SPOTLIGHT: Vapour Organic Beauty

SPOTLIGHT: Vapour Organic Beauty

Ah, the joy of discovering a new color line. This infant cosmetic company, on the heels of its first birthday, deserves some major notice. Vapour Organic Beauty is amazing. First of all, it’s organic and all-natural. Huge bonus. It’s also made entirely of sticks, meaning the makeup comes in roll-up tubes instead of bottles or jars which makes it SUPER EASY to apply — a little dab on your skin, blend with your fingers and you’re good to go. And the colors are spot on (pun intended). They simply look great on everyone… easy to wear, beautiful to look at, nothing too bold or trendy, these are classic, staple beauty pieces.

A word (or several…) from the company:

“Vapour’s range of high‐performance cosmetic and skincare products utilize an exciting new 
delivery system – not a powder, liquid or cream, but a unique formulation that imparts a light as‐air texture while providing skin treatment benefits and rich mineral color. The Vapour difference begins with its signature therapeutic treatment base of certified organic, light, dry plant 
oils that are non‐comedogenic.”

Products include:

For Face: Vapour has created the must‐have essentials for creating flawless, radiant skin –  
Atmosphere Luminous Foundation ($38), Illusionist Perfecting Concealer ($20) and Aura Multi‐Use 
Blush for Lips, Cheeks and Eyes ($28). Utilizing the signature therapeutic base of light, dry plant oils, 
Vapour Beauty has added a face‐specific nourishing botanical blend of anti‐inflammatory 
Frankincense, anti‐oxidant Tulsi and moisturizing Lotus flowers, as well as pure mineral pigments for 
the perfect balance of color and care. 
For Lips: Vapour offers two distinct textures for lip color that are completely petroleum and chemical 
free, Elixir Lip Gloss ($20) and Siren Lip Stick ($19). Utilizing unique plant oil‐based co‐polymers and a 
lip specific nourishing blend of healing Lemon Balm, hydrating Myrrh, anti‐oxidant Green Tea and anti‐
bacterial Iceland Moss, Vapour has created lip colors that enhance both the look and health of the lips. 
For Eyes…and More: Vapour launches two innovative products that define and enhance—Trick Stick ($18) and Mesmerize Eye Color Treatment ($16). Both contain their nourishing, eye‐specific botanical 
blend comprised of anti‐inflammatory Chrysanthemum  and Eyebright and circulation enhancing 
Horsetail for silky color and firm, smooth skin.

Next up to try: their skincare range. If it’s at all like the cosmetics, I’ll be in beauty bliss.

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