Product Body Does A Body Good

By November 27, 2007 5 Comments

Product Body Does A Body Good

I’ve just discovered the greatest new body care line… thankfully, just in time for Christmas!

Product Body is a handmade body line that uses the finest ingredients to ensure fresh delivery. They have tons of incredible products that sound like SO much fun (soft-solid body wash, chunks of bubble bath….), and, the websites pictures – let’s just say that I’ve never seen product images that actually make my mouth water, like in that growling stomach sorta way!

I tried 3 products: the Shea Butter Fresh & Double Whipped (with no fragrance), the Crush On You Ultra Plush Sugar Shea Scrubby Wash (in Pecan Praline with Sugar Sprinkles), and the Cream Shea Butter Infused (in Sweet Vanilla Mango).

Each product truly is as delicious as food. They look and smell divine and I’m slightly obsessed with the packaging. It’s simple, but so fun with tons of great scribbling all around. For example, the “tag line” on every product… You have one body. Make it a Product Body. Genius!

The double whipped shea butter sits next to my bed. I use it every night (and sometimes, multiple times throughout the night) on my hands, feet, elbows ans knees. It is the highest concentration of moisturizer that I can find.

The Scrubby wash (pictured, above left) looked like a cupcake with the red sprinkles infused into the product. And the pecan praline smell was literally good enough to eat! The company boasts that, “Crush On You is like nothing you’ve ever felt (unless you’ve run your hands through a bowl of extra moist sugar cookie batter)” and, well, it’s true. The consistency is quite remarkable. I kept using more and more because I was so in love with the texture!

And lastly, the Cream. The cream contains shea butter but it’s not as dense as the pure shea butter thus it is easily applied. And it’s super soothing, especially after coming home from my Cancun trip. I like to keep my moisturizers in the fridge for an optimal cooling effect and this Cream just won a spot up front!

I can’t wait to get my hands on the rest of the products… I’m thinking that the Ski Bomb Nuclear Powered Winter Balm is my next must-have. With a blend of shea, cocoa, macadamia and sal butters to moisturize, as well as beeswax for protection and a healthy dose of vitamin E, this balm is not only fun but very necessary for the cold weather!

So, take a look at the line, I promise that you’ll fall in love with the scrumptious pictures! CLICK HERE!

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