Pro Talk: Gisele Stylist Harry Josh

Pro Talk: Gisele Stylist Harry Josh

Celebrity hair stylist and colorist extraordinaire, Harry Josh, talks bangs (ala Rose Byrne from Sunday’s SAG Awards), red carpet trends, the Oscar bun, hair prep tips for a big night out, and how he gives Gisele that perfect shade of gold.

Sarah Howard: What are the main red carpet hair trends this season? 
Harry Josh:-Keeping it natural. Many women with medium to longer hair are wearing it down and straight. Simple chic hair lets their dress do the talking. You saw a lot of women doing this at the Golden Globes and SAGs (Rose, for example).
-I think a chignon never goes out of style. It’s simple, classic, and keeps hair out of your face—a perfect way to show off gorgeous earrings or makeup.
-“Old Hollywood Glamour” is very in—finger waves with high shine. Especially with a sparkly gown, this hair is the perfect compliment.

SH: How do they differ from seasons past – or are they the same?
HJ: I think chignon’s are a red carpet trend that will always be in style, but I think now more than every stars are embracing their natural texture and cut instead of going for intricate updos.

SH: What can we expect to see on the red carpet come Oscar Sunday?
HJ: I think you’ll see lots of hair pulled back into sleek buns and less hair down, braids, and waves. With exception of the really adventurous actresses (think Tilda Swinton), I wouldn’t expect to see anything avant-garde.

SH: Let’s talk about hair prep. Do you have any tips for how to best prepare your hair for a big event?
HJ: Hair washed a day before is definitely easier to style in the sense that it holds curls and waves better. Freshly washed hair will take more styling product to control and nobody wants hair filled with tons of product. It ends up looking super stiff. Also, get your color done a week in advanced. That’s enough time to correct  if something goes awry but not too long where you’ll get roots. It will look fresh and natural. Finally, make sure to get a trim and a deep treatment as well – dry, damaged ends will make your hair look ragged no matter how gorgeous the style is. is a great leave-in treatment that targets damaged hair, especially at the ends. It restores silky, full style and provides heat protection during styling.

SH: Forecasting trends to come, what is the “it” style going to be for spring?
HJ: I love bangs and I think they’re going to make a huge comeback (like Rose’s SAG look). Really blunt, straight across looks amazing. Plus, that longer bob looks great – its incredibly low maintenance and strikes a great balance between being youthful but still looking polished.

SJ: And, of course, my life wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t ask, how do you get Gisele’s hair to be that perfect shade of sun-kissed gold? What is your balayage trick?
HJ: Gisele has gorgeous hair to start with, which is a huge help, but I don’t start painting on the color at her root. By starting a little lower, it looks like she has gorgeous natural highlights from the sun that are growing out gracefully.

*Gisele, Cameron Diaz, Rachel Weisz images from / all hair by Harry Josh

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