyebrow specialist SWEARS that Damone Roberts Brow Gain actually works!

What it does:
As told by the ones who created it…. “The perfect eyebrows are rich, full and show the perfect arch. Whether by nature or over plucking, at times, you can suffer from a thinning of our eyebrows. This can affect the entire look of your face. Brow Gain helps to create healthier looking, fuller eyebrows by stimulating the surrounding hair follicles. Generally, results will be seen about 6 to 8 weeks after use begins. Individual results may vary. Your face deserves the perfect frame. With The Eyebrow King’s Signature Brow Gain as the catalyst, that goal is within reach.”

I have a sick obsession with my eyebrows thus I am pretty much a sucker for any brow shaper/ tool/ tamer on the market. They swear to give me fuller eyebrows? I’m so down to try this.

Let you know in 6-8 weeks how those unruly patches of hair above my eyes are doing….

until then, check out all of DAMONE ROBERTS EYEBROW PRODUCTS… they are fierce!!!!

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