Q & A With Ascenta Skin’s Marc St-Onge

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Q & A With Ascenta Skin’s Marc St-Onge

On my quest for firm, even, hydrated, wrinkle and acne-free skin, I teamed up with Ascenta Skin, the newly launched oral omega supplement, for a 40 Day challenge (review challenge here). To learn more about the benefits of Ascenta and how exactly it works to rectify skin concerns, I conducted an exclusive interview with Ascenta’s founder, Marc St-Onge.

Here, Marc explains why Ascenta Skin stands out as the premiere omega supplement and what it will do to save the life of your complexion:

BEAUTY BANTER – What exactly is Ascenta Skin?
MARC ST-ONGE – Ascenta Skin is an oral cosmeceutical formulated with six, all-natural, active ingredients: EPA, DHA, GLA, Zeaxanthin, Lutein and Vitamin D, producing dramatic beautifying effects on the skin while at the same time protecting against factors that cause skin aging.
BB – How did you develop Ascenta Skin?
MSO – The emerging science tells us that the most effective way to deliver skin specific nutraceuticals is via oral consumption. Over a four year period we researched ingredients that are most effective at improving skin health and developed a unique liquid format using our proprietary technologies.
BB – What is your background?
MSO – I have practiced nutraceutical research for 15 years with a specific focus on essential fatty acids (omega-3 and omega-6) and have become recognized as a world leader in the field of omega-3 fatty acids.
BB – What makes Ascenta Skin different from the other omega supplements on the market?
MSO – For starters, Ascenta is a skin care supplement of which the omega-3 fatty acids – EPA & DHA – are just 2 of the 6 active ingredients. Therefore Ascenta Skin delivers a broader range of skin benefits and produces far more dramatic results than any omega-3 supplement. Furthermore, by using Ascenta proprietary technology we produce omega-3 oils at higher concentrations, in a more absorbable form, and the purity is backed by our unique Pure Check program. By visiting www.purecheck.net you can enter the lot number stamped on your bottle which will generate a report on the purity and potency of that specific batch. No other dietary supplement manufacturer goes to that length for quality assurance and complete transparency.
BB – What are some of the changes in skin that someone can expect to see from Ascenta Skin?
MSO – Increased firmness and elasticity, even skin tone, increased hydration, and smoothness. For those with more problematic skin, Ascenta will improve symptoms of atopic dermatitis, acne, and skin inflammation. With respect to sun exposure, you will notice a reduced tendency for burning and sun spots.
BB – How long until someone starts seeing their skin change on Ascenta Skin?
MSO – Many different factors including age, skin type, and skin conditions will affect how quickly changes will occur, but typically within 34 weeks of daily use, however many have reported benefits within 2 weeks.
BB – Once the 40 days are over, are you meant to continue on Ascenta Skin?
MSO – Yes, like most skin care products daily use of Ascenta Skin is required for optimal long lasting results. The skin is constantly producing new skin cells thus requiring a continual supply of 6 active ingredients. At 1 tsp per day peak results are seen around 3-4 months of usage, at which point the effects are sustained only by daily use.
BB – What skin types will benefit most from Ascenta Skin?
MSO – Anyone with inflamed and/or dry skin will likely see the most benefit. Inflammation is caused by numerous factors, like sun exposure, obesity, high sugar diets, stress, smoking, and chemicals, among many others. Chronic inflammation of the skin is very destructive and leads to accelerated aging and a number of other skin conditions.
BB – And what skin conditions benefit from Ascenta Skin?
MSO – While Ascenta Skin is effective across all skin types, those with acne, eczema, rosacea, UV sensitivity, and aging skin will benefit the most.
BB – What changes should I see after the 20 day mark?
MSO – Once again it depends a lot on the existing health of your skin however the most common results experienced within 20 days are increased hydration (creates a dewy effect), reduction in redness, and more even skin tone.


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