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Spring 2013: Dior Cherie Bow Makeup Collection

By January 24, 2013 9 Comments

Spring 2013: Dior Cherie Bow Makeup Collection

dior cherie bow spring 2013 makeup collection

It may be 12 degrees on the east coast, but in the makeup and fashion worlds, it’s already spring! Take a reprieve from your puffy jackets and long johns and briefly immerse yourself into the colorful world of rebirth. Think: pastel hues, blooming lilies and golden skin.

Dior Cherie Bow, the Spring 2013 makeup collection, screams spring, from the dusty rose shades to the feminine bow used on the packaging. Here is an exclusive interview with Dior makeup design director and creator of the collection, Tyen (he was responsible for creating the 1984 bestselling electric blue mascara), who talks inspiration, choosing your shade of pink and the infamous Dior bow.

1 – What, for you, is the link between fashion and beauty?

The link is lightness, freshness and youth. “Young for Ever”…. Dreams in pink and attending your first ball.

2 – This new look emphasises the major Dior codes of the bow, the houndstooth check and the colour grey. Where does this desire to pay tribute to the House codes come from?
I wanted to pay tribute to the House by emphasising the eternally elegant spirit of Christian Dior, with simplicity.

3 – Were these codes your only source of inspiration?
There is also absolute, feminine beauty, and of course freshness, like in Claude Monet’s garden, where the flowers and tea parties are almost halfway between a watercolour and an impressionist painting. It all makes you want to give that first kiss, and that first sign of tenderness with a look that says, “How beautiful you are!”.

4 – Pink is one of the star colours of the look. What does this colour evoke for you?

Pink is the colour of happiness and refinement. It also evokes tenderness. People often say, “Think in Pink”. It’s a phrase that inspired me to create this freshness and light, whilst avoiding an ordinary, “everyman” pink.

5 – What’s the best way to choose pink?

Pink is a colour that suits every complexion and every eye colour. It is the symbol of happiness. I prefer to see pink as a “pink glow”, rather than as a powder blush. It retains the transparency and freshness of an almost invisible pink. On nails, whether short or long, it is the only colour that manages to be sexy or innocent.

6 – A new make-up item, inspired backstage at the shows, has been created: the Twinset. In what way is this a revolutionary make-up tool for you?

Two-in-one is always magical. In terms of comfort and practicality. It makes make-up application simpler, with infinitely adjustable effects.

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