Products From Our Past – And Their 2014 Counterparts

Products From Our Past – And Their 2014 Counterparts

Remember being a kid, roaming the aisles of your nearest drugstore? How could you forget those candy colored tubes, bottles, and applicators? While our tastes have most certainly matured, some of our favorite products are those we discovered as young girls.

Every Christmas, my wish list included a caboodle — filled to the brim with all sorts of fun products. From Kissing Koolers (it was all in the swirl) to scrunchies, here are a list of our favorite products of the past and their 2014 counterparts.

Caboodles – The end-all to product storage. With their bright colors and many compartments, caboodles made it acceptable to be a product hoarder.
TRY: Did you know that Caboodles still exist and, while they do produce a few colorful cases, our mature self finds the silver carry-all to be everything our child self dreamed of… but with a 2014 twist. Caboodles Pro Cosmetic Case Silver ($30)

Kissing Koolers – Who could ever forget the multi-colored swirl of Kissing Koolers? With their small build and that bullet style applicator, the waxy balm glided on with ease. And the flavors! Like strawberry and watermelon swirl (my personal favorite). You can still find them on eBay, but they’ll run you close to $20 — and, chances are, they’re rather stale.
TRY Maybelline Baby Lips ($5) – While the applicator may not be as fun, there are still a wide range of shades that will leave lips kissable smooth!

Kissing Potion – Maybelline’s glossy roll-on lip shine tasted as good as it looked! With flavors like cherry and mint, the colorless gloss gave our pouts high shine. And while you can still score a few of the originals on eBay (at astronomical prices), we’re missing the days where Kissing Potion cost a mere $3.
TRY: There’s nothing quite like the original – in terms of application or flavor, but we can fake the shine with Elizabeth Arden’s Crystal Clear Lip Gloss ($14).

Scrunchies – The fabric covered rubber band is having a resurgence. Chris McMillan (Jennifer Aniston’s hairstylist) is all for a scrunchie, and celebrities have been fans of the colorful hair tie for years. Back in the day it was Madonna and Debbie Gibson, today Rita Ora, Cara Delevingne and Selena Gomez are reviving the 90s accessory.
TRY: American Apparel Scrunchie ($6) in every color of the rainbow.

Sun In – Before I was allowed to color my hair, my friends and I would sneak off to CVS and buy bottles and bottles of Sun In. Well, the spray-in hair lightener still exists (and at an affordable $4 a bottle!) and with beachy, ombre highlights being so on-trend, there isn’t a better time to reach for a bottle and get spraying — and sunning.
TRY: Sun In, the original OG.


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