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Fashion Hacks For Fall

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Few things are more satisfying than a time-saving, life-changing life hack. Artfully mastering one is like giving yourself a pat on the back, “Way to go, self!” And when you have the opportunity to “pay it forward,” it’s really, really good karma.

Here, some major aha moments when it comes to fashion hacks.

1. Smelly or stained jeans are never a good look. The same goes for jeans that shrink or fade in the dryer. If you need to clean your favorite pair, try spot treating and then putting them in the freezer in a Ziploc bag with a dryer sheet. Leave them overnight and voila!— by morning, clean, fresh-smelling jeans that haven’t faded a thread.

2. Come fall, few things are better than a cozy cashmere sweater. Sadly, they don’t always wear exactly as we hope. If your favorite sweater is pilling, try lightly gliding your razor (yes, the Venus you use for your legs) over it. If the sweater gets snagged or is damaged beyond repair, try cutting off the sleeves to make leg warmers to tuck into your favorite boots (like the photo above).

3. An oxford or a chambray shirt under a sweater is a classic look. But adding an extra layer can make even Kate Moss look a bit bulged and frumpy. To avoid this, layer a tighter tank top between the sweater and button-up for a slim fit. The tank will press and flatten the bottom layer into your torso. And we just gave your your body back (you’re welcome!).

4. Two pet peeves: loose sunglasses and scratched leather. However, you can easily fix both. Dab a bit of clear nail polish on the screw of your favorite shades to tighten them up a bit. For a minor scratch on your handbag or boots, use a dab of body moisturizer to gently rub it away.

5. Ugh… blisters. Nothing ruins a day quite like ’em. If your fall favorite, can’t-live-without Tabitha Simmons belfy glossed-leather point-toe flats are feeling a bit tight (or narrow as they tend to feel), place a Ziploc bag of water in each of them and stick the shoes – with the water bags — into the freezer overnight. This will gently stretch them out. Come morning, your shoes will, once again, be made for walking.

6. Stiff t-shirts are just so many shades of wrong. To give a brand-new, crisp t-shirt a more worn-in and comfortable look, soak it in a salt water solution for three days or so. After a quick wash and dry, it’ll feel — and look –like your favorite rocker tee. Yippee.

Get hacking and happy fashion!

Casey Sharbaugh currently resides in New York City working in the fashion industry. In her spare time, you can find Casey spinning, trying new beauty products, or browsing the city for the best ice cream cone. Find her on Twitter at @chs_psu

Beauty Hacks: The 3 Minute Contour

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There are never enough hours in the day. Between work, family, and beauty rest, you’re lucky if you have enough time to scroll through your Instagram feed. So getting glam shouldn’t take more time than you have to spare. With this in mind, we’ve created the three minute contour. Want the crafted cheekbones of Rosie Huntington-Whitely or the chiseled bone structure of Kim Kardashian? Well, now you can fake them, and without much effort or time.

After applying foundation, choose two powders, one that is one to two shades lighter and one that is one to two shades darker than your natural skin tone (you can substitute a bronzer for the darker powder option). Apply your dark or contouring powder in the shape of the number three on the right side of your face. Start at the center of the forehead, swoop the hairline, up the cheekbone toward the nose, back across the hairline and below the jaw, and finish in the center of your chin. Now reverse the number three on the left side of your face. Gently blend in harsh lines. Congratulations, the contouring part is officially done.

With your light powder, or highlighter, dust onto cheekbones, Cupid’s bow, in the hollow of the cheek, and in the center of your forehead. Add highlighter to any other areas that you wish to illuminate, such as the brow and collarbone. When it comes to your highlighter, shimmer is optional, but recommended.

With these simple and quick contouring steps, you’ve created definition and opened up your face while still leaving time for life’s other pleasures. Like taking the perfect #selfie.

Products to Try:
Make Up For Ever Sculpting Kit ($48) – This palette has both your dark and light shade in powder form
Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Stick ($44 each) – If you prefer a creamy consistency, try these foundation sticks for contouring – choose one stick that is lighter and another that is darker than your natural skin tone.
RMS Living Luminizer ($38) – An all-natural, sheer, satin-pearl highlighter that works like magic to brighten and illuminate specific areas of the face.

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