Summer Hairstyles For When You Want To Wash-and-Go

Summer Hairstyles For When You Want To Wash-and-Go

When the temps rise, the last thing we want to do is handle hot styling tools, even if anything other than a blowout makes us look like a frizz ball. It’s a beauty catch 22: do we sacrifice knock-out hair for comfort, or melt away trying to style our hair only to end up a fried, frizzy mess anyway? No need to ponder this for too long, we have answers!

Beauty Banter asked coveted hairstylists Sunnie Brook, whose clients include Hailey Baldwin, Abigail Spencer, and America Ferrara, Christine Symonds, who’s worked with Kaley Cuoco, and Rebekah Forecast, hair stylist at Serge Normant for John Frieda Salon in NYC, who’s also blessed the manes of Heidi Klum, Emmy Rossum, and Jasmine Tookes, for tips and tricks on every hairstyle we’ll be wearing all summer long! No styling tools required…well, hot ones at least.

1. Wet & Sleek

A style we can start as soon as we exit the shower. Sunnie says to use R+Co foam pomade ($32) on semi-damp hair and comb hair back into desired shape, or a sleek side part. Bobby pin everything in place and remove pins once the hair has dried. Voilà! For deep shine, Sunnie also suggests Leonor Greyl Spray Structure Naturelle ($42) for maximum hold and high shine.

2. Air-Dry

We tried the not brushing our hair test, and the results are good. Air drying hair is basically the best thing since dry shampoo, especially during summer. On days we’re skipping the wash altogether, on dry hair remove any tangles using fingers like a comb, says Sunnie, then apply Playa Endless Summer Spray ($28) (or your favorite wave spray) from roots to mid-shaft to bring out natural waves and enhance texture and curl. For even more body, Sunnie says to divide hair into four sections and secure in loose buns with bobby pins, give it about 20 minutes (about the time it takes us to put on our best summer face), then remove and shake out the waves. #Beachbabe hair anyone?

For more control with the air-dry, Rebekah gives us the “sculpt dry” —use mousse, soft gel, or volumizing spray, and with a wide-tooth comb, using the shape of your head sculpt the hair into the desired direction and leave to dry. Once dry, lighten up the product by running hands through hair, leaving your mane so shiny and smooth without a hair dryer.

Tip: Frizzy gals, Rebekah recommends Hair Food shampoo ($6) and hair mask ($10) to combat the frizzies, and Sunnie uses Playa hair oil ($38) on only the frizzy parts of tresses for smooth hair.

3. Sleek Top Knot

For when you literally have zero time but still want a chic style, the bun is the answer. Simply apply hair oil, like Chritine’s fave: Ouai Hair Oil ($28), to wet or dry hair (from mid-shaft to ends only, says Sunnie) and pull hair up into a high ponytail securing it all into a tight Bella Hadid-worthy bun. For the highest bun possible, use a boar bristle brush to get a good grip on hair (no bumps here), tip head forward, and let gravity help you achieve that high knot. If any hair bumps do survive, Sunnie says to use the end of a tail comb by weaving it in and out of the hair (in a sewing motion) and then run the comb back to the secure ponytail to remove bumps. And in case we want a “messier” knot, Christine says to leave the ends of hair sticking out of the bun and use a toothbrush sprayed with some hairspray to control fly-aways. Boom!

4. Sky-High Pony

The name says it all. Follow tips for the top-knot, without the knot of course. The it-girl high ponytail, perfected by Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner is a lot more runway than the ponytail of our childhood days and one of our favorite hairstyles for summer. Wear sleek and smooth for a sophisticated mod look, or bumpy and messy à la Lady Gaga. Step it up by taking a small strand of hair from the bottom of the pony, and wrap it around the ponytail to cover up the elastic, then secure the strand with a bobby pin.

5. Overnight Waves

Save loads of time in the AM and still walk out with 70s style waves. Sunnie says to use
Paul Mitchell Sculpting spray ($12) on the mid-lengths of hair (damp or dry) and twist the front sections loosely away from the face, securing with a piece of ribbon instead of elastics (to avoid creases). Continue twisting hair on the sides and at the nape. Get some beauty sleep and in the morning take the sections out and shake out hair for a loose Farrah Fawcett-wave.

6. Braids, Braids, and More Braids

And there’s always braids, which literally every cool girl has been sporting since last summer. Braids are super versatile and can be worn alone or to add texture to an otherwise dull-looking ponytail. For a simple braided pony, Christine says to tie wet hair at the nape into a low ponytail, and twist two strands around each other to create a “rope” look. An elevated pony with minimal effort…done. Any braid more complex than this we’ll have to turn to a how-to or our besties.

Be sure to shop the post for products and check out our slideshow for summer hair inspo!

Claudia Mercado is a beauty-obsessed writer living in Long Beach, CA.

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