Skin: An Important Message From Tata Harper

By November 21, 2011 4 Comments

Skin: An Important Message From Tata Harper

I had the privilege of receiving a mini facial by Tata Harper herself!!! (swoon) The facial was fabulous (my skin radiated the entire weekend) and, obviously, the all-natural products are  amazing. Needless to say, I’m a huge fan of both the person and the range.

Tata is a fascinating person. She grew up in Colombia (love!), moved to the states and settled in Vermont (on a farm because it reminded her of childhood). She started her eponymous skin care line after finding out that her step-father had cancer. The doctor told the family that the skin – the largest organ of the body – ingests everything you put on it.

It makes total sense. Think about it: just like how what you eat effects your insides, so does what you use on the outside. All of the chemicals from makeup, skin care, hair care, and body care are absorbed by the skin and immediately enter the bloodstream. This got me thinking — I have put chemicals on my skin and hair ever since I was a child! WTF?

I left the facial with glowing skin and a serious dilemma. Have my beauty practices jeopardized my health? While I am most certainly interested in organic and natural skin care, I still use a chemical based product every now and again.

(Tata applying her Resurfacing Mask onto me – love the cooling gel consistency and LOVE the way it made my face glow afterwards).

Ever since I can remember, I have been a product hoarder. I used to bribe my friends with money just so that I could give them facials. Every holiday season, I’d ask “Santa” for a caboodle filled with beauty products, one with skin care, one with nail products, and one with makeup. I’d go from being a facialist to a makeup artist to a manicurist (although I soon tired of the manicures as I’m not a fan of other people’s feet and I’m too lazy to paint nails). Before the organic/ natural craze, I must have used gallons of chemicals on my skin, body and hair (and that of my unassuming friends!).

Well, not anymore.

As they say, knowledge is power. I can’t change the past, but moving forward, I can most certainly change my beauty practices. While I won’t guarantee an all-natural beauty regimen, I am definitely going to be more cautious as to what I put on my skin, in my hair and on my body. I have already removed sulfates and parabens from my hair care routine and I use a majority of all-natural skin and body products. Makeup is tough – I’m having a hard time letting go of my must-have mascaras and those fabulously glossy lippies – but I am easing into a more natural approach.

To further my dedication to an all-natural and organic shift, I will write one post a week reviewing a natural/ organic product. I hope that you, too, will join me in exploring these natural alternatives.

Thank you, Tata, for sharing your story and inspiring me to change. One product at a time…

Tell me, what is your favorite natural/ organic product? 

Please share your picks!

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