Skincare Talk With Biorecept’s Anne Dupouy Camet

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Skincare Talk With Biorecept’s Anne Dupouy Camet

We’re obsessed with all things French skincare (click here for our French pharmacy must-haves), so when we discovered Biorecept, and its amazing and affordable creams that work on all skin types, especially acne-prone, we were eager to learn more. We reached out to the creator for a chat on all things skincare.

Here’s our conversation with Anne Dupouy Camet, pharmacist, scientist, and founder of Biorecept, one of France’s most beloved skincare lines.

Beauty Banter: How did Biorecept come about?
Anne Dupouy Camet: I’m really creative and had 20 years creating breakthough technologies for other well-known global brands. I started wanting to serve the purpose of smoker’s skin (or skin exposed to smoking), since this skin is compiled of all the issues, like premature aging, enhanced oily t-zone, and dull skin tone.

BB: What is the Biorecept philosophy?
ADC: Natural biotechnology for healthy skin.

BB: What makes your products different from the other french skincare lines?
ADC: High concentration of hyaaluronic acid (for example, Lift Eclat has 25 times more hyaluronic acid than the normal skin)) and the vectorisation of hyaluronic acid with a specific plant /vitamin or active ingredient.

BB: I notice that you have a lot of products for adult acne… is this a french thing? A personal thing?
ADC: I think it was an un met gap; tons of adult acne in urban lives.

BB: What are the best creams for adult acne and why?
ADC: Masque Osmotique, Mousse de Peau, Neobio for day, Biostrata de Peau for night, and Global Sunshine for eyes.

BB: What is the one must-have product in the line – that will work on every skin type and issue – and why?
ADC: Lyco Vitamine A; it’s very hydrating and firming, without being too heavy or greasy.

BB: Should we be changing our moisturizers with the seasons… why?
ADC: Yes, for combinaison skin, in winter, dryness is a greater issue, but in summer, oily t-zone is the greater issue.

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