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British Pharmacies

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I just returned from a quick jaunt over to London and while I’m LOVING the fashion…

I’m not as impressed with the pharmacies. The UK Rx’s aren’t as aesthetically pleasing as the French pharmacies, but that’s not to say that I didn’t have fun in Boots (a massive chain of British pharmacies – comparable to a CVS or Duane Reade – are all over London).

While Boots has some great lines of their own – now sold in the states at places like Target and CVS – the actual Boots stores are bigger than French pharmacies and a little too overstocked. They don’t carry as many high-end or obscure brands but they do have the entire Boots range (which is fabulous).

Here are some of the lines available:

– I’m pretty much a fan of all Boots body products but I really heart their creamy exfoliators
Boots No.7 – 4-in-1 wipes are still one of my favorites for removing makeup
Simple – The baby products are great for sensitive skin types (especially the body washes)
Dove – What’s not to love about dove? It’s pretty standard. I’m a fan of the Dove deodorant.
Nivea – Makes a kick-ass body moisturizer
Piz Buin – The sun never comes out in London so a tan in a bottle is the only way to go
St. Tropez – They love them some tanning products
E45 – Mega dry skin cream at an inexpensive 1.85 pounds a tube
Rimmel – Obsessed with Sexy Curves mascara. They also make great eye liners for a reasonable price.
Bio-Oil – Great product for treating scars and stretch marks. I recently discovered it in the U.S. and have been using on my skin for a couple of months

Have a favorite UK product?
Let us know!


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Spring is almost here!!!! And that means, it’s time to work on your tan! I love me some tinted moisturizers with buildable color… they’re a clean, hassle-free, streak-free way to get bronzed skin without a tanning salon or the harsh effects of the sun.

British cosmetic giant, Boots, makes a fabulous lotion with buildable color! It’s part of their No 7 line of skin products. Naturally Sunkissed Body Moisturizer offers you just that – a natural sun kissed tan! It’s not streaky and it doesn’t stain your clothes. It’s the perfect amount of color without screaming – “I’m faking my tan!” And it doesn’t have that chemical smell that many of the buildable color lotions unfortunately have. The lotion applies easily and color looks even so you don’t need to exfoliate prior to use! AND, it’s only $9.99!!! This is my must-have Spring self-tan lotion!

Also from Boots, No7 Instant Sunshine Shimmer Gel! It’s a shimmery golden gel-like substance that can be applied alone, or mixed with lotion, to add instant color and sparkle for a healthy glow! I use it in conjunction with the Sunkissed Body Moisturizer when I’m hitting the town and I need a little extra color on my arms and legs. The company says, “It’s just so versatile. Mix with your foundation or body cream, or use as a bronzer or eye colour.” A little goes a long way so there’s no need to overindulge.

Gold is in… whether it’s as a shadow or on your skin! Don’t have naturally tanned skin? Fake it!!!

Best of Scrubs… DAY 2

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Today’s scrub is: Boots Mediterranean Body Scrub – Almond, Olive & Pistachio

What it is: Exfoliating walnut shell and apricot seeds, organic sweet almond oil and skin-softening pistachio nut oil
What it does: Removes dead skin cells, leaving skin soft and radiant
Claim to fame: From British beauty giants, Boots (also known for being a fave line of such A-list celebs as Madonna), the manufacturers of world renowned skin care line, No. 7.
What we like: 13.5 oz tub for $9.99 – you just can’t beat the price! Also, adore that you can buy it at Target and CVS. It has a creamier base, which is nice, and a pleasant smell that reminds us of an amaretto sour. The scrubbing properties are shells and seeds as opposed to salts or sugars so it is a different type of exfoliation… I’m gonna say, less harsh, good for everyday scrubbing.

Rating: 8 out of 10

(extra .5 for the price and availability!)

New Rating: 8.5 out of 10


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I have pretty sensitive skin, but I love to wear make-up. So, getting all the product off of my face can be somewhat of a feat..
I recently tried British favorite, Boots No7 4 in 1 Quick Thinking Wipes and I’m OBSESSED!
They get all of the make-up off in one quick wipe WITHOUT irritating my skin. I use it for face make-up and eyes! It’s fast and effective AND it doesn’t cause me to break out! And you know what I really love…. Seeing all of the crud on the wipe… it just makes me feel so damn clean!

