Sweat-Proofing The Scalp

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Sweat-Proofing The Scalp

It is SOOOOOO hot in Los Angeles…. the thermometer is peaking at close to 100 degrees. Beads of sweat are everywhere… even on my scalp… yuck!

So, what’s a girl to do when her hair is as shiny as a newly polished penny? Oil is understandable in the T-zone region (although still not appreciated), but on the scalp…. UNACCEPTABLE!

Don’t fear, I’ve discovered two AMAZING products for scalp oil control (oh, and they both contain mint as an active ingredient… Mint is a natural cleanser.):

Aveda’s Rosemary Mint Shampoo
is great for a deep clean yet it’s subtle enough for daily use. Adds body to fine and limp hair by getting rid of all that gunk, oil, and buildup… and it won’t strip color! I use it about times a week (more frequently now that it is so hot and sweaty). It’s what I like to call, my “Sunday night” shampoo (after a long week of product buildup, Sundays are reserved for deep cleanings and fresh starts)!

8.5 fl. oz. – $9.00

Biolage’s Cooling Mint Oil Control Treatment is a pretty incredible product, like nothing I have ever used before. It’s meant to balance oil secretion by actually reducing the amount of oil that your scalp produces. It’s a wet spray that is to be applied directly to the scalp… and it will make your hair wet at first. But once it dries, it really does “suck up” the excess oils. This is the perfect summer product for sweaty day-to-night activity when there just isn’t enough time to wash your hair before hitting the club! A little spritz, and you’re good to go – refreshed and oil-free!


So, this summer, remember to sweat-proof your scalp! Nobody wants to cuddle with a greasy teddy bear…

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