Repair Your Hair: Neutrogena’s Triple Repair Line

By April 23, 2014 8 Comments

Repair Your Hair: Neutrogena’s Triple Repair Line

I often quip that my hair is my finest feature. Actually, my defining feature. So much so that I can’t bear to cut it off (even though I’ve been itching for a lob this season). Without my long, wavy, golden hair — will people even know who I am?

Okay, joking aside. Healthy hair makes us women happy. And there’s nothing wrong with the desire for long, gorgeous locks. Problem is, if you’re hair is damaged (especially coming out of a brutal winter like the east coast just went through), growing out your mane will end up being your main problem.

Hair is dead, this is true. But dead ends can be alleviated (or at the very least, rehabilitated). And once you bring your hair to a state of healthy bliss – once your hair is strong enough to stop breaking at the ends – growth will come.

Enter Neutrogena’s newest launch, the Triple Repair line: Shampoo, conditioner and leave-in treatment(more like a moisturizer for your ends). Using these three products in conjunction will produce the kind of hair that you’ve long envied – thick, shiny, and healthy! It’s like a green juice – for your strands.

“Formulated with proteins, rich conditioners and peptides, the Triple Repair Shampoo ($6.50), Conditioner ($6.50), and Leave-In Treatment  ($6.50) are clinically proven to make hair up to 3 times stronger after just 1 use!” So says the brand. But, of course, I had to try for myself.

For me, a good shampoo and conditioner leaves your hair looking gorgeous day-of wash. Not overly clean and definitely not dry. It’s striking a balance somewhere in the middle that makes me – and my hair – happy. I want second day hair on the first day. That’s my barometer.

I started with the shampoo (obviously) and immediately noticed that the Triple Repair Shampoo suds into a pleasant foamy lather, washing away scalp oils and dirt without stripping my strands. I applied the Triple Repair Conditioner from mid pony to ends, using a comb to distribute evenly, then rinsed. I towel dried, then gave my ends an extra surge of moisture with a dollop of the Leave-In Treatment. This stuff is heavenly! It locks in moisture while somehow managing to alleviate all of my split ends. The Leave-In cream is meant to protect against heat styling products over 400 degrees so I thought I’d put it to the test. That evening, I even went as far as to use a curling iron on a few random pieces (to give my mane a beachy vibe). You know how a curling iron can leave that crunchy crease on your ends? Well, not anymore. This cream not only protected my strands, it also gave the curls more bounce.

But the real magic occurred when I allowed my hair to air dry (as I normally do). It wasn’t fluffy or frizzy like it tends to get hours after washing. Instead, my hair looked shiny and smooth and it felt soft without being slick or oily. In fact, two different friends gave me the ultimate compliment, day-of wash. “You’re hair looks really pretty today.” While I thanked both graciously, it left me wondering… does my hair usually look… not pretty?

It’s safe to say that Neutrogena’s Triple Repair line has found a permanent place in my shower. Alas, I am off the wash my hair…

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