Roses are Red…

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Roses are Red…

Dry skin hurts. And it feels like sand paper. And it looks like a raisin.
Okay, don’t start crying just yet… let me tell you about nature’s secret moisturizer… Rosewater. It works wonders.
Rosewater is said to be a natural hydrator. Hydrated skin looks better and feels better. Oh yeah, and it slows down that nasty little thing called aging…
Not to mention, the smell… pure roses, au natural!

Here are some rosewater products that we adore:

Mario Bedescu’s Facial Spray With Aloe, Herbs And Rosewater is the ideal boost of hydration. Use it daily to cool off or after make-up to help it all settle in.

Smith’s Rosebud Salve is the ultimate chap-stick. Also can be used for diaper rashes and blemishes. I sometimes rub it on my cuticles to hydrate the sensitive skin (especially after a manicure!)

Epicuren After Bath Rose Petal Moisturizer. No, it’s not roseWATER, but rose is actually considered to be “nature’s most moisturizing essential oil. The lotion calms and hydrates dry skin.

Bigelow Chemists Rose Water Skin Tonic 8 is a balancing tonic for normal to dry skin. “This gentle tonic perks up tired-looking skin, promoting a bright radiant complexion.”

So next time you feel like your skin is going to shrivel up like a prune, try one of these rosewater enriched products and stop complaining!!!
Tres Magnifique!

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