Review: Kourtney Kardashian x Kylie Cosmetics Collab

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Review: Kourtney Kardashian x Kylie Cosmetics Collab

I’ve been obsessed with the Kylie Lip Kits since Kourt gave me my first one a few years ago. I *literally* got every single one of my east coast friends obsessed with them too, after wearing Dolce K to a wedding in the August heat and humidity and my lipstick didn’t budge through the service, the food, the drinks, or the dancing. Sure it looks like a coat of paint, but it also makes the pout appear bigger (I still don’t entirely get how), it’s super pigmented, and it lasts. I was hooked — and so were my friends.

I’ve known about the Kourt and Kylie Cosmetics collab for awhile now (I even tossed around name ideas with Kourt a few months back), and I knew that Kourt would choose wearable colors — and a few with edge — because that’s her vibe and she wants to stay true to who she is, but I gotta say, I’m blown away by how truly awesome these palettes and lipstick shades are. They are SO MUCH better than I anticipated. For starters, RAD (Reign’s initials!), the brightest of the lipsticks, is an orange-red (bordering way more on orange) shade, and I’d never think to rock an orange lip, but I put it on, and, to my surprise, I not only loved the color (and how it played against my skin tone), but I also loved the formula. They call it velvet, so it’s not like the paints that look painted on and don’t budge… this does move a bit, but it still stayed on all night long, only needed one minor touch-up at the end of the night, and it had a beautifully creamy consistency as opposed to the harsh matteness of the paints. For those who don’t think you can rock an orange: you can. The compliments I received are further proof that orange is the new red (not to mention that Marilyn Monroe actually wore orange lipstick, not red — true story).

Minnie, the medium warm-pink shade, is a perfect spring color, and French Kiss could, quite possibly, be my new favorite full-bodied nude (I like how the base is more pink than beige so it doesn’t make you look deathly ill).

As for the palettes, if I had to pick a favorite, it would be the pink one, as it is definitely the most everyday wearable, with three light shimmers, ranging from a gold to a subtle lavender, and a sheer-matte apricot hue. But when I did my eye makeup to go with my RAD lip, I used Poosh, the apricot shimmer, and The Queen, the pale gold shimmer, on my entire lid, then opted for the baby blue palette, where I mixed Bible, a matte brick red, and Calabasas, a matte plum that reads a hint of brown, on my crease and under my lower lash line. Then I dabbed 1944, the rich metallic gold onto the center of my lid for a pop. I’m super into In The Reign, the metallic yellow, too, so this palette is a must for evening-glam looks for sure. The mint green palette is definitely the most adventurous, with a full-bodied matte red shade, a shimmery metallic green, a matte, muted lavender, and a metallic silvery-olive hue (a color that I’m obsessed with — when mixed with the muted lavender, it creates a beautiful wash of barely-there purple sheen on the eye). Red shadow is trending this season, and it shows no signs of slowing down, so this palette is sure to offer a plethora of colorful ruby-inspired looks. In other words, you need all three palettes. Sorry (not really though).

The Kourt x Kylie Cosmetics collab launches today (!!!), April 24. You can buy it here. It’s definitely worth the wait.

Check out the slideshow above for my look created with the Kourt x Kylie Cosmetics + color swatches.

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