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REVIEW: CoverGirl Eye Lights Mascara

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My friend Kaycee swears by CoverGirl’s newest mascara revolution: Eye Lights, mascara suited for your eye color. Kinda genius, I must admit, so naturally, I had to try the goods.

Here’s what it is:
A light-reflecting metallic mascara and a hint of tint that brings out your blues, browns, hazels and greens, with the patented no-clump brush to help define lashes. For brown eyes, CoverGirl has made an exclusive black pearl color. For blue eyes, it’s black sapphire with a hint of blue, for green eyes, black ruby with a pop of purple, and for hazel eyes, you have black gold.

While Kaycee used the black ruby for her green peepers — and yes, they did look brighter and greener — the same exact color on my golden eyes seemed rather dreary. While the formula still lengthened my lashes, the color was a tad poopish (yes, I said poop). I decided to buy my color — I’m somewhere between black gold and black pearl but opted for black pearl as I live for dark, full lashes, and let me tell you, black pearl turned my lashes into fierceness. My eyes looked brighter — even a tad lighter — while my lashes looked long and clump-free. But I must admit, my brown/ hazel peepers will be sticking to the CoverGirl Lash Blast as I’m a sucker for the real deal: black mascara.

If you’re into a hint of color, this mascara is one to try.

PRICE TAG: $4.99

A few of my favorite things… Lippies

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What’s more alluring than a nice pair of luscious lips?

Uh.. nothing?

Well, maybe the lippies that make those lips so luscious. I’m obsessed with the pucker for fall.

Here are a few of my current favorite…. lippies!

– It’s an anomaly. Seriously, part gloss, part stain (not sure if it is actually a stain but the color stays on for so long it very well should be), all plump. My lips look more than massive, they look magically enlarged. Plumped rose and plumped tawny (pictured) are by far my favorite, must-have fall nudes. The wand is an added bonus. Exactly like Lancome’s wand, the sponge is large and a bit flattened for precise paint-on application. Score! $9.99

Korres Lip Butter – Jasmine is my favorite – extra moisturizing, mega shine in a sheer seashell wash. It’s definitely more of a chapstick (sans the stick) than a lippy (reminds me of Labello but in a soft form). The lip butter is the perfect go-to balm for day as it literally only adds a hint of hue. I like it for night layered ontop of a stain for a bit more color with shine and hydration (so lips don’t look chaffed). BONUS: Can also be used as a cheek tint! Wild Rose is a lovely deep red sheen, great for faux-blushing. $9.00

Givenchy Gloss Interdit Ultra-Shiny Color Plumping Effect – a little bling never hurt a pout. This lippy is full of color, plump, shine and shimmer. In fact, the bristled wand is so precise that it’s truly like painting the pout. And the color — more than a wash but less than a lipstick — lasts surprisingly long for a gloss. The plump is similiar to the L’oreal Infallible Plumpers with extra sparkle. Favorite hue is #13, Delectable Brown, a warm golden beige. $24.50 (Sephora exclusive).

Clinique Vitamic C Lip Smoothie – Vitamins and antioxidants + a hint of color? Fabulous! As always, Clinique delivers an amazing lippy in gorgeous sheer hues. It moisturizes, protects and shines. Nude-tricious, a gorgeous beigey-nude hue and Fig-a-licious (pictured), a barely-there mauvish-pink, are my picks. I heart the brush-on applicator with actual bristles! $17.50

Cover Girl Outlast Lipstain – It’s like a magic marker… actually, it’s a pen that stains lips for the ENTIRE day — through breakfast, lunch, dinner and a few kisses in between. Application is as easy as writing your name. Color 400 (pictured) is my favorite. It’s so universally appealing — a raspberry meets watermelon pink — that the fairest of skins to the darkest tones will look fab in said hue. My only gripe is that the applicator tip has a tendency to try out rather rapidly. $7.49

What’s your current favorite lippy?

Holy Grail Mascara (of the Moment)

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Everyone boasts about their “holy grail” mascara – the perfect blend of length, volume, separation and deep color, that evokes a “false lashes” look without the need for actual false lashes. There’s no denying that the perfect mascara is a personal preference (and one that often changes with the times… and invention of new, amazing mascaras).

Well, ladies, after endlessly searching the department store and drugstore aisles, I’ve finally found my personal holy grail mascara (of the moment)!

Cover Girl Lash Blast
– yes, it’s been around for awhile but I’ve only just been introduced to it.

I was recently shuffling through my good friend, Nicky Hilton’s, makeup counter in her bathroom when I came across the oddly shaped orange tube. I pointed to the tube and asked, “what’s that” and Nicky replied that it’s a great drugstore find: . I’d heard of the mascara although I had yet to try it. I thought to myself, “Hmmm – if it’s good enough for Nicky’s lashes, I’m sure it’s good enough for mine” (Nicky’s very well-versed on all things cosmetics – her bathroom counter is every beauty whore’s wildest (and wettest) dream… products galore!)

