Pro Talk: Dr. Barbara Sturm

Pro Talk: Dr. Barbara Sturm

“I started out as an orthopedic surgeon and I worked with a doctor who pioneered this system of taking a patient’s blood and processing the blood to create heated factors that works fantastically against osteoarthritis. It’s a substance you re-inject in the joints and it takes out the inflammation. I was always interested in aesthetics; I was always an artist, so I became interested in skin and  face art.

About 15 years ago, I started doing injectables like Botox and fillers. Then I transferred the knowledge of orthopedics into the skin. Skin cells and cartilage cells work the same way. So, I used those proteins that I created out of the blood to inject in to wrinkles, together with hyaluronic acid. Then I created this anti-inflammation cream for the skin. We started by creating base creams – everything without preservatives: no fragrances, no mineral oils. We put the blood into the base cream and that’s how my MC1 cream [a.k.a. blood cream] came about. It’s very good to make the pores smaller, take irritation and redness away, and heal the skin. You can also use it for scars. I mix it in a pharmacy fresh and it lasts for 5 weeks.

The method is, if you cut your finger, you know how fast the wound heals, so we trick the cells in a syringe with glass beads. The white blood cells recognize these glass beads as a broken wound and then they start producing healing factors.

I basically invented the vampire facial; this blood cocktail is highly anti-inflammatory. It has growth factors and regenerative proteins. I mix it with hyaluronic acid in different strengths. I then inject it into deeper layers or put it superficially as a topical cream. The difference between the vampire facial and the MC1 cream is that the vampire facial is a PRP technique, meaning that it’s just the blood without the glass beads in the syringe. So, what the cells create are growth factors but not all of the anti-inflammation proteins, which are super important for the skin.

About 14 years ago, after I developed Mc1 cream, I went to Hollywood and everyone started using this cream, and then they would ask me “what cleanser should I use…” I have always been very much into pure hyaluronic acid because of the benefits of injecting it into the skin so I wanted to give to my clients topically, too. I always wanted a pure hyaluronic acid in the purest concentration possible.  So, I developed my hyaluronic acid serum which are made up of short chain and long chain, allowing it to penetrate into deeper layers of the skin. It has long term effect and short term, direct boosting effect, which plumps up the skin very nicely. I also make hyaluronic acid ampules, which are a little more medical and you can take it in your bag and carry it with you wherever you go. These serums are my signature products.

I also created a cleanser that is very pure and gentle and a foam. Some men just use the cleansing foam. Men also love the hyaluronic acid ampules.

In 2009, there were two Nobel prizes given on the topic of telomerase activator, which is really the basis of my skincare line. My skincare line is the only one with the telomerase activator. In every product, there is a telomerase activator. Chromosomes have little ends, or caps, called telomeres, and with every cell division, these get shorter and shorter until it mutates or dies. So, the telomerase keep the ends of the chromosomes long so that the cell won’t die. Harvard did a study on mice which proves that the only substance to stop aging is the telomerase.

My product line has a lot of science behind it. It’s for all skin types. Some people have said that my eye cream is the best that they’ve tried.”

Dr. Barbara Sturm of Dr. Barbara Sturm Skincare

*Dr. Barbara Sturm has teamed up with actress Angela Bassett on skincare range, “Darker Skin Tones by Dr. Barbara Sturm,” that will launch in July.

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