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Wunderbrow Is Wonderful

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But seriously… how did I not know about this stuff sooner? Where’s it been hiding and why has it been hiding from me?

Anyone who knows me knows the battle I have with my eyebrows. This isn’t a love-hate type of relationship, it’s pure hate-hate. They grow like weeds, sprouts would be more accurate. Sprouting every direction, except up (the direction I need them to go in). After a misfortunate over-plucking incident in high school coupled with a brow piercing in college (yes, I was that rebellious student who stuck an earring in just about every part of my body… except there! Dirty minds) left me with sparse areas that won’t grow regardless of how much growth serum and brow massaging I do. And, trust me, I’ve tried it all (including not waxing or threading for 6 months!).

Then I started getting deep into my Google search on brow transplants (kidding, only slightly), and I discovered Wunderbrow ($22). I read some reviews, ordered it from Amazon, then gave it a try.

It promises a smudge-free, waterproof, and sweat-proof formula that last at least two days. TWO DAYS of filled-in brows… how is that possible?

Well, I gave it a try and… this stuff works. In fact, it works so well, someone left this hilarious review on Amazon: ” I began with fine strokes just like the video said. Only instead of strokes it was more like a glob here and a blob there. No problem I’ll smooth it out. I smoothed here and wiped there and brushed and added a little more.

When I was done I looked like Frieda Kahlo. Yeah I think I need more practice and decided to take it off. I took a shower. I scrubbed my face. They did not lie. It does not come off. I scrubbed my face. It does not come off. I took a jack hammer to it. No luck.

My husband noticed my new eyebrows. He asked me if I had been working on the car because I had a smudge on my forehead. He tried to remove it by spitting on his finger and rubbing vigorously across my brows. It did not come off.
So if you use this product. I highly recommend lots of practice. You might want to actually have more than 4 eyebrow hairs or it looks painted on. Use an oil based product to get it off. If you make a mistake and color outside the lines you will look like a freak for at least 2 days. Other than that it does what it says. It gives you eyebrows and it is water proof.” (source)

This review makes me laugh so hard because it is exactly what I wanted, minus the Frieda Kahlo unibrow. So, when I applied, I made sure to have a Q-tip drenched in baby oil at close proximity, just in case I colored outside of the lines (I didn’t do that badly, actually). The shade that I chose – Brunette – seemed light in the bottle, but it definitely blended in with my very, very dark brows, and even dried a bit darker, without any red undertones (which, anyone on the hunt for the perfect dark brown brow pencil can attest to, this is almost impossible to find sans the redish aftermath).

The other application tip that helped me was to use the brow brush (a.k.a. spoolie) that comes with the semi-permanent brow gel to blend the product so that the strokes didn’t seem so angular and harsh. This was super helpful. I’d apply the product, then brush, then clean a bit. Then apply more product, brush, clean that a bit, and so on.

Very important: Apply at night on a dry, cleansed face without any cream on the brow region. This will allow the product to adhere to the skin, thus lasting longer.

I cannot explain my happiness when I woke up and my brows actually looked… dare I say it… full! Now, if only they’d grow in the correct direction. Le sigh.

Buy here.

P.S. The before and after photos of customers is a true testament to how well this product works. Check them out here.

The Review: Benefit Brow Collection

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Oh, wow, gimme some great brows! Behold, beauties, your perfect arch awaits… and every product you need to achieve that God-given gorgeousness was thought of — and created — by the experts over at Benefit.

Benefit Cosmetics has long been attributed with creating some of our favorite brow products (we’re looking at you, Gimme Brow ($24) and ), but now the entire collection — with some newbie launches — has been reformulated with additional colors added and new, futuristic packaging to boot. Everything you need to give good brow, right here in one collection.

Benefit Cosmetics BROWVO! Conditioning Primer Nutrient Rich Eyebrow Primer ($28) – Like skin, beautiful brows start with a primer. This one conditions hairs and primes the area so that you can create fuller arches. Ideal for those with thin, sparse, patchy, and unruly brows as product will adhere better — and longer — to brows and skin. Definitely a new BB favorite.

Benefit Cosmetics Goof Proof Brow Pencil Easy Shape & Fill ($24) – For those who are brow-filler-novices, this easy-to-use pencil has a slanted tip so that you can effortlessly shape and fill-in brows. The formula touts itself as waterproof with 12-hour wear. Comes in 6 shades, so it’ll work for every brow color.

Benefit Cosmetics Precisely, My Brow Pencil Ultra Fine Shape & Define ($24) – For those more experienced brow filler-iners, this ultra-thin pencil allows you to draw tiny, hair-like strokes. Again, comes in 6 shades with 12-hour wear. This is one of the best brow pencils on the market!

Benefit Cosmetics Ka-BROW! Cream-Gel Eyebrow Color with Brush ($24) – If gel is your fill-in formula of choice, then this is the product for you. This buildable, smudge-proof color comes with a slanted applicator so that you can create natural or dramatic arches… your choice! Comes in 6 shades.

Benefit Cosmetics Brow Zings Tame & Shape Kit ($32) – On-the-go brow kit that includes a powder shade and a tinted wax/ pomade. Use and layer together or wear alone: The wax shapes with hint of tint while the powder gives color and wear to arches. Also comes with a set of mini tweezers and two brushes (one slanted). The duo comes in 6 shades.

Benefit Cosmetics Gimme Brow Volumizing Fiber Gel ($24) – A BB favorite, the new and improved formula (and additional shade) tints, tames, and volumizes brows. The brush-on gel has tiny micro fibers that adhere to skin and hair, creating the illusion of thicker arches. Absolutely one of the best brow products on the market. Now available in 3 shades.