So, I immediately tested the mascara on my own lashes and the results were tremendous – my lashes appeared massively long, gorgeously thick, completely separated and perfectly black! And the wand – oh that amazingly oversized, plastic wand (perfect for volumizing and declumping) – I swear that the beauty of this mascara lies within that incredible wand (and you know how much I love a good wand!). It was everything I had been searching for in a single mascara. Just look at my lashes, post Lash Blast:

Pretty, pretty long… (people keep asking me if I’m wearing false lashes… I simply respond, as if!)

Of course, I booked it to my local CVS and bought myself a tube. And the icing on the already gorgeous cake: the mascara is under $10.00! It retails for around $9.00!

If you don’t own this mascara yet, I implore you to buy it asap! Your lashes will thank-you…


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Amy Winehouse wears hers to the extreme.

Angelina Jolie prefers a more subtle look.

Edie Sedgwick liked hers thick, and mod.

Gisele has been known to rock a thin-lined, wing look.

However you play, cat eyes are IN! And it’s ALL about the liner. You can use pencil or powder, but we’re loving the new liquid liner pens. They’re easy to use, last for hours and help to create that dark, dramatic look sans the smudge and mess.

Here are 2 liquid pens to try (both with amazing felt tip applicators!):

Borghese Linea Precisa Liquid Eyeliner

Cover Girl Line Exact Liquid Liner

Here’s a play by play on creating your very own cat eye at home (CLICK HERE).
And remember, make it your own… fat, skinny, extreme or subtle!


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I just got back from a very brief trip to NYC…. while there, I attended the New York premiere of Hairspray (and actually enjoyed it!), dined with friends, and hit up a couple of New York’s fabulous new hotspots (Beatrice and Rose Bar are my faves).

For the premiere, I opted for the sultry summer red look – red dress, red lips. On my lips I used Cover Girl’s Mocha Mist, 235 and topped it off with Kiehl’s Golden Berry Light Lip Gloss. Summer hair calls for no fuss… thus, I ran a comb through it, applied some of the Kerastase oil and let it air dry.

Here’s a pic of me and my date for the evening, the ultra talented Duncan Sheik (his Broadway play, Spring Awakenings won an amazing 8 Tony Awards… if you’re in New York, you MUST see it! It’s genius!):

(Sarah Howard and Duncan Sheik – just friends!)

For a night out with the girls, I wanted to look a little edgier – classy with a rock and roll edge. I chose summer dark eyes (not black, but a greyish, olive color) and light lips. Again, no fuss, au natural hair. On my eyes, I started with Nars’ All About Eve, a fabulous, opalescent base, then painted the crease with MAC’s Saturnal Frost (from their limited edition Summer collection – I adore this color! It makes my golden eye color really pop!) I used Express GLIMMERsheer from Beauty Addicts on my brow bone and my cheek bone. It’s an awesome pearlized highlighter that I adore. I chose Nars’ Outlaw for my cheeks (a little dark for summer but I figured hey, I’m single… I wanna attract some attention). And I ended with my new favorite mascara… Cover Girl’s Volume Exact in Black. The wand is rubber allowing you to really get close to the lashes edges. Plus it makes my lashes super long without that hideous clumping!

Here’s a couple of computer pics:

(Sarah’s face)

(Sarah’s face – CU)

***Arrived home to a massive package of MAC’s two new lines… FLASHTRONIC and RUSH METAL… will post my favorite products with pics tomorrow (hopefully!) WE LOVE MAC!***

Make-Up Banter with Sole Alberti…

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Make-up artist, Sole Alberti, did a fabulous job creating the flirty and sexy faces of Veronica and the V-Squad for my short film, I HEART VERONCIA MARTIN. She used the same high-school feel (sans the dew) to paint the face of awkward outcast, Darby.

(Sole Alberti (left) with Cameron Richardson/ Veronica Martin (right)

Below, read Sole’s step by step make-up application process and discover the products that she used!

“For the girls of I Heart Veronica Martin, I started off by using a light, oil free lotion with spf 30 by Dermalogica. I wanted to keep their lovely faces protected from the intense sun. I then used TruBlend foundation by COVERGIRL.

I wanted to give the girls a natural dewey look so I used COVERGIRL TruBlend Naturally luminous blush powder in pure romance. It creates a beautiful rouge on the apples of the cheeks with just the perfect amount of sparkle and shine. I then used natural tones on the eyes ranging from light browns to neutral pinks and beiges.

On their eyelashes, once they were curled, I applied the They were doing a lot of cheering and dancing in the scorching heat, so I wanted to make sure the mascara did not run. It worked wonders! I was also very pleased with the wand of the mascara. It allowed me to get really close to the lash line and separate the eye lashes in the most fabulous fashion.

On their lips, I used a two step lip gloss by to give their lips extra shine.

