Roses are Red… And Good For Your Skin!

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Roses are Red… And Good For Your Skin!

Roses are like a female rite of passage. Roses are equated with a gesture of endearment – receive a dozen roses and someone is crushing on you. They’re also a symbol of beauty. The American red rose is considered the most perfect embodiment of a flower. But for years, rose oil has been used in skin products to evoke a sense of relaxation and calmness. Essential rose oil contains antiseptic and antibacterial properties.

Roses not only keep the skin smelling nice, they also keep it looking nice!
P.S. Rose oil is divine for sensitive skin too!

I’ve asked some of the leading skincare lines to explain why rose oil is so fab for the face and body… and here’s what they had to say:

Michele Vanlandingham, Ingredient Specialist, Dr.Hauschka Skin Care:
“Rose is one of the most beneficial and skin-friendly essential oils, containing more than 400 individual components. Rose essential oil has toning, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, making it useful for soothing and strengthening the skin. In aromatherapy, rose essential oil is used to help promote inner relaxation and balance and soothe nervous tension and emotional exhaustion.”

David Parker, co-owner and “Cosmetic Chef” of The Body Deli:
“Rose has been used since recorded history in cosmetics. In skincare, distilled rose oil is beneficial for cellular regeneration. Rose is considered the highest frequency of all biological substances, measured at 356 megahertz versus the human body which clocks in between 65-72. Due to its high frequency, Rose has the ability to create a healing and regenerative environment. Plus it smells great too.”

Jennifer Barckley, Director of Communications at Weleda:
“Rose oil is considered to be more precious than gold, and it’s easy to see (and smell) why. It contains hundreds of essential oil components that, together, create a harmonizing blend that promotes inner-relaxation and balance. The oil is also extremely skin-friendly and known for its antibacterial properties. The organic roses used by Weleda are free of pesticides and other chemicals, so they are especially aromatherapeutic and pure. What’s more, they are picked by farmers in Turkey through one of Weleda’s social projects. That’s harmonizing!”

*Essential Rose Editor’s Picks:*

Jurlique Rose Body Care Lotion
– Lightweight, moisturizing and incredibly fragrant (it lasts for hours). This is my absolute favorite body lotion containing essential rose oil (leaves skin silky smooth and smelling lovely)! $38.00

Dr.Hauschka Rose Body Oil – An amazingly soft and luxurious body oil that “harmonizes and calms.” It’s incredibly moisturizing and literally warms the skin on application. I love this particular rose body oil because it absorbs into the skin and doesn’t settle above the surface, yet it still leaves a beautiful glow. It also smells like a freshly cut rose, which is always a plus. $35.95

Weleda Rose Moisture Cream – I just raved about the Weleda Wild Rose Deodorant (all natural, preservative free – click HERE to read the full review) – The rose cream is part of Weleda’s rose skin care line and is a facial moisturizer that is ideal for sensitive skin (it calms irritation). It’s not too thick so it’s a great choice for normal to oily skin that still needs a healthy dose of moisture as these winter months fastly approach. $24.99

The Body Deli Creme de la Rose – An anti-aging facial moisturizer that uses contains the highest quality of essential rose oil, Bulgarian rose. It’s the perfect choice for mature or dry skin as it’s incredibly thick, moisturizing and soothing. Like many of The Body Deli products, refrigeration is recommended, thus the cooled cream is ultra refreshing once applied to the skin. $60.00

Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist – A beautiful hint of rose aroma makes this mist refreshing, soothing and calming. It’s meant for the face but I am so obsessed with the scent and the feel (like Evain spray, only more decadent), that I use it all over my body when I’m in need of a quick pick-me-up. It’s literally like a bouqet of roses contained in a sleek glass spray bottle. $21.00

Rosebud Salve – God’s gift to chapped lips (or hands or feet). Calms, heals and soothes minor burns or dry and cracked skin. Leaves lips shiny without the goo and offers a healthy burst of fragrant rose. How retro is the tin container?! $6.00

**When choosing a product with rose oil, make sure that it’s not the synthetic type. That’s just a fragrance (faux rose) and won’t provide your skin with the healing and relaxing properties of the real deal. Make sure you purchase products with essential rose oil – from companies that specialize in organic body and skin care.

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