#Shelfie: The Products I’m Using Right Now

#Shelfie: The Products I’m Using Right Now

Another week, another shelfie. I got an amazing Biologique Recherche facial last week at the Ciel Spa in the SLS Hotel in Los Angeles. The facialist told me that my biggest concern was acne (go figure), followed by pigmentation. But her reasoning was what I found most interesting. She explained that since I tend to get milia and not big, cystic acne, it’s a sign that either a) something is off in my diet (which is entirely possible) and/ or b) my ph is off-balance. And until I get my ph balanced, I can’t really focus on any other skin concerns. She also said to stop stripping my skin of oil, use a very gentle face wash because I’m exfoliating with Bilogique’s P50 and that will balance the oil production as well. I chose Dr. Sebagh’s Foaming Cleanser.  Also, no need to use any other exfoliators, hence why I’ve removed glycolic serums and treatments from this week’s round-up.

So this week, my top priority is loving my skin, hydrating it, using the least amount of harsh ingredients as possible, spot treating the blemishes, and finishing with a heavy-duty anti-hydryaquonone lightening serum (my current favorite is the Is Clinical White Lightening Serum).  To target the acne, I’m working with Glossier’s Super Pure; it contains zinc and niacinamide to keep blemishes at bay and reduce any redness, and it’s incredibly light. Also, Tata Harper’s all-natural Clarifying Spot Treatment and Clarifying Mask, which I’m only using on my t-zone once a week.

For hydration, I’m using SkinCeuticals Hyaluronic Intensifier. I love that this formula has additional ingredients like rice extract and orange peel oil which both act as an astringent and are great for shrinking pores — so I’m hydrating and working on my acne in tandem. Next up is the BioRecept Hydra Fluide, which is definitely a heavier moisturizer for my combination skin. This also contains hyaluronic acid, but it has sesame oil and sweet almond oil as well, which can be comedogenic. While both are okay for combination skin, they’re not my favorite oil options, so I use this cream sparingly, and I try and keep away from the t-zone. I do like how the fluid leaves my skin soothed, so I reach for it when I’m feeling particularly parched. A new addition is Dr. Sebagh’s Skin Perfecting Cream, which I am absolutely obsessed with. This oil-free moisturizer is refreshing and hydrating without any greasy residue. The orange oil in the back of the shelfie is a DIY that I made for my chest and neck to treat dehydration and sun spots. It has rosehip oil and avocado oil and a few brightening essential oils. As you can tell, I’m really into it (I’ve gone half-way through the bottle in less than a week; I’m actually using it all over my body to brighten). I’ll do a separate post on the DIY recipe. I’ve been using Ole Henriksen’s Ultimate Life Eye Gel because I have an affinity for eye gels and serums as they feel lighter on the skin but seem to penetrate deeper. Also, this one definitely leaves a tightening effect after it dries (and who doesn’t like that?).

I cannot live without Bioderma Sensibio H20. I was out of the sensitive formula, so I was using the oily skin one and it definitely felt too drying. I recently replenished with my coveted sensibio and my complexion feels more balanced. I use this as a first wash at night (basically as my makeup remover – it gets everything off, including waterproof eyeliner and mascara, without any tugging and zero irritation). I follow with a water cleanse, but french women use micellar water as their primary cleanse and they’ve got great complexions so, to each is own.

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