Swimwear Trends Of Summer 2015

Swimwear Trends Of Summer 2015

Summer is right around the bend and that means it’s time to dust off those swimsuits. As you’re getting yourself bikini body-ready, you’ll also want to be up on this season’s sexiest swimwear trends. And yes, there are plenty of new styles to suit everyone’s fancy. From high-waisted bottoms to underwire tops, cut-outs and mesh to stripes and florals, when it comes to swimsuits, summer 2015 is anything but a one-size-fits-all. We asked two of our favorite swimwear designers – Laura Poretzky-Garcia of Été Swim and Morgan Curtis of Solid & Striped – to give us the lowdown on all things swimwear for the coming season.

Beauty Banter: What are the big swimwear trends of the season?
Laura Poretzky-Garcia: Classic awning stripes, tones of nude, and florals.
Morgan Curtis: One-pieces, high-waisted bottoms, fringe, cut-outs, and mesh.

BB: What are the trendy colors and patterns or prints?
LPG: We love conversational prints like stars and pineapples. We also love any kind of stripe. Florals are big.
MC: Bright Colors, color-blocking, graphics, and placed conversationals.

BB: It seems that swimwear is getting more covered as opposed to skimpier – hipster briefs, longer tops and bottoms, full suits – why is this?
LPG: I think we are in a time where fashion is not so overtly sexy. There is a different definition to sexy, and it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be half-naked. High-waisted suits and one-pieces are sexy in their own way, and so flattering!
MC: I think women are realizing modesty is even more sexy than revealing everything. They want to look classic and be comfortable.

BB: What type of suit should someone wear who wants to cover – or add support to – their stomach?
LPG: A great one-piece. We have one in particular called The Capri. It’s perfect for that problem area.
MC: High-waisted is always great because you can still show the skinniest part of your stomach right at your empire section. I would also recommend a one-piece that is covered from the front, but has a tasteful, sexy low back.

BB: What type of a suit should someone wear to cover – or add support to – their butt?
LPG: Something that is not tight around the thighs.
MC: A boy short cut will always enhance a butt – a little cheeky, while maintaining support.

BB: What type of a suit should someone wear to cover – or add support to – breasts?
LPG: Something with a little support such as an underwire or a pad. There are all types of great suits with these details. We have removable pads for support in most of our suits.
MC: For cup support, a tank cut will provide a nice hint of cleavage and also provide enough fabric around the body for support.

BB: What type of a suit should someone wear to cover – or add support to – thighs?
LPG: We love a great tank suit high cut ’80s style.
MC: For support to thighs, a one-piece helps to make the proportion of your legs seem longer and slimmer.

BB: What are your three favorite swimwear pieces for this summer?
LPG: Été Swim’s The Malibu, The Gigi, and The Capri.
MC: Solid & Striped’s “Morgan” bikini, the Anne-Marie one-piece, and the Bridget high-waisted bikini.


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