Benefit Cosmetics 3D BROWtones Instant Color Highlights ($24) – Highlights for your brows to add depth… yep. It’s a brow tamer but with bit of gold and bronze shimmer. We prefer Gimme Brow’s tints, but those with thick brows who just need a little contrast will appreciate this product. Comes in two shades to bring soft contrast to darker brows and depth to lighter brows.

Benefit Cosmetics Ready, Set, Brow! 24-Hour Setting Gel ($24) – A clear brow gel always comes in handy, especially if you have a few unruly hairs. This unique applicator has shorter bristles on one side and slightly longer on the other so that you can really control the sculpting that’s going on. Perfect to layer over any of the brow pencil or powder products as it locks in brow color for 24 hours, while providing topnotch hold.

Benefit Cosmetics High Brow Highlight & Lift Pencil ($22) – Highlighting directly under the arches (on the brow bone) is a pro trick that defines the arch while also covering stray hairs that may be growing in (in between waxing, threading, or plucking). This creamy pink shade is universal and adds a bright lift to the area to really define the shape. Obsessed! Comes in a shimmery finish called High Brow Glow ($22), as well.

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The Review: Glossier Haloscope

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To highlight or not to highlight… that’s not even a question anymore. These days, it’s all about the highlighting. In fact, illuminating our face with a shimmering strobe-like product has practically become a part of our skincare routine, not our makeup application.

So, it makes perfect sense that hipster-favorite brand Glossier has decided to add Haloscope ($22) (their term for highlighters) into their “skin first, makeup second” range of beauty products.

Glossier Haloscope comes in two shades: Quartz, a shimmery silverish/white, and Topaz, a shimmery gold. Both hues are universally flattering and give good glow. In fact, the formula effortlessly blends leaving just a hint of shimmer and sheen. The result, that coveted, I-woke-up-looking-so-healthy-and-dewy complexion.

If you have to choose just one hue, fair, light, and medium skin-toned ladies should opt for the pearlized Quartz. Medium-to-olive, olive, and deep complexions should use Topaz, as it imparts a hint of gold that can overwhelm fairer complexions (unless you’re going for that bronzey-tan look). But honestly, they’re both pretty perfect, and we’ve been known to combine the two shades to create a shimmer that practically mimics our own personal skin tone.

No makeup-makeup: kind of exactly what Glossier is all about. Brava, beauties.


Best In Nude With Bite Beauty Butter Cream Lipstick

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Our love affair with Bite Beauty is well documented (just click here and here), and now we have another range of lip products from the brand to keep that flame aglow: Bite Beauty Butter Cream Lipstick.

With eight shades all in the nude and neutral spectrum and a creamy satin finish, the Bite Beauty Butter Cream Lipstick is not only wearable, it’s a summer barely-there prerequisite that will become your daily go-to hue(s). You know how some nudes give that dead-girl-just-hopped-out-of-a-coffin look to your precious pout? Not these shades. Each color is designed to enhance your natural lip color. In other words, your lips, just better (with a bit of bite, pun intended).

Why we like it: Besides the buttery cream formula and the universal wearability of the shades, these lipsticks are “handout,” meaning that the manufacturer has removed the outer waxy layer of each lipstick to expose the creamy core. The result is all color and hydration on the first swipe.

Favorite colors:
Cream ($28), an almond nude
Pecan ($28), a warm, dusty pink nude
Caramel ($28), a fleshy nude
Marzipan ($28), a milky chocolate nude (great for darker skin tones)

The Review: Rodial Makeup

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As a longtime fan of Rodial skincare products (those Dragon’s Blood Eye Masks are sleep-deprived eye saviors), I was ecstatic to learn of their color line launch. Rodial makeup is simple: You won’t find crazy colors or products that don’t really seem to make sense but sound super cool. This is a wearable line of basics – from bronzers and concealers to a few key blush and lip shades – that make you look like you, but a better version. Oh, and that packaging? Yes, it’s gorgeous – a bit heavy, but in the best possible, I-won’t-break-regardless-of-if-you-drop-me way.

If you’re looking for a natural bronzer to add a hint of golden hue to your face, Rodial Instaglam Compact Deluxe Bronzing Powder ($57) is it (and legit). The formula adds the perfect sun-kissed shade to all skin tones. I’m medium-toned and this stuff really gives a natural boost of color. I also use it in place of contour powder because the matte hue serves well to define cheekbones. LOVE.

Season after season, dewy skin has been the go-to. But as the weather warms and T-zone shine goes on overdrive, Rodial Instaglam Compact Deluxe Translucent Powder ($57) comes to the rescue. It looks white in the compact, but it applies totally translucent, so it’s ideal for all skin tones. It’s mattifying and a bit blurring so it’ll soak up that shine while also acting as a primer, smoothing enlarged pores and imperfections. I’m not a big powder girl, but I absolutely love this stuff (especially under eyes to keep mascara from marking the skin).

Nothing wakes up the skin like a little flush. While Rodial only makes two blush shades so far – South Beach, a matte, pale pink that injects pale and light skin tones with a rosy flush, and Copacabana, a matte coral that looks heavenly on medium to dark skin tones – Rodial Blusher ($35) is both pretty and practical. These are the colors you’ll live in all summer, the wearable shades that’ll give your skin a pop. I’ve been living in Copacabana, and it mixes beautifully with the bronzer.

Up next to try: The highlighter pens, mascara, and eye sculpt, which seems to be a multi-use, universal brown that works to define, line, and sculpt eyes and brows. Heaven!

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