#Shelfie: My Summer Essentials

#Shelfie: My Summer Essentials

Summer skin is fickle and frustrating. One minute it’s sweaty and greasy, the next it’s dry and dehydrated. I play around with my summer skincare routine A LOT, and these are the products I’m currently coveting. I’m sure they’ll change by next week (#thatbeautywriterlife). Smile. Sigh. Smile.

Herbivore Botanicals Jasmine Green Tea Balancing Toner ($39) – I love a spritz for summer, but I actually use this as a toner: I mist on a cotton pad and swipe along my face. It’s a great way to freshen up post-sun and swim, too.

Drunk Elephant D-Bronzi Anti-Pollution Sunshine Serum ($36) – I love summer, but I actually hate to tan — at least, I hate what tanning does to my skin (especially my face and chest). In my teens and early twenties, I was a tan-a-holic, but now, I care about things like sun spots and aging…so I try to abstain from frying my face entirely. D-Bronzi is a two-for-oner: it replenishes the skin while also adding a golden hue. I mix it with my moisturizer to give myself a sun-kissed look without the sun.

CosRx BHA Blackhead Power Liquid ($22) – Summer heats means my skin goes from dehydrated to full-out teenage acne in hours. It’s truly frustrating. I’ve been trying to find anti-acne products that don’t dry out or strip my skin. I’m liking this Blackhead Power Liquid, although I don’t use it over my entire face, just around the nose and on the hairline. It does contain hyaluronic acid to hydrate. It’s a hybrid between a serum and toner, so I apply it with a cotton pad.

Bioderma Sensibio Mask ($20) – As avid readers of this blog know, Bioderma Sensibio H20 is one of my HG, can’t-live-without products. I tried the oily skin range, but the fragrance irritated my skin, so I came back to the Sensibio range, which is entirely fragrance-free. This mask is intensely hydrating and soothing, without being irritating or acne-inducing. And for some reason, this summer my skin’s been begging for more moisture so this mask is a welcome reprieve.

Biologique Recherche Masque Vivant and Biologique Recherche Masque VIP 02 – I’m grouping these masks together because I like to use them at the same time. Vivant has a honey-like consistency and is amazing at declogging pores and brightening the complexion, while VIP 02 is creamy and hydrating and, as the brand puts it, “oxygenating and moisturizing “antipollution” treatment that restores radiance to stressed, asphyxiated skin.” My skin is stressed AF right now. Sometimes I mix the two masks together and then apply, other times I use Vivant on my forehead, chin, nose, and cheeks (sadly, I breakout on my cheeks, too), and then VIP 02 around my mouth and eyes. It’s amazing for soothing and hydrating and my eyes need that the most. Vivant is definitely one of my new favorite weekly masks for purifying and brightening, as it gets the job done — and well — without any irritation. Some of the other brightening masks can be too active, especially during summer when my skin is acting more sensitive and angry.

Leland Francis Luxe Body Oil ($60) – I’m a huge (YUGE!) fan of body oils year round, but a slight summer tan and a sheen leg? There’s literally nothing sexier. Oils give the illusion of longer, leaner limbs — plus, they hydrate amazingly well. I’m loving this one by Leland Francis because it contains anti-oxidants that fight wrinkles and sun damage, so it’s a dream for the décolletage. Did I mention how delish it smells? Not fruity or floral or musky: it’s kind of sweet but not overpowering. And it looks gorgeous on my shelf.

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