I do, however, wash my face afterward with my trusty cetaphil anti-bacterial face bar.

To order the Boots 4 in 1 face wipes, CLICK HERE!
Also available at your local Target.
At $6.99 for a pack of 30, how can you say no?!

The Brits do it Best

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I just received this in an email and after my Boots rave, thought this was worth posting and trying out… After all, I love a good rave!

Breaking Beauty News: Boots Restore & Renew Beauty Serum Sells for Over $130 on eBay–Serum Sold out in the U.K. Available at Target

Boots Restore & Renew Beauty Serum (called No7 Protect & Perfect in the U.K.) is making news in the U.K, where an independent study by the BBC just uncovered that No7 Protect & Perfect’s affect on collagen production is on par with the performance of retinoic-acid or Tretinoin – prescription drugs used to treat severe sun damage of the skin!

The experts, based at the Dermatology Department at the University of Manchester, have been studying Tretinoin for years and they were convinced that no over the counter anti-ageing cream could match its effectiveness. However, they were surprised by the results achieved with the Boots product.

Professor Griffiths, who is Foundation Professor of Dermatology at the University of Manchester, said: “At both basic science and clinical levels Boots No7 Protect & Perfect has been shown scientifically to repair photo-aged skin and improve the fine wrinkles associated with photo-ageing.”

Boots describes the cream as a ‘skin-firming and complexion-brightening serum’. The ingredients include peptides, which have been shown to increase the levels of supporting collagen in the skin, and white lupin extract. This is claimed to reduce the breakdown of collagen by enzymes known as matrix metalloproteinases.

Boots No7 Renew & Restore is sold at Target nationwide for $19.99.



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My internet connection wasn’t working properly but I’m back in the states and ready to dish on my fave british products!!!

Jo Malone French Lime Blossom Bath Oil – Superbly subtle and soft. The perfect addition to a lovely bubble bath in London’s regal Dorchester Hotel (where I stayed). Jo Malone is best known for their yummy candles but the bath oil is where it’s at!

You can’t go to London and not buy something from London beauty megahouse, Rimmel. (Kate Moss does the ads??? Ring a bell?) Well, my favorite product from Rimmel is their fabulous eyeliner. Not to mention, the prices are so reasonable, you can actually stock up ten at a time! Try Rimmel Soft Kohl Kajal Eye Pencil in Jet Black, a perfect basic that will make your eyes pop! Hey, if it’s good enough for Kate Moss, it’s good enough for me!

Boots Cucumber Facial Wipes, my new obsession. Everything that Boots makes rocks, and it’s pretty damn cheap, but you must try these cleansing wipes! I use them to clean my make-up brushes. Ever since my friend Kim made me anal about clean brushes, I now clean my brushes after every application. And it actually does help the make-up application process!
Also to try:Boots Coconut & Almond Oil Creme Shower: Smells so fabulous and it’s only about 3 dollars!!!
P.S. Boots is an ultra famous pharmacy chain in London, England and their products are simply divinie!

Ok, more to come tomorrow… I’m so tired, I must sleep…. jet lag!!!!!!!!!!!

Fellow Beauty Whore Recommendation… FACE WIPES

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“I know it sounds really lazy to say you’re to tired to wash your face but I can be that lazy/tired/distracted/bored. In 1996 I was living in Canada while my dad was on business and fell for Comodynes face wipes and Klorane eye makeup pads (I remember coming home to L.A. for prom during that time and being able to wipe a serious amount of makeup off in a swipe…genius). I brought home loads. Fortunately they’re now avail in the States and they’ve been a bedside standby for a decade. But, they have new competition. British chemist Boots has brought their No 7 line of skincare to Target and I picked up their 4 in 1 wipes. They do the eye makeup and the skincare and the moisturizing. I had a really bad cold last week and beyond lazy, tested them out. They’re pretty good. And my sensitive skin had no complaints.”
(via email)

I’ve never tried face wipes, but this product sounds too good to be true… I will definitely be purchasing a bundle a.s.a.p.

Have a recommendation of a product that is your must-have? Email us at beautybanter@gmail.com

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