For the cheering scenes, I used Clarins After Sun Moisturizing Spray all over their bodies for a natural shimmer and glow. In addition, I mixed water and glycerine to manufature that sexy, sweaty effect. After a long day, the girls still looked perfectly dewey and beautiful!

On Carla Gallo (Darby), who was not doing any cheering, I stuck to the same look I gave the other girls but kept the shine down and matted the colors a little bit. I wanted to create the effect that she was low maintenance with her look. Just very simple and casual. I used the same products but with a way lighter touch.

All in all the girls all looked amazing on and off screen. Since they were being shot in HD which picks up every pore, I made sure that the skin was very even. The foundation was great for that. I had to get in real close and make sure they were always perfect. They of course made my job very easy with their beautiful skin and glowing features!

GO V-SQUAD!!!!!”

(Veronica, V-Squad, Darby and the Director… ME!!!)

***Special thanks to Brent Poer who hooked us up with the Cover Girl Cosmetics. Without Brent, this movie would cease to exist! We Heart You, Brent!!!***

Movie Making…

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… is the best!

We are having a great time, getting fabulous performances and, of course, beautiful shots!

I’m exhausted…. 7AM call time in the morning… but here are some stills from today’s shoot.

“The Morning After”

Cameron Richardson (left) and Carla Gallo (right) – slating for the scene.

“Fantasy in Pink”

Cameron Richardson looking sexy in Cover Girl Cosmetics… at her vanity table.

“Prank Caller”

Cameron Richardson (that’s a blue clay mask on her face… pretending to cover zits – FYI – in reality, her skin is flawless!)

Make-Up Artist and the Muse

Make-Up artist Sole Alberti giving last minute touch-ups to Cameron Richardson… moments prior to shooting the scene!

“Veronica and the Director”

Cameron Richardson (left) and Sarah Howard (me!!!) – blocking a scene – (through the mirror).

***All still courtesy of my fab cinematographer, Noah Rosenthal***

More stills to come…

I’m Shooting a MOVIE!!!!

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I know what you’re thinking, how does making a movie have anything to do with beauty?

Well, for starters, filmmaking is an aesthetic medium – it’s about a visceral connection with the film and it’s audience. Movies are beautiful in their own right, even if the subject matter is griddy and/ or scary. Do you actually know how much work goes into making a film? It’s a collaborative experience, thus experts from all different disciplines come together to provide their voice, their take on the writer’s story.

So even if you don’t buy that filmmaking has anything to do with beauty in a “beauty banter” way, you’ll at least recognize that two of these departments, wardrobe and make-up, are all about the beauty!

I have written a short film that I will begin directing tomorrow. Along for the ride, are some fabulous individuals whose time, skills and efforts will make this an unforgettable experience.

Thanks to Cover Girl Cosmetics for their generous donation and incredible make-up (see, I told you it would have something to do with beauty!). All of the actresses will be wearing Cover Girl Cosmetics!
Make-up artist Sole Alberti will be glamming up the girls!

And thanks to American Apparel for donating our ENTIRE wardrobe! These talented actresses are sure to look fabulous in American Apparel’s fun and flirty clothing!

So, I will be writing about my filmmaking experience for the next couple of days… And I’ll be sure to provide tons of pics of hair, make-up and clothes!

Here’s a preview of my five cheerleaders!

(From Left: Melissa Ordway, Kelly Kruger, Cameron Richardson, Bevin Prince and Julia Lehman)

And another picture ala Virgin Suicides…

So stay tuned… and visit beauty banter every day for updates!


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With Christmas season among us, Holiday parties seem to be in the air. I don’t like to do my whole “made-up” face for a cup of egg nog and some Christmas carols. Instead, I enjoy a lighter, fresher, more youthfull me! (I also think that if I look younger AND feel younger, I will BE younger… and then maybe, just MAYBE, Santa will come down my chimney this year!)

So this is my Holiday party beauty routine:

Natural, wavey hair thanks to John Frieda’s Starlet Waves Wave Enhancing Spray (left). I literally spray on wet, just washed hair and leave to air dry.

A sun-kissed complexion from Guerlain’s Terracotta 3(rich warm bronze). Note to Self: I used to only be able to buy this product when en route to some exotic locale at a duty free shop in a European airport… now, it’s sold at Sephora!!! Love this product because it absorbs yucky surface oils and adds the perfect amount of color!

Eyebrow gel for my unruly brows (a MUST MUST MUST… I actually take it EVERYWHERE!) I prefer Cover Girl’s Professional Natural Lash Mascara. It’s meant for your lashes but does wonders for the brows… heavy duty stuff!

On my lips, my new must-have(thanks to my recent trip to Sephora) is Benefit’s Color Plump in Love Ya’. It’s a stick, but it goes on like a mixture between a gloss and matte lippy and it just so happens to actually plump your lips without making them super shiney (and we all know how much a beauty whore loves a plumper pecker!) It boasts the ideal amount of color leaving your lips natural and tres tres kissable!

what’s YOUR beauty routine…

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